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Government offering financial grants to Startups & texas small businesses during this pandemic under the texas small business grants Program as help. If you plan to start a small business, read this article to learn about the  Texas small business grants. The hardest step in starting a new business is finding financial assistance, grants, or subsidies.

You must do a lot of research and apply to several programs to get these small business grants. We list all  Texas grants for small businesses in this article. So, after reading this article, you don’t have to waste time researching on the internet. So, continue reading this article to find the programs and organizations offering grants to small businesses.

How to Get Texas Small Business Grants

Governments, non-profit organizations, and many other large companies offer small business grants in Texas. It is because small businesses are the most crucial factor in the development of any state or country. The number of small businesses or companies is more than large companies, so most people work for or own small companies.

texas small business grants

These small companies make a substantial difference in the revenue and economy of the state. More than $376,647,000,000 US is paid to employee’s salaries in Texas. And the majority of employees are from small businesses. So, if the small business fails, it rapidly increases the state’s unemployment rate.  Texas grants for small businesses are provided to prevent this.

What Is Texas Grants For Small Businesses?

There are more than 57,810 businesses that declare bankruptcy every year. And the main reason behind this is the lack of financial assistance. That is why various federal and state government organizations offer  Texas small business grants. These grants help small businesses grow and generate revenue to pay their employees.

These small businesses may be from education, science, religion, art and culture, humanities, social and human services, health, and charitable activities. Many state and central departments provide financial aid, subsidy, and grants per their sectors. Some organizations offer assistance to businesses as per their sectors.

Many non-profit organizations and big companies also provide grants for small businesses in Texas. The criteria for these grants and programs vary according to organizations. If you want this grant for your small business, you have to apply for this program and submit the required documents. These documents may include the business plan, revenue plan, and tax receipts.

Criteria For Getting Texas Small Business Grants

Like other financial assistance and grants, you must also fulfill the eligibility criteria for small business grants in Texas. Small businesses may be privately owned corporations, sole proprietorships, or partnerships. Each program and grant has its rules and criteria, which may vary according to the organization and the type of business you run.

According to the US Small business administration, the small business should have less than 500 employees and less than $7.5 million in annual receipts for all non-manufacturing businesses.

This definition may vary for specific businesses and circumstances. For example, a small business with less than 25 full-time employees with mean wages below $50,000 is eligible for a tax credit under the health care reform bill; however, medium-sized or mid-sized businesses should have less than 500 employees to get this tax credit.

So, before applying for any  Texas small business grants, you should see the eligibility criteria on the website. And ensure that most organizations that provide small business grants don’t take any fees. It means if any organization requests you to pay in return for small businesses grants, you should double-check it.

How To Apply For Business Grants In Texas?

To get  Texas grants for small businesses, you should have proper documentation about your business. First, you should create the company and then get your EIN. Then you can apply for government and federal grants. These are the steps you should follow to get business grants in Texas.

How to get business grants in texas

Create your Business Plan

You will need to provide information during the application process, so make sure your business plan includes well-studied details on your business. Review the plan’s accuracy and include supporting documents such as tax statements, business introductions, and insurance policies in the appendix.

Get an EIN (employer identification number)

Register your business with an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Visit the U.S. Revenue Service and complete the EIN application. Fill out the online application during business hours so that you can receive your new employer identification number immediately after submitting your application.

Get a D-U-N-S number

Apply for a D-U-N-S number through Dun & Bradstreet. You will need these nine digits to apply for federal grants. It is a free service. You should have your EIN when you apply for any  Texas business grants. It takes up to 6-8 weeks for number verification and issuance.

Register with

Register your business on so you can apply for federal grants and partnership agreements. Provide accurate information about your business, including D-U-N-S and EIN.

Grant Search

Find grants through, as well as local government agencies, including the Texas Controller of Public Accounts and  Texas grants for small business. Apply only for grants and loans for which your business is eligible. Please complete the application thoroughly and double-check for grammatical errors and inaccuracies. Provide truthful information and include supporting documents as needed.

