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Grab your Free Beds and Mattresses Now!

Many Charity offering free beds for low income families as a help. They Provide free mattress for low income & Free furniture assistance for needy.

The right kind of sleep means having a good bed and mattresses. This is why people give away their used beds to society to provide free beds and mattresses to people in need because they know that good sleep matters in the end.

United Way, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Salvation Army, and Goodwill offer free beds and mattresses. You can scroll down to read this article and find exclusive bed openings under the social and charity groups. Using our listed programs, you will surely get help with beds for low income families.

Programs for Free Beds Near Me

There are 582,462 American people surviving homelessness. Fifty million households belong to low-income families. The stats suggest enough for seeking a program that provides some furniture facilitation or at least free beds to needy ones.

Programs for free beds near me

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP)

“Sleep in Heavenly Peace” (SHP) is a charitable program providing free beds to children. They have belief that every child deserves a safe, comfortable place to sleep.

The program’s impact extends beyond just a bed; it offers a sense of security and dignity to children in need. SHP’s commitment is simple: No kid sleeps on the floor in our town. It’s a community-driven effort, making real differences in young lives.


Beds4Kidz is dedicated to giving free beds to children who lack them. Collaborating with social service agencies and various organizations, they identify eligible families for bed assistance. This initiative ensures vulnerable children have a comfortable place to sleep, enhancing their well-being and providing essential comfort in their lives.

Beds are not Beds - They are "Venn Diagrams" for the Healthy Life Sustenance.

Get Free Beds for Low-Income Families

Many people struggle to afford a decent bed for themselves and their families. A good night’s sleep is essential for health, well-being, and productivity. But it is difficult to get a free bed when you are on a budget. Here are 3 sources that offer free beds for low-income families.

Free Beds for Low Income Families
  1. Furniture Banks: You need an application with detailed information on incomes, savings, expenses, assets, etc. Generally, they prioritize families with single parents, homes with kids suffering from domestic violence and abuse, senior citizens, or homeless people.
  2. The Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul: These organizations provides salvation army free furniture voucher and free beds for low income families and vulnerable homeless people under their charity programs.
  3. Corporates: Under corporate social responsibility (CSR), big business groups and companies are set to donate furniture to social welfare groups and furniture banks to supply multiple programs for free beds. These companies belong to different sectors, including manufacturers, hotels, universities, colleges, and banks.

You must qualify first to get free beds through their programs, and to qualify, you must fall under either of these categories.

  • A homeless person
  • A family living in need offers furniture for their existing or new home.
  • Low-income parents, single mothers, and single fathers
  • Senior citizens, veterans, and disabled people
  • Families after a natural disaster like flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, etc.
  • Immigrants and the unemployed

Items for low income families are to be collected from social welfare groups and donated to low income families.

Free Beds for Kids

Kids require proper beds, no matter how hard we strive not to adopt this statement as adults. We need to understand that sharing doesn’t work everywhere. Space provides un compromised sleep, with free beds for kids. Here, you will find three organizations that supply free beds for kids.

Free Beds for Kids


  • Beds4Kids is a privately owned charity that offers mattresses for free. They help adults and children get beds and mattresses under the free beds for low-income families program. As an applicant, you need to submit your photo ID. After that, they will give you Free beds for kids.
  • They serve on a first-come, first-served basis. It is a self-serve program, meaning you must carry, lift, or transport your free mattresses. They do not provide any transportation services.
  • Type of Assistance: 1-3 free mattresses
    Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM (Monday to Friday)

Cribs for Kids

  • Cribs for Kids provides you with a Graco pack-and-play crib, which is portable. You have to qualify to get a portable crib for your kid. The office is at 457 State Street in Binghamton, New York. You can call them or visit them to get more information.
  • The organization aims to prevent the sleeping death of children by providing free beds for kids and free mattresses for low-income families who can’t afford them.
  • Type of Assistance: Graco pack-and-play crib
    Contact Info: 1-800-231-0744, safesleep@mothersandbabies.org

Hope to Dream

  • It has gifted over 1,25,000 twin beds to children across America. Launched under Ashley, the primary goal is to help immigrant and vulnerable children who struggle to sleep due to essential shelter scarcity.
  • Hope to Dream is a contributed charity based on children’s research and regulated bed provision to the needy segment of low-income households and their kids.
  • Type of Assistance: Free bed frames and twin mattresses, bedding, and pillow.

