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How to File a Claim With Ashley Furniture – 3 Easy Steps

Ever found yourself with a piece of furniture that didn’t meet your expectations or encountered an issue shortly after purchase? Navigating the process of resolving these concerns can be daunting. This article is your guide on how to file a claim with Ashley Furniture free bed assistance, ensuring you’re equipped to address any issues effectively.

By reading, you’ll learn the steps to take, what information you’ll need, and how to communicate with customer service efficiently. Let’s dive into the specifics of filing a claim with Ashley Furniture, making the process as smooth as possible.

How to File a Claim With Ashley Furniture

Dealing with furniture issues can be stressful. If you’re facing a problem with an Ashley Furniture item, knowing how to file a claim can help. Whether it’s a warranty issue or damage outside the warranty, we have you covered. Plus, we’ll share some additional tips to make the process smoother. Let’s dive into the steps you need to take.

For Warranty Issues

  1. Identify Your Warranty: Ashley Furniture offers various warranties for different products. You can find your warranty information on your original bill of sale or by visiting Ashley Furniture’s warranty page online.
  2. Check Claim Eligibility: Before reaching out, make sure your issue is covered by reviewing the warranty terms carefully.
  3. Contact Ashley Furniture: You have several options to contact them, including in-store, by phone at 1-866-436-3393, or through their online contact form.
  4. Provide Information: Be ready with your purchase details, product information, and a clear description of the issue. Including pictures can help.
  5. Resolution: Ashley Furniture will assess your claim and may offer repair, replacement, or store credit based on the warranty terms.

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For Damage Outside Warranty

  • Assess the Damage: Figure out if you can repair the damage or if you need a replacement.
  • Review Your Protection Plan: If you have a furniture protection plan, contact the plan provider to start a claim.
  • Consider Third-Party Repairs: Look into local repair services for non-warranty damage.
  • Replacement Furniture: If a replacement is necessary, explore your options both in stores and online.

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Additional Tips

  • Be Prepared: Gather all necessary documents and information before contacting Ashley Furniture.
  • Describe the Issue Clearly: A detailed description and pictures can help Ashley Furniture understand the issue better.
  • Be Patient: Processing a claim takes time. Allow Ashley Furniture the necessary time to address your claim.
  • Ask Questions: If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.


Filing a claim with Ashley Furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these steps and tips, you can navigate the process with ease. Whether your issue falls under warranty or not, there are clear steps you can take to seek resolution. If you need further assistance, contacting Ashley Furniture directly is the best course of action.

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