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What is Ashley Furniture Return Policy ?

Ever bought a piece of furniture that just didn’t fit right in your space? It happens to the best of us. Understanding the Ashley Furniture return policy, including options like the ashley furniture free bed return process, can save you a lot of headaches. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about returning items to Ashley Furniture.

From the timeframe you have to make a return to the conditions your items need to meet, we’ve got you covered. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate any return smoothly, even if it’s a special promotion item. So, let’s get to it!

Ashley Furniture Return Policy

Ever bought something and then thought it might not be the perfect fit for your home? Ashley Furniture understands this, and their return policy is designed to give you peace of mind. This article will dive deep into what you need to know about returning items to Ashley Furniture.

From what items are eligible for return to how you can initiate the process, we cover all the bases. Knowing these details ensures you can shop with confidence, understanding exactly what options are available if you need to make a return. So, let’s explore the ins and outs of Ashley Furniture’s return policy.

Not completely satisfied? Ashley Furniture accept the return of Standard Shipping item(s) within 30 days of delivery. For Standard Deliveries for a manufacturing defect is found after the 30-day return period, contact and claim manufacturer’s warranty, if any.

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1. Eligible Items

Ashley Furniture makes it clear which items can be returned. Most new, unused items can be returned if they don’t meet your expectations. This includes furniture, home decor, and bedding.

On the other side, Havertys also allows returns on a wide range of products, but the conditions may vary. Both stores aim to satisfy their customers with a flexible return policy, though specifics like delivery and assembly services, which might affect return eligibility, differ between them.

2. Return Window

You have a set amount of time to decide if your purchase is right for you. Ashley Furniture typically offers a 30-day return window from the date of delivery or purchase in-store. This time frame gives you ample opportunity to assess your item and decide if it fits your space and style.

3. Returned Items Must Be

For a successful return, items must be in new and unused condition. Ashley Furniture expects returned products to be in their original packaging, without any signs of wear, damage, or use. This ensures that the item can be resold and enjoyed by another customer.

4. Return Fees

Returning an item might come with additional costs. Ashley Furniture may charge restocking fees or return shipping fees, depending on the item and the reason for the return. It’s important to review these potential fees so you’re not caught by surprise.

5. Exceptions

Certain items can’t be returned. These usually include clearance items, personalized items, or products marked as final sale. Knowing which items fall into these categories helps you shop smarter, with a clear understanding of what’s final sale and what can be returned if needed. Damaged or defective items within 72 hours of delivery: reported, repaired, replaced, or picked up for return with no fees.

6. How to Return

Starting a return is straightforward. You can initiate a return process by contacting Ashley Furniture’s customer service or through their website. They’ll guide you through the steps, from filling out the necessary forms to arranging for item pickup or drop-off.

  • Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Care at 1-866-436-3393.

7. Additional information

Before making a return, it’s wise to gather all the necessary information. This includes your receipt, order number, and any correspondence with customer service. Having these details ready can make the return process smoother and faster.

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8. Resources

Ashley Furniture’s website and customer service are your go-to resources for any questions or concerns about returns. They offer detailed guides and FAQs to help you understand the return policy and process.


Understanding Ashley Furniture’s return policy ensures you can shop with confidence, knowing you have options if your purchase doesn’t work out. Remember to check the eligibility of items, the return window, and any fees associated with returning an item. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and enjoy your shopping experience to the fullest.

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