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Free Christmas Gifts For Low Income Families 2022

Get free Christmas gifts for kids & low income families from Churches and charity organizations. Mostly send free gifts by mail during Christmas Season. Do you want to know how to get free Christmas gifts for low income families 2022? This information source may not be omnipresent, but we bring you the collected information to find free Christmas gifts for your Family. Many organizations and charitable groups offer free gifts for low income families.

Generally, you need to apply for their assistant program to get these gifts. These non-profit organizations get more than thousands of applications submitted for free Christmas gifts before the holidays, and many services are based on a first-come, first-serve. So, you must have a list of all organizations so that you can apply before other people.

That sounds like a lot of research, Right! Don’t worry; continue to read this article to find how to get free Christmas gifts.

Apply For Free Christmas Gifts for Low Income Families 2022

Many local and national charitable organizations and agencies offer free Christmas gifts for kids. Most of them serve on a first-come, first-served basis. It means if you register as soon as possible, the chances of you getting a gift increase. These are the organizations that offer free Christmas gifts for low income families 2022.

free christmas gifts for low income families 2020

  • The Salvation Army

This Organization is known by the bell-ringers that standing by the red kettle each Winter. This Organization is always ready to help others and provide happiness in the community. The Salvation Army provides free Christmas gifts for low income families 2020. To get the benefits from this Organization program, parents have to register each year, mentioning their child’s name.

This Organization provides gifts, toys, and even a free Christmas tree to people in need. They are not helping people only at Christmas; they provide financial assistance and various program throughout the year to help low-income families. They also help in providing food, job training, affordable house, and many more things.

This charity runs many programs. These programs are depending on the location and local Salvation Army branch. The program’s name is Adopt A family, the angel giving tree or even some generic name like Christmas Food Baskets. These programs are run to help local people who are struggling with financial instability.

Some local Salvation Army Branch also involved in handing out thousands of jackets and warm clothes through the Coats for Kids Program. They also have a program that delivers free Christmas gifts by mail in remote areas. This charity serves nationwide and helps hundreds of low-income families. Parents need to register for any of these programs by tagging their child’s name and wish.

There are several terms and eligibility criteria for these programs. These conditions may be changed as per the local branches of the Salvation Army. If you want a gift from this Organization, you may require proof of your income and explain your financial situation. This foundation helps children up to 12 years and the elderly from the age of 62 and more.

To get free gifts for Christmas, you first need to sign up with Angel Tree. Then enter the details of your child-like name, age, sex, clothing, and shoe sizes. This name tag will then be hung on the Angel Tree located nearby malls, churches, companies, and organizations. The participants will choose gifts for these ages, and the Salvation Army distribute these gifts to children.

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  • Toys for Tots

The US Marines runs this program. They collect and donate toys and gifts to children of low-income families. You may also see their ads on the TV, reminding you to present a toy for needy children. This Organization tied up with BabiesRU, ToysRUs, Hasbro Toys, and Scholastic companies to make more toy donations to children.

free gifts for christmas

These campaigns provide gifts and toys to children below age 13. Many ties this age limit can be extended to 14 to 15 years depending on the local branch. This Organization accepts donations between October and December. You have to apply only to request free gifts for Christmas for your child.

To receive a free gift from this Organization, you need to apply on the US Marines Toys for Tots page and click on Request Toys to get toys as a Christmas gift. This page will redirect you to the next page where you need to select your city and enter the zip code and click on submit a request, and this will send an email to your nearest Coordinator.

  • USPS Operation Santa

If you wonder about where to get free Christmas gifts, USPS is a great place to consider. USPS stands for United States Postal Service Operation. This Organization has been working for many years, and they have a unique way of supporting poor children or children in need.

They allow children to write a letter to Santa mentioning their needs or wish. USPS collects all letters to Santa, and then it removes the personal information of children from the letter. After that, this Organization welcomes the community to pick up any of these children envelops and help children in need.