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Free Bed for Disabled Person

In the United States of America some people have disability. That is why beds for disabled person programs fill the gap in society, providing the particular kind of necessary medical beds for free. Following are three NGOs that can help you with the complimentary free bed for disabled person upon fitting into their disability criteria.

free furniture for needy families and free beds for low income families
free furniture for needy families

There are many organizations that provide free beds for disabled people. Here are a few examples:

  • The National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCI) has a network of affiliate chapters across the country that provide housing and support services for people with spinal cord injuries.
  • The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) has a list of resources on its website that can help people with disabilities find housing.
  • The National Organization on Disability (NOD) has a program called the Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Program (SHPPD). It grants funds to states to help them create and operate supportive housing free adjustable bed for disabled people.

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

  • Contact your nearest St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store and get free furniture for your place from St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store.
  • A Social Security Card and proof of income such as ADC or SS, along with other identity documents, disability certificates by authorized doctors, and medical reports, are required to get a free bed for disabled person.
  • The applicant can be a person, family, or senior citizen with a money crisis or with an emergency with the need for furniture. 
  • Also, you have to apply for low-income family furniture vouchers. And in return, according to your needs, you will get a free sofa, table, chair, free mattress for low-income people, and couches.

SVDP Recycle Program

  • The program was designed under the St. Vincent de Paul for needy people to collect all the used household items from those who want to replace or renovate their products and, by social help, would like to donate their unusable or damaged scraps and items, including the Free Bunk Beds to give away.
  • The applicable items are then supplied to the recycling program and recycled to make them usable once again.
  • All applicable items, such as televisions, plastic, home utility, furniture, beds, and mattresses, are recycled here. You can get detailed information on their site.

Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

Ashley Furniture believes in the thin line between sleep and quality sleep. Certain qualifications are set to meet the specific requirements of the Hope to Dream Under Ashley Furniture Free Bed Program. You can nominate a child who meets the following criteria.

Get Free Mattresses Near You

Free mattresses haven’t been this accessible before. You can now just search for “free mattress near me,” and you’ll get unlimited resources.

Get the Free Mattresses Near You

Roam around your local community help centers to find the required help. You can also contact local non-profit organizations that provide good mattresses and beds for free.

You shall talk to local church authorities or reach out to friends and family members as a source to get any furniture bank information around your area. If you get something, your luck, but if you don’t, here are the ways to search for a “free mattress near me” for low-income families.

Furniture Bank Network

Furniture banks are a great help for low-income families needing free furniture, like beds. These banks are part of The Furniture Bank Network, a group of organizations across the country. They collect gently used furniture from people and businesses and give it to families who can’t afford to buy their own. This way, furniture gets a new home instead of being thrown away.

If you’re looking for a bed or other furniture, connecting with a furniture bank can offer you many choices. They aim to give out good-quality items, not just the basics. This helps make living spaces more comfortable for families who are struggling. From beds and mattresses to sofas and tables, furniture banks try to provide what is needed to make a house feel like a home.

How to Get a Free Mattress?

You are no longer required to struggle with how to get a free mattress. The sources mentioned below can help you out of your mattress problem. You can contact them to get a mattress for absolutely no cost!!!

Penthouses and Lodges

Find and stop at a good hotel, and start the search. It is a great option to get second-hand, free beds for low-income families. Ask the manager or another official for a used mattress they are not using anymore.

Hotels and lodges keep changing their furniture inventory regularly. This may help you with your quest of how to get a free mattress.

Local Shops and Market

Local shops and markets are where you can get furniture vouchers for low-income families. You can also ask the local vendors how to get a free mattress. They can guide you precisely.

You will not get brand-new stuff. But you can check it all out and decide whether to buy it. You can get a good bed at the best quality and minimum price.

