Best Angel Food Ministries Alternatives Programs

We know you all were upset when Angel Food Ministries were closed! It’s been very long. Since they took their hands away, we all are looking for Angel Food Ministries Alternatives. They are so kind, They are examples of pure humanity. They help low-income people with nutritious and beneficial meals at no extra cost.

Here in this post, I’ve mentioned Angel Food Ministries Alternatives Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me. Additionally will see how Angel Food Ministry Replacement is going. So, guys, stay happy because you have angel food ministry alternatives. It is not the only one you can have a bunch of Angel Food Ministries Alternatives. Read on to learn more.

Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Alternatives

Angel Food Ministry is off, and Angel Food Ministries Alternatives are on! so, Let’s get high on this news. I know you all must be happy, after reading this fantastic news. I also know you are here searching for angel food ministry alternatives. Your search ends here. Regrettably, Angel Food Ministries, which was helping nationwide, and providing food assistance, is closed. and the confirmed news is it will never going to reopen. So we are here to help you out.

Programs Like Angel Food Ministries:

  1. Feeding America:
  2. Meals on Wheels:
  3. Glacier Grown:
  4. Ruby’s Pantry (Minnesota/Wisconsin):
  5. The Salvation Army:
  6. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry:
  7. Community Food Share:
  8. Bountiful Baskets:
  9. Community Food Smart:
  10. Good Food Box (Canada):
  11. Farmers To Families Food Box: (Look for the program under their “programs and services” section)
  12. The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP):
  13. King Foods (Formerly Smart Choice Food Source)
  14. Second Harvest: The organization operates regionally and has different websites depending on the location. You can find these by searching “Second Harvest” followed by your region.
Angel Food Ministry Alternatives

There are many provincial meals buying and food assistance programs available hence, you can consider it as an Angel Food Ministries Alternatives. I’ve done my best to find you Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me so that Angel Food Ministry Replacement can be done.

Angel Food Ministries was founded in 1994 on the back porch of a church in Monroe, Georgia. Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo founded this ministry to help people in need with food. According to research, one can conclude that they have started by feeding 34 families, and ended up with 500,000 families.

The reason why  Angel Food Ministries was closed is what everyone wants to know. The bargain meals schedule that was a tie-up with communities declares that the economy was the reason for the closure.

Angel Food Ministries which was providing a huge discount on food programs was partners with dozens of churches near Tampa Bay and They revealed that the economic downturn is forcing them to close the Angel Food Ministries after 17 years.

So, below in the article, I’ve mentioned Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me or near you that can be considered as angel food ministry alternatives.

Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me

The companies provided below are generally working for bulk food-buying programs. Mainly they have three common types. Firstly It is Food Box Programs, Secondly, It is considered Food Cooperatives, and finally, Bulk Buying Clubs.

They are doing this with one strong motive: to help lower-income people with nutritious food. I think it is our failure if any households in our country sleep without food. It is my own opinion that we should feel shame if it is done in our area. we should take care of the things like that. Thanks to Angel Food Ministries Alternatives. so read on to learn about Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me or you. Free Food for Seniors Program also running by them.

  • HIS food ministry: They have done a survey all over the USA. And posted a substantial reality of hunger in the USA on their online website. In addition, in our mission blog, they have added detailed notes on what they do for low-income people. For more information on Angel Food Ministries Alternatives from HIS Food ministry, We consider it as the best Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me.
Angel Food Ministry Alternatives
  • Share Food Program (Philadelphia): It is the largest food-providing company. They deliver Food Programs that deliver millions of bucks of meals to more than one lac households in need every month. This is what makes them the largest hunger-relief organization in the USA. for additional information on Angel Food Ministries Alternatives Like Free Laptop With Food Stamps Programs.
  • Azure Standard: They do not provide food for free but they provide food items at a low cost. They think it’s the right of every citizen to have healthy and nutritious veggies. They work in America. They do excellent farming.
  • Fare For All (Minnesota): Fare For All is a pop-up grocery store. They sell fresh offshoots and frozen meat at up to 40% discount than MRP.  They are not biased like they are not selling this low-cost product to only poor households. Anyone from anywhere can take advantage of them.

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Angel Food Ministry Replacement

When Angel Food Ministries was in the market. people were still finding their alternatives. Like people who are unable to get food from  Angel Food Ministries due to any reason. They did not take stress at that time. They went for angel food ministry alternatives. so this is how the angel’s ministry food program got replaced.

As there was the availability of programs like angel food ministries which provide you fresh and quality meals and food items at free or at affordable pricing, it was easy for people then and now also. Those program has saved lot of money for a bunch of people.

Many non-profit organizations, churches, and governments provide low-cost food boxes. some of them are mentioned above and below. you should check it once if you are craving for angel food ministries alternative.

If you want to know more about the above-listed angel food ministry replacement program, check Food Stamp Dates. There is a direct link to open them. if you are poor and you are really in need of food then you can try some alternative Program options.

Angel Food Ministry Alternatives

Here are some location wice addresses and contact details of some churches that help with food near me programs, cheap boxes of groceries, and other assistance programs for residents.