These people buy and donate the gifts as per the children’s needs and give it to USPS. Now, USPS distribute these gifts to children to fulfill their Christmas wishes. Unlike other programs and organizations, there are no guidelines for children to qualify for this program. And there is no guarantee that every kid gets gifts.

The only children get gifts whose letter was adopted by a community member. If you send this letter early, it may increase your chance of getting the wish granted. To get a gift, make sure your child writes a letter to Santa before 4 to 6 weeks of Christmas. It is a get organization that distributes free Christmas gifts for low income families 2022.

  • Make A Wish Foundation

You may probably hear the name of this Organization. It is one of the leading charitable Organizations that grants the wish of children. This organization doesn’t only work at Christmas time, and it also grants the wish of children throughout the year.

Mainly this Organization grants the want of a child suffering from severe disease and doesn’t have enough resources to fulfill his/her dying wish. This Organization help children between the age of 2 to 118. If you know any kids who are in need, you should suggest this Organization. They also offer free Christmas toys for low income families

  • Lion’s Club

Lion’s Club is famous for its initiative to guide youth, vision, health programs, and disaster relief. This Organization is spread across the nations, and an excellent network of volunteers, young professionals, and local businesses allow this Organization to work effectively for the community. They also help people and kids in need on the Christmas holidays.

They offer free Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, toys, meals, and many more things. They also help sick and elderly citizens in nursing homes and provide various presents to them. This assistance is given based on the availability of funds and the information they have about people in need. They also offer free Christmas trees, toys, and clothes to low-income families.

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Charities That Offer Free Christmas Gifts For Kids

  • Catholic Charities Christmas Connection

Catholic Charities is the network of several Organizations that identify potential families or individuals who need Christmas assistance like gifts, toys, or even Christmas trees. They have a standard selection procedure. If you qualify for this assistance, you may get toys for your children: clothes and all the necessary items to keep your Family happy for holidays.

free Christmas gifts for kids

They have their special toy drives from which they give away many free toys to children in need. They offer free Christmas gifts for low income families 2022 in Charlotte, Texas, NC, California, and Puerto Rico. If you want gifts from your child, you should contact them in October. If you need further information about free gifts and assistance, you should visit local Catholic Charities.

  • Angel Tree Christmas – Prison fellowship

This program is run by the connection of thousands of churches by Prison Fellowship. This Organization reaches to the children whose any parent is in jail and facing financial difficulties. They provide free toys for children and gifts for teens and seniors or those who are in need. This program is a collective affords by many organizations, groups, and individuals.

They accept donations through their official website, and this online system makes it very easy to donate for others and submit requests for help. They take the application from September through their official website. If you wonder about where to get free Christmas gifts and one of your parents is in jail, then this program will be the most suitable option to get one for you.

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  • The Family Giving tree

Many large churches and chapels have their own Christmas toys and gifts programs for children. If you want free Christmas gifts or toys for your child, you can visit the local churches or go to their official website to look for their denominational headquarters to find out who can apply for these programs.

  • Clothing banks and thrift Stores

These stores are generally available in most communities. These stores sell gently used clothes and toys to the general public. Then these people can give these things as gifts for Christmas to people who are in need. If you look for free Christmas toys for low income families, these stores might have what you are looking for.

Some stores and centers also offer vouchers or gift certificates to individual low-income families. For this, you need to apply and qualify for their programs. These vouchers and gift certificates can be used to buy free items during holidays in individual shops, like low-income people can purchase presents for their kids from these vouchers.

  • The United Way

This Organization partnered with thousands of other charities, non-profits, and churches to assist people not only during Christmas but throughout the year. This Organization offers free Christmas gifts for low income families in 2020. They accept toy donations and distribute these toys to children in need, and you can find the local branch in the find your United Way’s official website.

free gifts for christmas

Each branch has its own set of rules and regulations. In some cases, parents will be given money to buy toys for their kids, and in other cases, this Organization provides toys to their kids. For this cause, community members and businesses donate money or toys to the local branch, and this branch gives gifts to low-income families.