Furniture Inventory Stores

Some furniture inventory stores remove all the old mattresses’ stock at a lower price in the case of new arrivals for customers. Before the festival arrives, stop at the furniture shop and look for old-designed yet new furniture.

At the furniture shops, you have to pay a minimum price for the purchase.

Free Mattresses for Seniors

Seniors are more prone to health issues and require enough comfort at home. Most of the time, veterans and senior citizens spend their time in their beds. This is when free mattresses for seniors are required to support their healthy lifestyles. Government also offer Financial assistance for seniors.

When a senior citizen is considered medically unhealthy and seeks assisted support, they will be eligible for free mattresses for seniors.

Part B of Medicare Insurance covers the cost of medically necessary mattresses and beds. So, being a Medicare beneficiary, you can benefit from it. You can get almost 80% cost relief for free mattresses for seniors.

You shall pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount after deductibles.

Custom mattresses are also designed for seniors and disabled people, along with free beds for adults. The most commonly sought-after free mattresses for seniors are pressure-reducing mattresses. Here are 3 kinds of pressure-reducing mattresses:

  • Therapeutic 5-Zone Support Mattress
  • ThevoRelief Pressure Relief Mattress
  • Joerns PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress

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Free Mattresses for Low-Income Families

Following are three platforms through which you can get free mattresses for low-income families or the vulnerable and immigrant people striving for a good sleep in shelters. Checkout here Free mattress and box springs

Samaritan House

They offer free furniture for children. You can ask for help once in six months for the furniture.

Binghamton Free Stuff Classifieds on Craigslist

Here you will get an endless list of the free things that are useful in daily life. They also offer free mattresses for low-income families.

Sabathani Community Center

Sabathani Community Center provides help with furniture, clothing, holiday support, school supplies, and food shelves. They also help by providing free mattresses for low-income families.

Programs For Free Bed & Free Mattress Near Your Location

When you need furniture, especially a bed, you can look up furniture assistance for low-income families and programs available in your town. Here’s a list of states and programs you can begin with.

