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Get Police Vehicle Grants – Law Enforcement

Learn about these police vehicle grants that help the police department obtain technologically updated and faster vehicles for better enforcement of law. Police vehicle grants facilitate an eminent part of our judicial system. The law enforcement department serves our society 24/7. Yet they are the ones who face huge problems regarding resources that are needed to protect the citizens of the nation. These grants for police vehicles enable the law enforcement department to do their duties more efficiently. Vehicles with up to date technology and internal modifications are provided under the law enforcement vehicle grants.

Not only the government but various non-profit organizations too have chipped in to provide police car grants. It is the duty of the police department to nab the criminals and carriers of illegal activities and put them behind the bars. But this is not possible with slow and technologically backward vehicles. This is where police vehicle grants come into action. Read along to know more about these police grants for vehicles.

Most Renowned Police Vehicle Grants

When it comes to the matter of national security, the government doesn’t take a chance. They provide all the required equipment and grants for equipment required to protect the nation. One of these security grants includes police vehicle grants. These police car grants enable the police department of every city, state, and town across the entire United States of America to have the facility of state of the art security vehicles.

  • The Walmart Community Grants Car Program

Every year the police department enrolls numerous candidates eager to save the day. To provide these enthusiastic candidates with technologically updated equipment and vehicles is a tough task. It is a thought ask for the head of the Department to get this equipment and vehicles for his or her team from the government until and unless he or she gets creative and competitive in his or her attempts.

Police Vehicle Grants

Once they succeed in their attempts they are provided with police vehicle grants and police k9 equipment grants. As we are discussing police car grants and police k9 equipment grants, we can not miss talking about the Walmart community grants car programs.

These programs provide police vehicle grants to the departments that are deemed eligible. To be eligible for these police grants for vehicles, your team would have to collect an amount equalling to as much as $10,000. If you succeed in gathering this big amount, then the company would mirror the deed and offer you grants for police vehicles worth $10,000 itself.

The maximum amount provided by the shopping giant is not mentioned but every year, they give away police grants for vehicles worth $70,000 or $80,000 approximately. To get yourself and your team high-end vehicles and equipment through their police vehicle grants program, all you need to do is register yourself at their official website. The good part of these police car grants program is that you can apply for them at any time of the year.

It is a free cars given away program that runs throughout the year and offers the needed help to the law enforcement department and its officers. The shopping giant offered approximately $61 million in the year 2009 to the law enforcement departments through their law enforcement vehicle grants programs.

  • Special Program Assistance for Needed Tactical Officer Assets Car Grants

The NTOA which is also known as the National Tactical Officers Association aspires to assist the police department in maintaining public peace and security through various methods. It does so through various training, education, and tactical programs. The SPA-NTOA is a vehicle-specific grant that provides police car grants to the law-enforcement departments.

It is a police vehicle grants program specially designed for the SWAT teams that often are on dangerous missions concerning the nation’s security. This one is a donation-based program that does not directly fund the department in the name of grants for police vehicles but raises money for these grants through various programs and donations.

The program doesn’t deal in fiscal transactions and hence, it provides vehicles and equipment directly to the departments that are in need of these resources through their police vehicle grants and police k9 equipment grants.

These police car grants include vehicles with the latest technology and the police k9 equipment grants provide the departments with training assistance and sniffing ability enhancement programs for their special teams of canines.

You can apply for these SPA-NTOA grants for police vehicles only if you and your team are recognized as an NTOA team. What is NTOA, is already mentioned in the beginning. However, there are other eligibility criteria also to get these law enforcement vehicle grants. You can check these over their official website.

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Useful Grants For Police Vehicles

Apart from the most well-known grants for police vehicles that we discussed earlier, there are other law enforcement vehicle grants as well that provide quality vehicles for the police department of the United States of America. However, these grants might have slightly different criteria for eligibility and hence it is recommended to keep a close check on these criteria to get grants for police vehicles.

  • Border Enforcement Car Grants by the Department of Transportation

The Border Enforcement Car Grants Program is a special police car grants program that provides police cars for the borderline law enforcement departments. However, this program does not only limit its services to only borderline law enforcement departments. It also provides help in various areas like the development of equipment and officer training programs.

