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Salvation Army Car Auction 2024

The Salvation Army Car Auction is an annual event that raises funds for the charitable work of the organization. It offers a variety of vehicles, from classic cars to modern models, at affordable prices.

The auction also provides an opportunity for car enthusiasts to bid on rare and unique vehicles while supporting a good cause. In this post, we will share some steps for participating in the auction, the eligibility criteria, and reasons to opt for the auction.

Why the Salvation Army Car Auction?

Donating cars and other items to organizations that help people is a great way to show your compassion. Although it can seem like just a car or some stuff to you, it can be invaluable to someone in need. The Salvation Army car auctions are an example of how such donations can benefit people and add value to their lives.

salvation army auto auction

When you donate, you can also benefit from tax deductions, which can be a source of relief. Meanwhile, those who receive free cars from the auctions can use the money they save on a vehicle to support other priorities.

The Salvation Army car auction benefits both sides. It’s open to all, regardless of religion or nationality, and prioritizes veterans, single mothers, and disabled individuals. Proceeds support these groups.

Many of us visit Salvation Army thrift stores to find valuable old items. However, they don’t just accept donated cars but also other items like clothes and home repair services for senior citizens. This is why they are able to provide various types of assistance to low-income families and individuals. The Salvation Army has been helping people and fixing broken lives since 1865.

The Salvation Army, a charitable non-profit, accepts car donations and other items to help people worldwide. Their car auction offers quality vehicles for daily use and emergencies.

7 Easy Steps To Get A Car From Salvation Army Auto Auction

To get a car from the Salvation Army auto auction, you have to get information about the Salvation Army car auctions in brief first. The Salvation Army is an organization that is located in every corner of the planet. From the Salvation Army auto auction, a veteran, a woman, anyone can get a free car. Here, we discuss step-by-step guides to getting a car from the online salvation army auction.

online auctions salvation army

Step 1

Visit the Salvation Army’s official website at using a search tool in the Google search bar. If the website is down due to heavy traffic during auto auctions, try again later.

Step 2

Once you have successfully accessed the official website, all you need to do is enter your area’s zip code to retrieve a list of all the local Salvation Army offices in your vicinity. You will also be provided with the contact details such as telephone helpline number and email id of the centers located nearby.

Step 3

Contact the Salvation Army auto auction via telephone to obtain all necessary information. Each area has its own auction and they won’t occur simultaneously.

Remember, the majority of the salvation army auto auction are held monthly. Either in the presence of a professional auction company or it can be a Salvation Army employee itself.

Step 4

To join the Salvation Army car auction, enroll based on your needs. Not all auctions require registration. A small fee may apply.

Step 5

We suggest you reach the location early before the salvation army auto auction begins. And do inspect the vehicles that are available there. You may get the chance to open the hood, check the engine and examine the interior.

Step 6

Usually, the salvation army car auction process is too quick. So, ensure that you know the limits of what you are willing to spend. And get the right offer on the car you need.

Step 7

Do make the arrangements before picking up the car or for transportation outside.

Be aware that many auctions benefit other parties, not the Salvation Army. If you purchase a car from the Salvation Army auction, remove it within the time limit and get affordable insurance.

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Eligibility For Salvation Army Auction Online

After qualifying for it, one can get a car from the salvation army auction online. Eligibility criteria were set for the salvation army car auction by authorities due to the heavy traffic of applicants. Resources are limited, and applicants are uncountable. So, there’s some eligibility that you have to fulfill to get a car from the Salvation Army auction online. So, let’s discuss the criteria set by authorities for salvation army cars for sale.

salvation army car auction 2022
  1. You should have a job. And provide them with job evidence or a salary slip to them.
  2. Additionally, it would be best to have a driving permit for this state of your home.
  3. You should be capable of ensuring no DWI(Driving While Impaired) or no DUI(Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol).
  4. Also, you must not have any vehicle at your home.
  5. No criminal history.
  6. No drug addiction records.
  7. After getting a car from a salvation army auction online, you must be able to cover the expenses like taxes, titles, maintenance costs, fuel, insurance, and tags.

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Salvation Army Car Sales For Low-Income Families

Low-income individuals and families struggle a lot in their lives. Having a car is just a dream for them. Just because of lack of money, they have to suffer. One of the problems is getting vehicles. They do not have enough money to get a new car for their well-being. A car can help them, like dropping their kids at school or college. Traveling at the office and in medical emergencies cars play a vital role.

Nowadays, a car has become a necessary commodity in our everyday life. People who are single parent, senior citizen, and disabled needs a car to make their life easy. Even, we have seen people that work 24 hours to make enough cash. Many men and women need a free car.

salvation army car sales

Now, they don’t have to worry anymore. Because the Salvation Army car auction is where one can get free cars. Salvation Army was called before the East London Christian mission. At the end of 1865, methodist reformed church minister William Booth and his wife Catherine Booth founded the East London Christian mission.

The east London Christian mission in TSA became the Salvation Army in one episode. It’s a Protestant church that’s also a non-profit with 1.7M+ members called salvationists.

The Salvation Army does its best to help people and assist human welfare. They run various programs like salvation army free furniture voucher, clothes, food, education, home appliances, and cars for the needy. Salvation army car sales run for low-income families to provide them with a car. They organize a Salvation Army car auction for people who directly need a car.

Here’s a shorter version: To get a free car from Salvation Army car sales, complete the required paperwork. Eligibility criteria are discussed in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Donate A Vehicle At The Salvation Army Auto Auction?

Donating things is a good thing. It may be just a thing that is not useful for you. But the people who get donated things, for them it’s valuable. Salvation Army has a user-friendly staff that guides people through the entire smooth process. To donate a car to the Salvation Army car donation program, you have to visit the nearest charity store of the Salvation army.

You can also contact them and ask them about the procedure to donate a car. After that, authorities will help you through the entire process. Get all the information you need to donate a car. Your action shows that you support human welfare. With such donations, the Salvation Army helps people to get cars through Salvation Army cars for sale.

Will I Get Tax Benefits On A Donate Car To The Salvation Army?

Donating cars shows your humankind. You can donate your car to the Salvation army. And salvation army car auction is the place that provides benefits on both sides. Which means that the donor also gets some benefits. Salvation army auto auction online provides relaxation through the tax deduction for the donation.

Whenever you donate vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, etc. the government will provide you several tax benefits when you show the donation receipt to them.

Can I Get A Free Pick For My Car Donation From The Salvation Army?

Yes, the salvation army car auction provides free pick-up service for all the donated vehicles at specific area centers. In case, centers do not provide pick-up service then salvation army auction online provides third-party free pick-up service. This third-party free pick-up service is from the donor’s door itself.

We suggest contacting the Salvation Army car auction for more information about the free pick-up service.

Does The Salvation Army Cars For Sale All Donated Cars?

Salvation Army cars auctioned to generate maximum profit for donors and help those in need.

How To Get A Tax Benefits On Salvation Army Car Donation From The Income Tax Department?

The Salvation Army is very strict at salvation army car auctions. They are strict about car values and conditions. For every donated car they perform a quality check. After that, the value of the donated car is decided by the worth to get in the Salvation Army car auction.

Additionally, the bidder has all rights to choose the bid. Remember, there is no fixed minimum or maximum selling price.


A car can play a vital role in anyone’s life. Some people have health issues, and some have disabled in their family members. For such people, it’s important to have a car. But unfortunately, not everyone can buy a car. Especially, low-income people can’t even think of buying a car. But they direly need it. For them, the salvation army, a non-profit organization, runs salvation army car auctions for low-income people to get a car. In this article, we discussed the Salvation Army auto auction in detail.

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