Community Assistance Programs
State County/ Region Programs
Arizona Pima County Pima County Community Action Agency – Furniture Bank
Maricopa County St. Vincent de Paul of Phoenix – Furniture Assistance Program
Salvation Army Furniture Bank
Pinal County Catholic Charities Diocese of Tucson – Furniture Assistance Program
Alabama Madison County Habitat for Humanity ReStore Huntsville
Jefferson County Birmingham Urban Ministries – Furniture Pantry
Mobile County Salvation Army of Mobile – Furniture Assistance Program
Arkansas Washington & Benton Counties NWA Family Crisis Center – Furniture Bank
Little Rock & Pulaski County Catholic Charities of Arkansas – Furniture Assistance Program
Colorado Denver Denver Rescue Mission – Furniture Bank
Arapahoe County Arapahoe County Human Services Department – Furniture Assistance Program
El Paso County Salvation Army – Furniture Assistance Program
California Fresno County Fresno County Department of Social Services – Furniture Assistance Program
Orange County Orange County Rescue Mission – Furniture Bank
Los Angeles Goodwill of Los Angeles – Furniture Donation & Assistance Program
Kern County Salvation Army – Bakersfield Furniture Bank
San Diego Home of Hope – Furniture Assistance Program
Contra Costa County Diablo Valley Community Church – Furniture Bank
Sacramento Sacramento County Department of Community Services – Furniture Assistance Program
Ventura Salvation Army – Ventura County Furniture Bank
Riverside Catholic Charities of San Bernardino – Furniture Assistance Program
Santa Barbara County People Helping People – Furniture Bank
Tulare County Tulare County Department of Social Services – Furniture Assistance Program
San Bernardino Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House – Furniture Assistance Program
Northern California Region Habitat for Humanity ReStore Network (multiple locations)
Connecticut Hartford Salvation Army – Hartford Furniture Bank
Fairfield County Fairfield County Catholic Charities – Furniture Assistance Program
New Haven Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven – Furniture Assistance Program
Delaware New Castle County Delaware Community Action Agency – Furniture Assistance Program
Florida Brevard County Catholic Charities of Central Florida – Furniture Assistance Program
Collier County Salvation Army Collier County – Furniture Bank
Northeast Florida Salvation Army – Jacksonville Furniture Bank
Broward County Broward County Community Action Agency – Furniture Assistance Program
Miami Dade Catholic Charities of Miami – Furniture Assistance Program
Lee County Salvation Army of Lee County – Furniture Bank
Marion County Catholic Charities of Ocala – Furniture Assistance Program
Sarasota Salvation Army – Sarasota Furniture Bank
Northwest Florida Habitat for Humanity ReStore Network (multiple locations)
Tampa Bay Metropolitan Ministries – Furniture Bank
Orange County & Orlando Salvation Army Orlando – Furniture Bank
Pinellas County Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Petersburg – Furniture Assistance Program
Polk County Salvation Army – Lakeland Furniture Bank
Palm Beach Jewish Family & Community Services of the Palm Beaches – Furniture Assistance Program
Pasco County Pasco County Human Services Department – Furniture Assistance Program
Georgia Atlanta Atlanta Community Food Bank – Furniture Assistance Program
Central Georgia Region Habitat for Humanity ReStore Network (multiple locations)
Southeastern Georgia Salvation Army Savannah – Furniture Bank
Augusta & Richmond Area The Salvation Army – Augusta Furniture Bank
Indiana Marion County Salvation Army Indianapolis – Furniture Bank
Eastern, Northern, & Central Regions Habitat for Humanity ReStore Network (multiple locations)
The Southwest Portion of the State Salvation Army Evansville – Furniture Bank
Illinois Will County Salvation Army Joliet – Furniture Bank
Champaign County Cunningham Children’s Home – Furniture Assistance Program
Lake County Salvation Army Lake County – Furniture Bank
Kane County Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry – Furniture Assistance Program
Chicago Chicago Furniture Bank
Madison County Salvation Army Alton – Furniture Bank
Kentucky Fayette County Lexington Fayette Urban County Government – Furniture Assistance Program
Boone, Campbell, & Kenton Counties Salvation Army Covington – Furniture Bank
Jefferson County & Louisville Louisville Emergency


Here are 4 most asked questioned regarding free beds and mattresses programs offered around the nation:

Can a 3 year-old have a full-size bed?

There is no bed size rule as such to have; usually, a child around 8 to 10 of age requires full bed size. Although, the bed size should be considered for the appropriate ratio of your room size as well.

Can you give a mattress to charity?

Yes, you can give away your used mattress, which is in usable condition, to several charity programs to contribute free beds and mattresses to society.

Does Medicare cover mattresses for seniors?

Part B of the Medicare insurance does cover the mattresses for seniors with a 20% payable Medicare-approved amount after the deductibles.

Can you sell a used mattress?

You can sell used mattresses under the specific criteria to meet; you must check them with your state law and provisions. You can also donate them for free if you would like to pay for welfare services to society.


In conclusion, getting free beds and mattresses for low-income families is not impossible. There are many resources and programs that can help you find a comfortable and affordable sleeping solution. Whether you apply for a grant, donate your old mattress, or look for local giveaways, you can improve your quality of life and health by getting a good night’s rest.

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    1. You can try searching on Craigslist, or you can contact the hostels in your area, and ask them to donate their old beds to you. Please make sure to get those beds cleaned before you give them to the girls. Beds are one of the things that people donate so often that they don’t want anymore.Donating used clothes and furniture is always a possibility – it is tax deductible and will help others in need.

    1. In the United States, there are many programs that give away free beds. Some of these programs include The Older Americans Act, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, Aboriginal housing program, and others.

  1. Hello I have a family of 4 me my 2 boys and my sister. We are really in need of assistance with beds and furniture my income goes to bills so I can’t really by beds and other things could you please help us out.

    1. I would prefer to get a donation from a family that needs some help, but if you need furniture and beds, I would check out the following: Bedroom Furniture – Any of the major retailers sell good quality beds for only $0.20 – $0.40 per piece. They are extremely durable and not made cheap by any means. You can find a bed for every budget (you can get a decent bed for under $100).