Although they have different guidelines as per branch, one thing is the same, which is registration. Parents have to register before one month of holidays to get free gifts or toys. If their application is approved, the United Way contacts these parents and invites the nearest local branch to receive their gifts. Kids age should be under 16 to get presents.

This non-profit organization also provides meals and essential items to local community people. They are working across the whole country. They also offer things like clothing, furniture, rent assistance, utility, and more things.

They also accept donations. For more information, you can go to their official website and find the nearest branch of this Organization.

  • Child’s School

For School-aged children, the school can be a great resource to ask for help. You should call the social worker, school psychologist, or guidance counselor to ask for help. You should describe your financial constraints in front of them and ask them to understand their student’s economic hardship. Usually, this kind of gift program is run by the PTO or PTA.

To get free gifts for Christmas, you should note down the three things

  1. Make sure you speak with an authorized person who knows the financial resources the school has. Many times, administrative assistants may not aware of these things and refuse to help you.
  2. You should describe your situation in detail. It may be difficult for you to say it in particular, but people start to trust you and help you when you open up with someone.
  3. Understand this – You need to ask for help; they will not come to help you unless you invite them.

Many schools organize fundraisers if there is more than one student who needs help during the Christmas holidays. If you have enough resources, you can donate to those fundraisers to help poor kids.

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  • Operation Christmas Child

This program is run by Christian Relief Organization, also known as Samaritan’s Purse because they provide gifts like toys, school supplies, and many other goodies for children in need in the Shoeboxes. These shoeboxes are filled with the things or items other people donated all around the world.

It’s not a big deal to fill a shoebox with items, but the sense of humanity and kindness of other people make this system much special. Your small contribution can spread smiles to several children who are in need. This Organization provides free Christmas gifts for low income families during the holidays.

This organization doesn’t only work during holidays, and they also help communities affected by things like famine, disease, or war. If you don’t want to donate items, you can also donate money. This money helps this Organization to cover the shipping costs because they are serving across the world.

  • Christmas Spirit Foundation This foundation runs several programs to help w0income families. One program called Trees for troops provides free Christmas tree to military men’s families. They don’t give only Christmas trees; they provide a decorated Christmas tree. Besides, they also offer free gifts for Christmas for kids and low-income families.
  • Religious Organizations

If you belong to any ethnic group like a church or other religious organization, you should ask for help from them. They offer many programs and gifts on the holidays. Sometimes, they also help non-members. To know more about this thing, you should directly ask the pastor or any religious leader.

Before doing this, you should describe your situation in detail. It may be difficult for you to say it in particular, but people start to trust you and help you when you open up with someone. You should also mention the hardships of your kids. When a pastor gets a clear idea of what you need, they will give you direction or options for help.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the church or pastor because these organizations have substantial funds, and the purpose of these funds is society’s welfare. It means they can use these funds to help you. In my opinion, these places are the best to ask for free Christmas gifts for low income families 2022.

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Boys and Girls Clubs of America is a national organization that is developed to help underprivileged children. However, this Organization also offers help on local holidays assistance in some states. This Organization has several branches across the nation, and they operate individually to provide free gifts for Christmas to kids in need.

To find the nearest branch, you need to go to their official website and enter your zip code in the column of Find a Club. After pressing Enter, you will get the nearest club’s details, including the address and contact number. There are specific eligibility criteria for these clubs. To qualify for the gifts, you must underline these eligibility criteria.

Most branches help children under the age of 18 years. They served based on a first-come, first-serve so, if you apply early, the chance of getting free Christmas gifts increases for you. You can also donate to this club. Your donation helps this club to put a smile on the underprivileged children. For assistance, you should visit the local branch.

