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Free Washer And Dryer For Low Income Families: [Grab Yours]

Government Assistance, such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEA) and other resources to get a free washer and dryer for low income families, will be discussed in detail along with the application process. It would significantly contribute to your monthly budget on essential household appliances for cleaning and drying clothes.

Governmet ProgramsNon-Profit OrganizationOnline Platforms
Local Housing AuthoritiesThe Salvation ArmyFreecycle
State Assistance ProgramsGoodwillCraigslist “Free” Section
LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)St. Vincent de PaulFacebook Marketplace “Free Stuff” Section
HUD (Housing and Urban Development) ProgramsLocal Churches or CharitiesNextdoor
Local Community Action AgenciesHabitat for Humanity ReStoresGivingAway

Programs and grants to be discussed in this article under the Department of Housing and Urban Development can assist with a free washer and dryer for low income families and individuals struggling to manage their monthly utility expenses.

Non-profit organizations like the Salvation Army or Goodwill and other Local Churches and Charities can also bring you free washer and dryer programs. You can also check out Craiglist and other online platforms, which have an open platform to buy free washing machines.

Free Washer And Dryer For Low Income Families Programs

Get free washer and dryer for low income families through these easy-to-access Programs. With their easy-to-follow process and quick response, you can get a washer and dryer free set for yourself today.

Free washer and dryer for low-income families

Home appliances are essential for every household, especially washers and dryers. Enrolling the free washer and dryer near me can significantly impact our lives as they save a lot of pennies if we get our laundry done somewhere else.

Today, there are programs for every little and significant resource required for a low income family. You can get everything from stationary, clothes, appliances, and shelter through these programs.

You can also get a free washing machine and dryer for low income families through programs known for providing these appliances. However, different agencies have different requirements to qualify for these free washer and dryer programs.


LIHEAP, as we all know, is a popular energy assistance program run by the federal government to benefit the state and its citizens. LIHEAP, or The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, started in 1980 as a solution to the rising concerns from the skyrocketing energy costs.

The Department of Health and Human Services now runs the program and provides free washing machines and free washers and dryers for low income families through various programs.

  • LIHEAP was explicitly created to help the poor, needy, and low income citizens of the community. Those households that are unable to afford appliances or are unable to pay the bills of these appliances, they can turn to LIHEAP to seek the required help.
  • LIHEAP annually launches and administers programs that provide free appliances to those in need. Free washer and dryer programs for the needy are one of these giveaway programs.
  • Free washer and dryer for low income families are provided by LIHEAP with the help of the federal government to those families that are in dire need of these energy-saving appliances.
  • This program, however, has some eligibility requirements that one needs to fulfill before getting a free washing machine and/or a free washer and dryer for low income families provided by them.
  • To qualify for their free washing machine and/or free washer and dryer programs for low income families, one must have a household income of less than 60 percent of the state’s median income or 150 percent of federal poverty guidelines.
  • It is suggested to check both: the state median income and federal poverty guidelines before applying for the program as these criteria change every year.


Application Fill UP

You must fill out an application form to get the program’s benefits. This application form can be filled out online by visiting the online site of the government or by going to their office personally. 

Attach Important Documents

Along with the application form, you must also provide a few essential documents like recent copies of utility bills, a recent proof of income, unemployment, social security, pension funds, and other documents that your state’s LIHEAP office demands.

Recheck & Wait For Result

Once you finish all the registration work, you only have to wait for their results to be declared. If you are deemed eligible for the programs providing free washers and dryer for low income families then they would be asked to collect your appliance from their respective pickup place.

You can look for a free washer and dryer on Craigslist also. All you need to do is search for a free washer and dryer near me on the site, and it will bring you the list of people interested in selling their washers and dryers in your vicinity.

A Free washer and dryer set on Craigslist can be a tough find, but once you find the right model that suits your requirements, it is suggested that you check its functioning before paying for it. It is recommended to check the product before accepting it due to the fraudulent cases prevailing in society.