Apply for Grants

Please complete the application, including answers and summary, in clear English. Do not use jargon, abbreviations, or acronyms. Not all grant and loan takers are familiar with the industry, filling out the application in layman terms to understand all business professionals.

Fill out applications for loans and grants promptly. Do not complete the application process at the last minute as additional information or steps may be required. Similarly, you can also apply for several other organizations’ grants.

Where To Get Texas Business Grants?

Three types of organizations and departments offer small business grants Texas. That includes State government organizations, local non-profit organizations, and alternative options to get small business grants in Texas.

State Government for Small Business Grants Texas 

According to Dun & Bradstreet, states can decide whether to promote small businesses and often create additional jobs and revenue streams. Contact your state economic development agency to learn about opportunities. The agency’s current name varies from state to state but is generally similar to the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Agency. You can find state grants for small business or small business programs in Texas.

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Child and Families – OHS 

This state department offers public funding opportunities for small businesses. There are four types of programs run by this department. It includes American Indian/Alaska Native Head Start Grantee, Head Start, Early head start grantee, and Migrant and Seasonal head start grantee programs. Some of these programs also provide grants in Ohio, Indiana, Lowe, Nevada, and New Mexico.

grants for small business in texas

To apply for these grants for small business in Texas, you should look on their official website. The selected applicant is eligible to receive up to $750,000 in funding. That is, only one selected candidate will get this money.

For these grants, state and county government companies can also apply. Many small businesses from the education sector, including Native American tribal organizations, can apply for his grants. For these grants, the business plan must be submitted within the deadline. And based on the business plan, this organization offers grants.

Small Business Defence Programs in Texas 

To help Texas owners, managers, and entrepreneurs set up, operate, maintain, and expand their businesses, the Governor’s Small Business Forum provides timely, relevant, and actionable advice. Each forum includes the Governor’s Small Business Award, which recognizes Texas’ Outstanding Business.

The relationship between service providers in the public and private sectors is strengthened through several workshops offered by the Governor’s Small Business Service Providers Workshop. And these public and private sectors include city and county governments, chambers of commerce, and banks.

This workshop aims to build a network of service providers for small business owners, developing mechanisms to help move small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs from other resources. It additionally ensures continuity of service. This workshop includes the following topics on which the program will be held for small business owners and entrepreneurs. you can also get free used cars or pickup truck for your business

These workshop topics include Workforce and skills, do business with relevant industries and development programs. It also teaches small business owners to grow business within the region.

They also provide Export and logistics opportunities, Network and business to business connections, Business opportunities for women-owned, minority-owned, disabled-owned businesses, and veterans’ property. They also offer Texas Small business Awards and Best Social Media/Marketing Practices awards. These awards are in the form of substantial grants for small business in Texas .

Historically Underutilized Business Certification Program (HUB)

All Texas State agencies must work diligently to use HUB. In other words, they use HUB (Historically Underutilized Enterprise Certification Program) to contract construction services or purchase goods. To earn HUB certification, it must have at least 51% ownership of Pacific, African American and Hispanic American, Native American, and American Asian women.

Recently, the legislative assembly made a difference and neutralized the veterans who lent the service. Now they will be considered a prime number in the HUB program. The company must be a for-profit corporation headquartered in Texas without exceeding the scale criteria set out in Texas Administrative Code 34 20.23.

An additional requirement in the code is that the company must have an owner residing in Texas with proportionate interest. And interests should include active participation in the control, operation, and management of corporate affairs.

Texas Comptroller’s Office organizes and manages the HUB Certification Program. Visit the Texas Comptroller’s Office website for more information on how to qualify for these  Texas grants for small business.

Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service 

This state department offers two grant programs; Texas NRCS Project GREEN and Texas NRCS Urban and Rural Conservation Project. These programs provide up to $18,500,  Texas small business grants . This department generally welcomes applications in March, and this funding is limited to 20 candidates. It means among the hundreds of applicants, and only the top 20 small businesses will get this amount of grants.

DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program)

The DBE was created primarily to provide equal terms to small businesses, ethnic minorities, and women wishing to do business with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and other agencies that receive federal funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation U.U.