  • YMCA

It is another national organization that has local branches across the nation. These branches sometimes offer gifts and toys to children who belong to low-income families. To find the nearest YMCA branch, you need to go to their official website and enter your zip code. After pressing Enter, you will get the nearest branch’s details, including the address and contact number.

Some local branches have significant funds to help low-income families. The qualifying requirements for free gifts and toys depend on the guidelines of a particular department. Age this the main factor that decides the qualifying application. If you want to donate or volunteer for this Organization, you can contact to local YMCA office for more information.

  • Volunteers of America
    It is a national charity organization that helps the less fortunate, vulnerable, and homeless; it also provides help at Christmas and other holidays, including Thanksgiving. It may offer toys for children, free Christmas gifts for low income families, single parents, food on Wheels for the homebound, and veteran support too.
  • Operation Christmas Child
    This program is related to Samaritan’s Purse in Boone, NC. They are famous for reaching poor kids across the nation and giving them Christmas Shoe Box that has gifts in them. These shoeboxes are fully decorated and contain clothes, toys, school supplies for children. If you want to be part of an organization, they always look for new volunteers and donations.
  • St. Vincent De Paul
    It is a religious organization that provides utility payments, housing, travel vouchers, clothing, gas cards, food, and other essential needs. They have various programs to help underprivileged people. They also offer free Christmas toys for low income families. They provide Christmas gifts and Christmas financial assistance to people who are in need.

How To Get Free Christmas Gifts?

If you plan to ask for help with Christmas gifts, it is better to apply in October because most organizations and charities serve based on a first-come, first-serve. There may be thousands of families who are eligible for such programs and applying for them. So, if you apply sooner, it may increase your chance of getting free gifts for Christmas.

You should be a legal Guardian for the child for applying. In some charities, the child’s age matters the most. Make sure your child comes in the age group defined by the charities. You may need to fill up the online application form for this and need to attach documents like;

  • Photo identity card
  • Proof of income like payroll stubs, W2 forms
  • Social Security cards of people who are applying
  • Benefits documents from Government agencies, unemployment benefits, and child support
  • You can also add referrals if you have any.

How to Get Free Christmas Gifts By Mail?

It is a fact that the US is a big country and still, some areas are there with lack of a car, bus routes near to them or even don’t have proper roads. Millions of people are applying for these free Christmas gifts, and many of these applications are approved.

free Christmas gifts by mail

It is challenging for these charities to offer gifts personally. That is why many organizations mail Christmas gifts to direct Family’s address. Organizations like the Salvation Army, Christmas Spirit Foundation, Lion’s Club, and Christian Relief Organization are established worldwide.

They are helping thousands of families, and it is impractical for them to give Christmas gifts to everyone hand in hand. They send free Christmas gifts by mail and courier. It is a more convenient way of doing this.

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Other Ways Of Getting Free Gifts For Christmas

There are other ways to get Christmas Gifts free of cost or at a minimal price. Some websites offer people to sell their items they are not using to use at a minimal cost. You can also request the item owner and describe your financial constraints to get these items free of charge.

  1. Freecycle
    It is a non-profit network whose main aim is to reduce the quantity of waste people throw and ends up in landfills. Some regional groups and community members are part of this network. They offer many things like swing collections, bicycles, and play kitchens. You can buy these items at a minimal cost as a present for your child.
  2. Curb Things
    This website has a more diverse collection of items than Freecycle. You can contact the item owner to check the article before the deal physically, and you can find many toys and dolls for your kids on this website.
  3. Craigslist
    It is a popular website to find many things like work, house and many more. You can also find Christmas gifts for your kids on this website. When you select a particular item, you need to send an email to this website mentioning your financial constraints, and you may get the item at a minimal price or even free of cost.


These are the charities that offer free Christmas gifts for low income families 2020. If you have enough resources, many of these organizations also accept the donation. Your small contribution can help many families to enjoy Christmas. Comment below if you have any questions.


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