A New Day Dawning Ministry
Address:1716 West 12th Street, Anniston, Alabama
Contact: 256-499-4470

Crawford Baptist Church
Address: 3000 Sun Valley Drive, Mobile, Alabama 36618
Contact: 251-680-7440

Lillian Fellowship
Address: U.S. Hwy 98 at Santa Piedro, Lillian, Alabama 36549
Contact: 850-607-7741


All Saints Church
Address: 901 N New Warrington Rd, Pensacola, Florida
Contact: 850-478-7620

Allen Memorial United Church
Address: 206 Pace Pkwy, Cantonment, Florida
Contact: (850) 968-6213


Decision Point Ministries
Address: 5450 Campbellton Road, SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30331
Contact: 678-274-7173

Mt Calvary Miss Baptist Church of Atlanta
Address: 17 Fairburn Road S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30331
Contact: 404-707-1825

Salem Bible Chapel Atlanta
Address: 2283 Baker Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Contact: 404-792-0303

Saint Paul AME Atlanta
Address: 1540 Pryor Road SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30315
Contact: 404-622-9711

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Douglasville
Address: 2515 Pope Road, Douglasville, Georgia 30135
Contact: (770) 286-4836

First Church Community Development Corp
Address: 105 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Contact: (404) 454-1774

Welcome Missionary Baptist Church
Address: 581 Parker Ave, Decatur, Georgia 30032
Contact: 404-414-2138

Kingdom Builders Covenant Church Decatur
Address: 3355 Columbia Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30034
Contact: 404-244-8181

Marietta Vineyard Church
Address: 2060 Lower Roswell Rd, Marietta, Georgia 30068
Contact: (678) 373-8404


Angel Ministries
Address: 509 North 2nd Street, Monroe, Louisiana
Contact: 318-372-6090


Faith Christian Center Ocean Springs
Address: 1710 Government Street, Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564
Contact: 228-382-4802

Greater Grace Apostolic Assembly Biloxi
Address: 394 Forrest Avenue, Biloxi, Mississippi  39530
Contact: 228-432-0026


Angel Harvest Ministries
Address: 68 Fairfax Drive, Murphy, North Carolina
Contact: (828) 360-4499

Cary Christian Church Cary
Address:1503 Walnut Street, Cary, North Carolina 27511
Contact:  919-467-9159


Grace Assembly of God Tulsa
Address:12120 E Skelly Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128
Contact: 918 698 0350

Church of the Nazarene
Address:705 S Lenapah, Skiatook, Oklahoma 74070
Contact:  918-231-9097


South Gate Baptist Church
Address: 3654 Murfreesboro Rd, Antioch, Tennessee 37013
Contact: (615) 641-6527

Stateland Baptist
Address: 4616 Old Hickory Blvd, Old Hickory, Tennessee 37138
Contact:  615-316-0297


Bethany Baptist Church
Address: 7300 Bruton Rd, Dallas, Texas 75217
Contact: 214-675-4312

Davis Memorial UMC
Address: 5301 Davis Blvd, North Richland Hill, Texas 76180
Contact: 817-281-0411


All in all, To wrap up the discussion, I would like to say that, Angel Food Ministry was great. It left a great impact on an individual’s life. It’s been a long since then People out here are still trying to fulfill the place of Angel Food Ministries. We can say that Angel Food Ministries is completely replaced by some of the  Angel Food Ministries Alternatives.

In the above article, we have seen how Angel Food Ministry Replacement has done. and suggested a few of them. They work really hard to help low-income individuals. Additionally, some of them are not biased towards low-income families; they are helping all people no matter how rich or poor families are. I hope you can consider this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angel Food Ministries closed for a lifetime?

Unfortunately Yes! Angel Food Ministries is closed and never going to reopen. But you don’t need to be sad. because there are lots of angel food ministry alternatives so that Angel Food Ministry Replacement can be done.

Are the Angel Food Ministries Alternatives exist?

Yes, absolutely. We all know anything can be replaced so as is Angel Food Ministries. There are Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me or you available. hence, Angel Food Ministry Replacement can be done.

What are the eligibility criteria for Angel Food Ministry Replacement Programs?

The eligibility criteria for Angel Food Ministry Replacement programs vary according to the program’s requirements. Even some programs don’t have any criteria. they provide discounts to everyone for example fare for all associations.

Which are the best alternative Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me?

We can not decide what is best and what is not. In order to know the best alternative Programs Like Angel Food Ministries Near Me. you need to read the whole article and visit every website to decide what’s the best. But still, you can go for HIS food ministry. It is my own opinion.

What happened to Angel Food Ministries?

The Angel Food ministry was closed in September 2011 due to a federal fraud investigation due to bankruptcy and legal troubles for their poor financial management and suspicious logistical operations.

Is Project Angel Food a good charity?

It’s been under operation since 1989 and serves the meals to people with severe illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, organ failure, or life-threatening situations. It has a significant positive impact and has a strong reputation for its effective food services.

What does Project Angel Food do?

Project Angel Food functions as a Non-Profit Organization providing food or meals to needy poor individuals suffering from severe diseases like cancer, heart failure, etc. Along with the meals, they also provide medical nutrition therapy to ensure their good health.

Kruti Asta

Kruti Asta, a three-time award-winning journalist and an author at Grant Supporter, passionately covers stories of the low-income and needy. Through her extensive research and articulate writing, she provides accessible information on assistance programs, grants, and other forms of help, embodying her belief in our collective responsibility towards humanity.

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