Grants For Police Vehicles

It is not a nationwide police vehicle grants program but provides its services in locations like Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and Washington. This grants for police vehicles program provides grants amounting to $10,000 to $12,000 every year.

The program’s main aim is the development of the police department and the strengthening of law enforcement officers. Its main focus is to support the law enforcement department through their law enforcement vehicle grants and police k9 equipment grants. These grants are provided to the officers in the given locations so that the efficiency of the law enforcement department is not hampered due to a car breakdown or some other reason.

  • USDA ARRA Special Vehicle and Equipment initiative for the Needy

USDA runs various police vehicle grants that help the law enforcement department of the nation to do their work more efficiently. The Community Facilities Grant Program run by the USDA provides grants that are specifically launched for rural development, municipal department, non-profit organizations, and tribal government. The United States Department of Agriculture gives away grants amounting to $14,400 under their police grants for vehicles program.

These police grants for vehicles have been introduced recently and have been awarded to a project in Indiana by USDA rural development. The USDA Rural Development Program mainly aims at improving the conditions of rural areas including the security system of these places. They manage to do so by providing various funding and assisting loans. Police Vehicle Grants are one of the recently added concerns of this agency.

Police Grants for Vehicles or police car grants provided by this agency allow the law enforcement officers to have a more efficient vehicle at their service so that the crime rate in the city, county, or town reduces day by day and remains like that too. The USDA provides these police grants for vehicles to rural areas and towns that hold a population of 20,000 people or less. These loans are provided on direct and guaranteed loans.

USDA works selflessly for the development and upliftment of the rural areas and so, it gives out a large sum of money in the name of various grants and schemes so that the needy and less fortunate can live a life of comfort. With this thought in mind, the police vehicle grants or the police grants for vehicles are also provided to benefit the police departments of these rural areas and small cities and towns.

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Government Branches That Provide Law Enforcement Vehicle Grants

Apart from specific programs that provide grants for police vehicles, some entire organizations and agencies work for this cause by providing law enforcement vehicle grants. The basic aim of these organizations and agencies is to provide law enforcement vehicle grants that benefit the police departments of various states, counties, and cities. The police vehicle grants provided by them have been very helpful to the law enforcement departments.

  • The Office of Justice Programs

As the name suggests, this branch of government works explicitly for the betterment of the law enforcement departments of the U.S. Through their grant assistance programs and schemes they support the police departments and other law enforcement departments.

Law Enforcement Vehicle Grants

They provide police k9 equipment grants, grants for police vehicles, law enforcement vehicle grants, and various other police car grants and equipment grants that benefit the police department and help them keep a better check on the ongoing criminal activities in the town or city.

Their Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program provides police vehicle grants and law enforcement vehicle grants along with all the other grants that benefit law enforcement officers for safety purposes.

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security provides funds for training and programs that include fusion centers, for a response to domestic or international terrorism. These grants are provided to up the game of security in each town and city of the nation. Their law enforcement vehicle grants are provided in every city, town, and county of the nation so that no area remains behind in the matter of security.

Their Homeland Security Grant Program provides various grants including police vehicle grants, law enforcement vehicle grants, police car grants, police k9 equipment grants, and many more. All you need to do is inquire at your state government’s office and see if the resources from these grants for police vehicles is available or not.

If you are lucky, you might get the resources that are required in your department. After checking the availability, you would be required to fill out an application form and fulfill all the eligibility criteria set by the agency and it is only after all this that you would be awarded police grants for vehicles or the law enforcement vehicle grants, depending on the name it goes by in your area.


There are various police vehicle grants provided by the government out of which some of the law enforcement vehicle grants were discussed here. These police vehicle grants or grants for police vehicles not only help the law enforcement departments have a smoother ride but they also help them have a technologically advanced automobile that can help them in wondrous ways.

For more information regarding the police car grants or law enforcement vehicle grants or police grants for vehicles, depending on the phrase used popularly in your town, you can contact these agencies and have a detailed overview of these grants for police vehicles.


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