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How to Get a Free Laptop For the Disabled?

Free laptop disabled people can totally change their lives. Disabled people’s lives are full of struggles and problems, but if they learn to use a computer, they can resolve all issues and become independent citizens. Government and Non-profit organizations understand that a computer can change disabled people’s life.

There are many government grants, and NGOs offer a free laptop for disabled adults and children. If you are disabled and looking for a free laptop, this article will help you sort out your options. So, read this article to find out more.

Free Computers For Disabled Adults

  1. Grants from the Government
    If you want free computers for disabled people, the USA’s Department of Health and Human Service (DHS) is the first place where you should ask for help. This department provides many types of aid and grants for disabled people. The USA’s citizens pay taxes for society’s welfare, and if disabled people couldn’t survive in this society, then there will be no equilibrium in the community.

    free computers for disabled adults
    free computers for disabled adults

    In some grants, you don’t have to pay anything, and you will get a free laptop, but in some grants, you have to pay the application fee or a small fraction of the laptop’s price. If you don’t know about these grants and want to know about in detail, you should make an appointment with a social worker in the DHS.
    You can explain your situations and problems that you are facing and give a brief explanation about how a laptop helps you in this situation. Then you have to provide some documents like identity proof, medical report, and income details.

  2. Computers4kids
    Computers4kids is a non-profit organization that provides free computers and laptops to low-income families, children, and disabled people. If you successfully explain your issues and how the computer will help you to solve these problems, you can become a qualified candidate for a laptop.
    There are some branches of this organization across the USA, and most of them work locally and independently. So, if you want free computers for disabled must look for the local Computers4kids branch and check for the eligibility conditions. The candidate request form is also available online on their official website.
  3. The Beaumont Foundation of America
    The Beaumont Foundation helps people across the USA get financial assistance for technology-related necessities; this includes computers and laptops. This foundation also provides free computers for disabled persons. Beaumont Foundation offers grants for disabled people who need other technological devices to ease the lifestyle.
    You should visit their official website for more information, and you can also find the eligibility requirements.
  4. Computer Recycling Center:
    If you don’t mind, if you get a refurbished computer for free, then the Computer Recycling Center is the best option for you. Computer Recycling Center offers refurbished laptops and computers to needy people. This agency is working locally with the volunteers. You need to meet the volunteers at the Computer Recycling center and ask them for help.
    CRC is situated in northern California, but they offer shipping throughout the USA, and for this, you may have to pay a shipping charge. You should visit CRC’s official website and read more about the qualifying candidates’ eligibility for more information.
  5. Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP)
    Computers are revolutionary technology. Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) offers financial assistance if you have a low family income or disability. You will get all the required resources for home computers and all relevant technology appliances. CAP mainly focuses on disabled people.
    It also provides help to IT professionals to maintain their employment status. If you are looking to get a free laptop for disabled adults, this the best place to start with.
    It is a government website of the United States Department of labor. You will get appropriate and valuable resources if you are a disabled person. If you want any technical equipment for homework or any other place, you can request support. You will get all types of equipment to ease your lifestyle. has all government resources that help disabled people. You should go through their official website and go to the technological section. You will get all the essential devices on this list. You can apply for any of them per your requirement with a proper explanation of how this computer helps you change your life.
  7. Local Library to get computers for the disabled
    If you couldn’t find any financial assistance for computers and you are disabled, you should look at the local Library. Many local libraries have their grants and aids to help disabled people. These grants are generally for low-income families and disabled people. You will get a laptop and computers from local libraries if you qualify for the grants.
    It is the best place to find computers. Sometimes local libraries also sell old computers and printers to needy people. You will get great deals if you could make it there in time.
  8. GiveTech
    GiveTech is a well-known charity organization that provides free laptop disabled. GiveTech provides computers to disabled people to work on it and earn some money and become an independent citizen of the nation.
    People with disabilities or missing limbs can be qualified for a talk-to-text app, which will help disabled people communicate better. This organization also provides some computer accessories to support IT professionals. You can open their official website for more information.
  9. Jim Mullen Foundation
    This foundation was named after a courageous police officer who shot and wounded in 1996 and became paralyzed. GiveTech provided him various computer-related help and assistant, and then he earned so much money from the computers and developed his own Jim Mullen Foundation. This foundation helps disabled people by giving them free computers and laptops.
  10. Getting free laptop disabled people from St Vincent De Paul
    St Vincent De Paul is a very famous non-profits organization that provides financial assistance to all kinds of needy people. They provide food for nourishments, money for survival, and employment to become independent. This company provides car assistance, home assistance, and technical assistance to low-income families and disabled people.
    There are some state-wise St Vincent De Pail branches, and you have to visit the respective branch to get more details. They will give a free laptop for disabled people when you qualify for assistance. You need to check the eligibility criteria for this and then visit this branch. You will get more information from their official website.

Apply For Free Computers For Disabled Adults

  1. World Computer Exchange
    If you want a free and refurbished laptop or computers from the US government, the World Computer Exchange is the best place to check. World Computer exchange works with local non-profit organizations, schools, governments, parties, and libraries to support needy people.

    free computers for disabled adults
    free computers for disabled adults

    If you are disabled and want a computer to earn some money, you can apply to this organization. This organization will provide you information about the parties or schools that offer free computers or laptops to disabled people, and then you can contact them. You need to justify why you want a computer and how it will help survive and become independent.
    If your justification is adequate and you match the eligibility criteria, you will get a free computer. This organization has provided more than five thousand free computers for disabled people. You should visit their official website for detailed information about eligibility and process.

  2. Microsoft Registered Refurbishes
    All of you have heard the Name of tech giant Microsoft. It is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. This company believes that they have some responsibility towards society. Therefore, they have some specific programs and goals to help disabled people. They offer refurbished Genuine Microsoft computers and free laptop disabled people.
    They provide free Microsoft software to low-income families. If you also want a free refurbished laptop, you need to fill an online application form, where you have to mentation all details and your purpose with this free laptop. This program will help disabled people and low-income families to enhance their lifestyle.
  3. Freecycle
    Freecycle is an online platform that helps you to get a free government laptop. It is an online platform that works with other local organizations to provide free recycling items for use. To get assistance for this, you need to apply for this program. There are various programs offered by this organization.
    Freecycle organization contact people who want to give up their old pc and laptops. So, if you have any old laptops or computers, you can contact them and give them to them. This organization will provide free computers for disabled persons who need such technical equipment.
    Freecycle is a free and non-profit company that help low-income facility and disabled people. You need to go through their official website for more information. You need to do some paperwork and apply only. In this application, you have to mention the purpose of computers.

Some programs and grants provide free laptop disabled people. You need to provide an adequate explanation to qualify for these grants. For eligibility criteria and requirements, you should visit the official website of these organizations. Comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Myself and my wife are both disabled we cannot afford to get a laptop did have an old one but doesn’t work we are lost without it as my family and friends are along way from us

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