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Get a free car Now Today, A car is necessary to get to work, visit the doctor, pick up groceries, and many others. Many people can afford a car, but I have good news for those who can’t afford it. There are free cars given away programs that help you to get your first car for you and your family and have low income. 

According to the current situation, there is economic inflation, so it is difficult to get a new car, especially for those with low or unstable income. What is your view on this situation? What do you think, a low-income family is not worth to get a car? Why need a car? And is there someone who helps them? Is the Free Cars Given Away program worthy of getting a free car?

We have answers to all the above questions with some additional information about free cars given away Program. Whether you are earning more or less, at some point in life, you need a car for safety and handling some extreme situations. 

Nothing is impossible as many good organizations are running free cars given away Program and people are there who are always ready to help the needy people. Before we discuss the topic in-depth on the get a free car now, we would like to say something. You can get a free car for you and your family, but on the other hand, you have to fulfill some criteria that are decided by the organization or charitable trust.

Eligibility For Free Cars Given Away

Those people who fall under the low-income group can get a free car. Along with it, you have to meet some other requirements that are decided as per the place. 

  • Working at low wages 
  • Low-income families
  • The people who use the public transition to get work 
  • Domestic violence victim
  • People with disability and medical needs 
  • Families who live in transitional shelters
  • Miltary person
  • Natural disaster victim 
  • Veteran
Free Cars Given Away

As I already said, you have to fulfill the requirements. From organization to organization and place to place these criteria changes. Make sure you fit into in. The process is almost similar to all the sites, and that’s why you do not have to worry about paperwork and all.

Get Free Cars given away Now For Low-Income Families

People think that getting a free car is tough, but believe me, it is easy. When if one door closes, another door opens, and between this time, you do not have to think that you will not get a free car. What you need is complete research, documentation, and patience. Never lose hope, and more than once, if you got rejected by one or two. 

A car means so much for some families, especially for those families who have disabled persons or newborn babies. For such people, traveling in public transit is difficult. Those who have enough money to help must have to consider such families to help by giving their old cars.

Below are some names who help you to get your dream car. Please have a look at it. 


Hey, do not think this organization only provides free cars on Christmas. Cars4Christmas provide free cars given away all around the year. You have to fill the form and wait for the approval. 


Cars4Heroes is a partner of the Cars4Christmas. It gives free cars given away to first responders, active military, veterans, or their families. You or your family person can request a free car if you are serving for the country.

Good News Garage

Good News Garage is another name that makes a car, van, and truck donation to the eligible one. This trust is based in New England and is available in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. If you reside in these places, you can benefit from it. 

Each state has different guidelines, and you must qualify according to the state rules to get a vehicle. Read the rules for the specific states and contact your regional GNC office. From the official page, you will get contact information. For the inquiry, you must leave your name, phone number, and area code with a message. 

800-Charity Cars

800-Charity Cars or 1-800-Charity Car is a known company that donates cars to families. Since 1996 it is in the field. They majorly help disadvantaged families to get proper transportation.

It also helps other candidates, including natural disaster victims, people who live in transitional living shelters, veterans, and victims of domestic abuse.

Even people can donate the vehicles via the official website. They also have a list of the candidates who can apply for charity, which links to a different website with the URL

Online Car Donation

Online Car Donation is an organization that offers free cars given away to all those families who need it. You have to request a car, and they will review your application on a case basis. 

Whether you and your family living in homeless shelters have disabilities, are victims of domestic abuse, or belong to military families, you will get a car. You have to fill out a form that requests a donor to donate their car. is another name on the list. It offers free vans, trucks, and cars t individual families who fit in their criteria. You do not need to go to the office, go to the website, and fill the request online. But yes, if you are government assistance, then the gifts of the property might affect your aid (according to the website).

With Causes

With Causes offers a wide range of needy people, including veterans, homeless families, a victim of domestic abuse, children, and the list is too big. 

You must request a car through the “Ask for Help” form. Here you have to explain your condition and situation. If they find your reason valid, you may get a car. 

If you receive help from TANF, SSDI, SSI, Welfare, or Food Stamps or accept property, gifts, or service, then With Causes terminates your benefits.


All these are some of the names who help the needy to get a free car now. Do you know other names? If yes, then post your comments in the comment section. Who knows, your one comment can help many others.

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I'm Sergio Marquina owner of the Grant Supporter. For more than 5 years, we have been publishing articles on USA Grants & Charity Programs. I have earned the degree of Public Administration from YALE University. And just after the completion, I also have knowledge of Nonprofit Management & doing research on various helps by non-profit organization, government, other charities, and trusts for low- income families for more than 10 years and writing about it. I love to provide right information to the right viewer. For Any help or Guidance, you can contact me by mail.

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  1. I need the application for a vehicle a van preferrably i am a single mother with 5 children and am need of a vehicle and i need to know how to get a hold of a vehicle i am on fixed income and have children that are schoolage how do i apply

    1. I need help with a couple of your programs can you please help me to sign up for some of your programs?

  2. I am a single mom on disability I live in a somewhat rural community. I need car transportation for medical appts. And to get around for my twin 14 year olds school. My son is also disabled. I suffer from heart problems, blood clot disorder and a spiral stenosis that causes me pain. We have no transportation where we live that can take us places and I can’t afford cabs all the time. I would be so happy to be fortunate enough to get a free car.

  3. I am disabled and in need of a vehicle to get back and forward to doctor’s appointment and grocery store I would like to know how to apply for a car under the disabled program

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