Searching for a washer and dryer for sale on Craigslist also has many other pros, which we will discuss later in the article.

Tax Rebate Programs

Tax rebate programs are programs that are beneficial to taxpayers of the country. When you pay your taxes on the income you have had in the entire year, you get a certain amount of refund as a gift for your service to the country and the government.

This refund can be claimed, and from this refund or tax rebate, you can get a free washer and dryer for low-income families.

Though this is not an exact program that runs an accessible free washer and dryer for low-income families program but it still can get you a free washer and dryer set or washing machine or at least one that is affordable.

All you need to do is that you would be required to visit their official website and claim your share of the tax rebate. You can add the washer and dryer to energy-saving appliances and claim your refund. With refunded money you can order a brand-new washer and dryer set.

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Best Places to Get Free Washers and Dryers

Apart from the above-mentioned governmental programs that provide a free washing machine and free washer and dryer for low-income families, you can also get a washer and dryer free set or just a free washing machine depending on your needs via other ways.

free washer and dryer

One of these ways is to reach out to non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations often administer free washing machines and free washers and dryers for low-income families programs. Read along to learn about organizations that run these kinds of programs.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a reputable non-profit organization that seeks to support people in crisis. As one of the largest charities in the United States of America and runs on donations,

They provides help to low-income families with household items, including appliances like air conditioners, free washer and dryers, and heating systems near your location.

You can avail the benefits of this organization by reaching out to their donation camp and home improvement centers. Their Habitat for Humanity ReStore donation centers and home improvement centers are located in almost all the cities of the United States of America.

Salvation Army

Another popular and well-known non-profit organization that provides its services across the entire United States of America is The Salvation Army.

  • The main aim of the Salvation Army is to uplift and support those needy citizens of the nation trying to get back on their feet and make ends meet.
  • To help them set up their homes with energy-saving appliances, the Salvation Army has introduced several assistance programs.
  • Under these programs, they provide appliances like heating systems, cooling systems, washers and dryers, and other such appliances for free.
  • They usually give out vouchers as a form of assistance to the needy and poor. You can apply for these free washers and dryers for low-income families programs and get yourself these vouchers.

Once you obtain the vouchers, you can check out the store and get yourself a free washer and dryer set under the free washer and dryer for low-income families programs.

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Saint Vincent de Paul’s Society

Like the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul’s society is also a national non-profit charity organization that aims at helping the needy, poor, and less fortunate in their crisis.

This Saint Vincent De Paul’s Society organization understands the dilemma of low-income families and individuals when it comes to buying or replacing an appliance. Hence, they have introduced several programs through which the needy citizens can get the required help.

All you need to do is apply for washer and dryer free programs and submit the required documents and the application form.

Where Can I Get Free Washer and Dryer Near Me?

Applying for free washer and dryer for low income families programs run by the government and other agencies may not take up much time, but the outcome of these programs might take a bit more time than estimated.

Hence, if you are in an emergency and need a free washer and dryer set immediately, you can look for the same near you. By this, we mean you can look around the town and in your locality and get a pair immediately.

free washer and dryer near me

With these online methods like Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, and other sites like Craigslist, you can find some good, fully functioning free washer and dryer sets. Getting a free washer and dryer on Craigslist, Freecycle, and other sites can be a little hard but with apt negotiation skills, this can be achieved.

These washer and dryer sets on Craigslist and other platforms must be checked before taking full ownership so that you don’t find yourself at loss even after paying a good amount of your hard-earned salary.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook, earlier, was just an application for communicating and connecting with people around the globe. But now it also has become a massive hub of business. People often post ads for things they do not wish to keep in their house anymore. Facebook has added a brand new feature to its app, and that is the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is the answer for those wondering where I can get a free washer and dryer near me. If you search for a free washer and dryer program near me in the Marketplace section of Facebook, a list of people who are ready to sell their washer and dryer will come up.

You can select your vicinity by choosing the range in the area section at the top of the Marketplace section. This is a great way for low-income families to get a free washer and dryer.Like getting a great deal on a washer and dryer for sale on Craigslist, you can also get good deals for appliances on Facebook Marketplace.