  2. furniture for my flat I have no disposable income I am on benefits I have a flat empty and I was inquiring if I’m able to get essential furniture I need but I am a single man I am also on permanent sick and registered disabled can I please ask you to email me as soon as possible thank you very much for your time

    1. You’re very welcome for your question. You must know that the disabled and elderly will require you to check their eligibility before getting them any form of assistance.

  3. I am a single mother of 2 kids a boy who is 6 and a girl who is 8 and i just got released from prison and i am really trying to turn my life around for my kids to have a better one and i have done that for the most part but now my kids are just needing a bed to sleep on. Please anything will help thank you in advance… And God bless you all for all you have done

    1. You can get free beds from charities such as Good Will or you could call the Ministry of Children and Family Development in your province to see if they run a program like this. In USA, there are programs for furniture too, but I’m not sure if the government provides them or private charities do. Good luck!

  4. Need a bed queen size have back problems need follower top are memory foam matters dnt have a income at moment trying to raise my grand daughter trying to get my disabilty lost my home this past year ,lost my son this past year was murder been going through a lot need help with a bed and refigerator,kitchen table any body can help would be very appreciated thank you

    1. When you are disabled and don’t have money, it is going to be hard and take a long time. The first thing you need to do is apply for disability. That way you aren’t giving up any of your earned benefits, which include SSI, SSDI and PSSI if you qualify, food stamps, section 8 housing and Medicaid.

  5. I’m looking for two twin beds for my daughters… My husband and I had got them a bunk bed and have them, individual twins..we have had them a yr and are paying monthly on them still have a couple of yrs left at Aarons. But as things change, like life seems to do… My husband has since had an amputation and is no longer able to work.. With 3 kids in school the bills have come overwhelming so finding new beds for my girls would be nice not to have that payment…please lmk TIA GOD BLESS

    1. So my advice is this, set a budget for beds. Then go look at the beds and figure out which one fits your budget. Let them know what you want to spend. The girls will be much happier with their own bed instead of bunking up on a bed. We also occasionally have sleepovers where they each get their own bed and it’s great because that person can sleep in peace without waking the other girls or being woken herself. If you are looking for quality, don’t go cheap on mattresses.

      You can spend as little as $150 for a decent twin mattress now but if you get cheap here, the mattress will wear out faster, and it will cost more in the long run when you have to replace it again!! I was able to find some nice quality twin mattress sets on amazon that were only $10-$15 more than the ones at Walmart or Target!

  6. Hello I am a single man who is on disability due to my existing medical condition and I am in need of a queen set of mattresses for my bed I have limited mobility due to my y severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am sleeping on my couch and it’s very difficult for me please let me know if your program can help me I am on a fixed income and I can’t afford to buy a set of mattresses right now Thanks

    1. Mattresses are expensive and you probably have no income. Why not try Craigslist?  I am sure someone will have a mattress they no longer need or know someone who does.

    1. You have probably been trying to find a bed in your area for a while. There are plenty of charities that can help you. If you keep looking, don’t lose hope.

  7. Hello I am a family of 7 me my husband are 4 boys and 1 daughter. We are slowly getting back on our feet and are asking for assistance with beds or furniture we both work but we are trying to catch up

    1. I will do my best to help. The first thing I would recommend is calling the Salvation Army because those guys are always in need of donations and have plenty of facilities for families like yours. After that, start looking on Craigslist for furniture or anything you can get your hands on that would help out. You can also try contacting local churches. They usually have a lot of stuff that they can’t use anymore, but they’ll be happy to give it to you if you ask nicely! Good luck!

  8. Hello I am a single mom to a 5yr old boy. We are in need of a twin size bed and a dresser for him. I’ve tried different organizations but no luck. He’s still sleeping on a toddler bed that he falls off of all the time. Please help!!

    1. You can request bed and dresser from your local charity. Charity is a common word in modern marketing but we often use it in a very narrow sense. In fact, they can help us to get free bed and dresser if we give to these charities by accepting or donating money.

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