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Free Window Replacement Grants For low Income Families

Get Government grants for window replacement for low income Families and Needy. Many charity organizations also organizing the window replacement program as a help.

A house without windows is like a prison. Windows add beauty to the house and turn it into a home. But sometimes these windows can bring a lot of trouble if they are not energy efficient and buying energy-efficient windows can be a great task for low income families. The best solution of this problem is window replacement grants for low income families. Window replacement grants are package provided by the government that sometimes has money to buy the windows while sometimes windows are provided instead of money.

Window repair grants are provided to those needy people who are unable to afford energy-efficient windows. Government window replacement programs provide window replacement grants across the nation. There are government grants for window repair that provides low income families with the money they need to buy new windows. Free window replacement for low income families is also an option to be looked at.

Government Grants For Window Replacement

Energy-efficient windows can be beneficial to the environment of the house. It prevents the house from getting heated like an oven or getting too chilly. But these windows can dig up a huge hole in a man’s pocket. Windows that are energy efficient as well as affordable can only be provided by the government. there are various government grants for window replacement. Through these grants, the federal government helps low income families get a more energy-efficient house. Some of these government grants for window replacement are listed below:

government grants for window replacement
Get government grants for window replacement
  • REAP:

Rural Energy for America Program, also known as REAP provides window replacement grants to those who live in rural areas and run small businesses. It also helps schools and tribal government to get energy-efficient windows. It aspires to make America fully energy-efficient and promotes renewable energy. The grants are generally provided to small businesses and agricultural entities only but in some special cases and as decided by the USDA other entities can get this Home Repair grants too. The eligible project includes purchasing of the windows, audit and installation.

  • High Energy Cost  Grant Program:

This program is administered by the Department of Energy. It promotes renewable energy and efficient working environment in rural areas. It provides window replacement grants to the residents of rural America. As this program is administered by the federal government the grant amount is given to the local non-profit organizations who in turn distribute this amount to the low income needy families.

Get Free window replacement for Low income families

Getting your house energy-efficient is a task for many low income families. But to support such families there have been introduced schemes like free window replacement for low income families. Through schemes like these low income families can get themselves energy-efficient windows.

The HomeFront Organization is a non-profit organization that provides free window replacement for low-income families. It is a 32- year old organization that has helped millions of people up till now.

free window replacement for low income families
free window replacement for low income families and Seniors

Its mission is to keep the neighbourhood energy efficient. It helps the citizens with a leaky roof, dilapidated windows and broken doors. It is an organization that has donated up to $40 million over a long period of time. It works in collaboration with donors who sometimes help in cash while most of the times donate essential stuff like windows and doors.

The Home Repair Loan and Grant program is another option to get free window replacement for low income families. This program provides both a loan and a grant to those in need. It is a government-administered program. An applicant can get window replacement grants up to $7,500 if he/she displays a dire need to replace their windows for safety reasons.

You can also apply to the Federal Emergency Management Assistance if your house has been damaged in a natural calamity. By applying at FEMA, you would not have to worry about getting windows at a costly rate. Apart from the federal, the state government also offers free window replacement for low income families. Under the home repair grants and grants for home energy efficiency, the state provides window replacement grants for those in need.

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Not only governmental but many non-profit and non-governmental organizations aspire to provide free window replacement for low income families. Organizations like the Salvation Army for Emergency Assistance and Catholic Charities have come forward to help the low income families who are in dire need of refurbishing their houses. Other organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Community Action Agencies also provide window replacement grants. They are always ready to help the community and their fellow citizens with whatever help needed.

Government window replacement Programs

Various government window replacement programs are introduced by the government to help low income families across the nation. They also provide window replacement grants to low income families. Here are some government window replacement programs that provide help across the nation:

  • Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization Assistance Program which is sponsored by the Department of Energy provides window replacement grants to low income families. It helps these people to upgrade their houses and make it more energy-efficient. Up till now, the program has benefitted over 38 million people in America.

government window replacement program
government window replacement program free Grants

This program is funded by the federal and the grant amount is distributed by the state and the local bodies. The help centres of this program can be located anywhere in the entire nation. even the smallest town in America possesses a WAP help center. You can locate one that is nearest to you and contact them. you can get yourself registered at these centers to get window replacement grants.


  1.  The applicant must be an American citizen.
  2. The applicant must have an income of less than 50% of the area median income.
  3. The applicant must own and reside the house whose windows are to be replaced for at least a year.
  4. The applicant should not be eligible for other credits.
  • Self Help Homeownership Opportunity Program:

It is sponsored by HUD and is available to low income homeowners. This program awards window replacement grants up to $15000 to low income families. The homeowners who build their own houses are eligible for this program. To be eligible for this program you need to prove your income is less than 50% of the area median income and that you are in urgent need of financial assistance.

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  • Energy Star Incentive:

If you are a regular taxpayer, you are eligible for this program. When you switch to energy-efficient products you get incentives in the form of tax savings. These incentives can be redeemed up to $1,500. This money could be used to replace your windows with energy-efficient windows.


  1. The applicant must be earning less than80% of the area median income.
  2. The applicant must own and reside in the house whose windows are to be replaced.
  3. The applicant should not be enrolled in other programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I get my windows replaced for free?

A: Apply to government grants for window replacement of the above-mentioned programs. Check the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible you just have to wait for the call from the office as to when can they send people to replace your windows.

Q. Does the weatherization assistance program replace windows?

A: Yes, they do the replacement of windows. You can apply to their window replacement program and if they find you eligible they would come to your house and replace your windows.

Q. Are seniors eligible for window replacement grants?

A:  Yes, seniors can apply for window replacement grants. The Federal Repairs Program enables the seniors to apply for window replacement grants. The eligibility criteria for applying to this program is that the age of the applicant must be more than 60 years and the applicant must own and should have resided in the house for over a year whose windows are to be replaced.

Q. Are these programs trustworthy?

A: Yes, as these programs are governed by the government & Salvation army itself they can be trusted. As you know salvation army offers furniture vouchers for low income families. The money comes from verified sources and trusted donors. There is nothing to worry about the credibility of these programs.

Q. How much energy can an energy-efficient window save?

A: If you install the latest windows, it can have a great impact on your energy bill. The new versions of these energy-efficient windows save up a decent amount of energy as they heat the room less in comparison to the normal windows. Energy-efficient windows can save you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Q. Who qualifies for window replacement grants?

A: Anyone who is above the age of 18 years and is a regular taxpayer can apply for window replacement grants. Certain grants are for seniors for those grants your age needs to be above 60 years if that is so and you are not able to pay for the windows then you can apply for the grants.


Switching to energy-efficient windows is the easiest way you can contribute to environment conservation. If you have energy-efficient windows installed, less eat will be generated and as a result, AC will be used for lesser time. To contribute to environment conservation and get yourself window replacement grants you can apply to any of the above-listed programs. It might take a little more time than expected but the quality of the product is worth the wait.

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