Freecycle is yet another way to solve your query of where to get a free washer and dryer near me. Freecycle is an online platform that acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers. People who do not wish to keep certain things in their houses anymore tend to sell them here.

You can get yourself a free washer and dryer set from this site. You just need to type washer and dryer near me, which will give you the list of interested sellers. However, you would have to negotiate out of the deals to get a washer and dryer for free or at least for an affordable price. Freecycle is a great platform for low income families to buy and sell stuff.

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Procedure To Get A Free washer and dryer sets on Craigslist

Well enough talk about getting washer and dryer sets on Craigslist and washer and dryer for sale on Craigslist and all the other topics related to getting a washer and dryer set. Let us tell you about what else you can get from Craigslist. We have already told you that you can find anything and everything on this app but here we would like to tell you about how to get a washer and dryer sets on craigslist.

Now the procedure for buying anything is all the same, whether getting a washer and dryer for sale on Craigslist or free washers on Craigslist.

The only difference is in the appliance. But there are some things that you need to know about before getting free dryers on Craigslist or getting washer and dryer sets on Craigslist. These are more like safety cautions and procedures for getting free Craigslist clubbed dryers together.

  1. Search free washer and dryer on craigslist. The app or the site will show you a list of interested buyers from around the entire United States of America.
  2. Apply location filter to the free washer and dryer on Craigslist search. Choose nearest location location you are comfortable picking up to to your free washers and dryers sets from the seller.
  3. Review all the deals & chosen the best deal that suits your needs (after checking the model, color, capacity, and size), you can contact the seller and set up a place to exchange the resources.
  4. The next and final step is to finalize a place to pick up the product and reach there on time.

Getting a free washers and dryers on craigslist is easier and faster than getting into any programs administered by numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations. You can opt for this method if you urgently need these appliances.

You can contact the respective organizations and governmental agencies for more free washer and dryer program information. They would be able to provide you with a detailed overview of the programs they have to offer.


Getting a free washer and dryer for low income families is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. It helps them a lot by saving a huge chunk of their salaries which in the normal case would have gone down the drain after buying a new washer and dryer set. Getting a free washer and dryer on Craigslist is a huge thing as not many people giveaway items for free on the site. To all those who had a query: how to get a free washer and dryer near me, I hope your query was answered well.


How can I save money on my washer and dryer?

8 Amazing ways to save your Money on your Washer and Dryers.

1) Purchase only High Energy Star Rated Energy-Efficient Models of Washers and Dryers.
2) No Small Loads – No Overloads
3) Use of Cold Water instead of Hot in Laundry
4) Manual Air Drying When Required
5) Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of the Machine
6) Fine Best Deals and Discounts
7) Utilize Lower Energy Cost
8) Switching the Loads while Dryer is Warm

Can you use a washer and dryer without hookups?

Yes, there are other alternatives that allows you to have the portable washer and dryer without hookups supply line, They typically have the in-built water inlet and drainage system.

How much money does a washer and dryer use?

A standard top-loading washer uses around 0.4 to 0.6 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, that amount to approximately $0.05 to $0.07 per load with an average electricity rate of $0.12 per kWh. Where as, the the cost per load for an Electric dryer would be around $0.27.

Is installing a washer and dryer easy?

If you have a critical plumbing system and have decided the space and location, you would require only to fix the correct drainage and supply connections with proper electrical system.

Do washers dryers need a vent?

Yes, the dryers produce hot, moist air that needs to be vented outside with an optimal venting route to prevent potential hazards and maintain proper functioning.

How much water does a washer use?

The amount of water the washer uses depends upon the specific model, load size, and chosen cycle. However, top-loading washers use more water than front-loading washers.

1) Top-Loading Washer Water Utilization – Between 25 to 40 gallons (95 to 151 liters) of water per load.
2) Front-Loading Washer Water Utilization – Between 10 to 25 gallons (38 to 95 liters) of water per load.

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