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What Bank Does Ashley Furniture use?: Top 3 Banks

Ever wondered what bank Ashley Furniture uses, especially when you’re considering financing options for your new home furnishings? This article is your guide to understanding the financial workings behind one of the largest furniture stores. By reading, you’ll gain insights into how Ashley Furniture’s banking partnerships can affect your payment options and what you need to know to make informed decisions.

We’ll cover the specifics of what bank does Ashley Furniture use, including how it impacts financing of ashley furniture assistance program & your purchases. So, let’s dive into the details and uncover the financial ties that make your shopping experience smoother.

What Bank Does Ashley Furniture Use?

When you’re looking to finance your furniture purchase at Ashley Furniture, it’s good to know which banks they partner with. This knowledge can help you understand your financing options and choose the best one for you. Ashley Furniture works with several financial institutions to offer financing solutions to their customers. Let’s dive into the main partners they use.

1. Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial is a major player when it comes to financing options at Ashley Furniture. They offer a range of financing plans, making it easier for customers to buy now and pay over time. With Synchrony Financial, you can apply for credit either online or in-store and receive a decision quickly.

They provide special financing options that can include low APR rates or no interest if paid in full within a specific period. This partnership allows customers flexibility in managing their budgets while enjoying their new furniture.

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2. Concora Card Services

Concora Card Services is another financial institution that Ashley Furniture collaborates with. This service specializes in offering credit options to shoppers, making large purchases more manageable.

Through Concora Card Services, customers can access exclusive financing deals. These may feature different terms and conditions compared to what Synchrony Financial offers, giving buyers more choices to suit their financial situations.

3. Local Banks

Ashley Furniture also partners with local banks in various regions. These partnerships are beneficial for customers who prefer dealing with local institutions or those looking for alternative financing options that might not be available through national providers.

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Local banks may offer unique terms or promotions based on your location, making them a valuable option for financing your furniture purchases.


Understanding the financing options available at Ashley Furniture can help you make informed decisions about your purchases. Whether you choose Synchrony Financial, Concora Card Services, or a local bank, you have a variety of choices to finance your furniture in a way that works best for you. Knowing your options can lead to better financial management and a more enjoyable shopping experience.

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