In community and technical colleges, the Small Business Skills Program offers tuition and  Texas business grants . Led by the Texas Workforce Commission, the program aims to help current and newly hired small businesses’ employees.

US Small and Medium Business Administration U.U. (SBA)

Small Business Administration U.U. (SBA) Provides information on the availability of loans and grants primarily, including small business workshops, promotional activities, and more. For more information about the federal SBA, visit the SBA website to find the nearest SBA region/ward office.

Local-Based Small And Medium-Sized Business Grants

Many large corporations are known for providing  Texas grants for small business, primarily entrepreneurs in the state. Even if you can’t find a private firm in your state that wants to help you start or expand a small business, you can find companies in other states that don’t need to start a business in your state.

SCORE for Small Business Grants Texas 

It is one of the non-profit associations of thousands of volunteer business counselors in the United States. Members of SCORE are trained to serve as advisors and mentors for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners. There are 100 SCORE Business Mentors in rural communities, urban communities, and suburbs. Now you can find the nearest SCORE business advisor in Texas and start doing business today.

It is one of the non-profit associations of thousands of volunteer business counselors in the United States. Members of SCORE are trained to serve as advisors and mentors for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners. There are 100 SCORE Business Mentors in rural communities, urban communities, and suburbs. Now you can find the nearest SCORE business advisor in Texas and start doing business today.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs)

SBDC is partially funded through a partnership with the SBA. Small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs in the United States are supported through SBDC. They are the only ones that will help your entrepreneurship make your dream of becoming a business owner.

Apart from that, it helps existing businesses stay healthy and competitive in a complex and ever-changing global marketplace. SBDC advisors provide free business consulting and affordable training services for small business owners, and they also offer many types of services, including:

  1. Business plan development
  2. Manufacturing support
  3. Financial packaging and financial aid
  4. Aid export and import
  5. Disaster recovery support
  6. Procurement and contract support
  7. Market research support
  8. Program support 8(a) and medical guidance

Women’s Business Center (WBC)

Having a national network of more than 100 education centers across the U.S., WBC is designed in a unique way for women to start and grow their small businesses. It is possible through personal counseling and small business workshops. You can visit the website to find the closest women’s business center and  Texas small business grants.

US UU Export Support Center in Texas, USA

With a network of export and industry experts in 100 cities in Texas and the United States, and in more than 80 countries worldwide, USEAC has business professionals who provide advice on a wide range of products and services. They aim to help small businesses export their products and services.

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Veterans Business Participation Center (VBOC)

VBOC is designed to provide business development services such as business training, counselling, and resource partner referrals to start or grow a small business and extend this Conversion service to veterans, National Guard, prospective members, and military spouses. It’s a great way to get  Texas business grants , especially for small businesses.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

PTAC, a national network of dedicated procurement experts helping local entrepreneurs, has been developed to help local businesses compete successfully in the government market.

To successfully compete for government contracts, PTAC advisors provide access to experts in the fields of Bidding opportunity, Contract specification, and Purchase history. These  grants for small business in Texas  are provided based on the business plan.

Alternative Sources Of Getting Texas Business Grants

Various highly specialized internet search engines are excellent tools for finding financial grants and opportunities for small businesses. Also, many websites sell e-books or directories with direct links to provide opportunities to small businesses.

You can also go to a mixer hosted by a professional club and find an opportunity. Sometimes you need to be in the right place at the right time. Among these, Crowdfunding is the most popular one.

Crowdfunding or crowdsourcing

P2P online solicitation is being experimented with as a funding mechanism for creative work. Different terms and conditions apply to these various websites (e.g., pledges will not be collected if the goals are not met, some account for a percentage of the dollars raised, some require unique edition downloads of the pledges).

Artist Sharing, Kick Starter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, and Startup fund are popular crowdfunding websites.


These are some organizations and programs that offer  Texas small business grants. For any small business, financial is a very critical aspect of growing their business. I hope that this article helps you to find ways to get grants for small business in Texas. Comment below if you have any questions.

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