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5 Water Bill Assistance Programs That Help Pay Water Bills

Water is a necessity of life and not having funds to pay for it can be scary. Water bill assistance programs that help with water bills are a savior in desperate times. These water bill assistance programs assist with water bill payments to those who are financially unstable and are not able to pay it themselves.

A help paying water bills in times like these can be more than a relief for low-income families. Various organizations and agencies have taken the initiative of helping out those in need by providing help with water bills. They might provide you with funds directly or contact your service provider and negotiate the amount with them. You can reach out to them for help and get yourself assistance with the water bill payments.

State Specific Water Bill Assistance Programs

Water bill assistance programs can help to get a 24 hour supply of water by helping you with funds to pay your water bills. You can reach out to these organizations for help paying the water bills. . You can reach out to these organizations for help paying your water bill.

The water crisis is a major thing in a person’s life. To avoid such an emergency crisis one needs to pay water bills on time. If due for some reason you are not able to pay the bills on time you can opt for water bill assistance programs provided by states. The government of various states offers various water bill assistance programs to provide their citizens with help with water bills.

It is noteworthy that not all the states may provide similar assistance with water bill payments. There may be a difference in the amount or the eligibility criteria of these water bill assistance programs run by different states. Read along to know about programs providing help paying water bills.

DPW’s Water Bill Assistance Program

It helps, pay water bills to citizens that might not be able to pay it themselves due to financial instability. This is a low-income, assistance with water bill payment program that helps the residents of Baltimore City. The residents who are lagging with the payment of their water bills are provided assistance under this program.

Water bill assistance programs
Water bill assistance programs

The people reaching out to help from this program receive a $250 grant from the state. This amount is provided to the applicant in exchange for a promise to pay back the amount either through monthly payments or through any other method of payment.

Eligibility for the program

  1. Only Baltimore City residents are eligible for this program. He or she must be a water utility account holder and should be receiving their water bill directly from the City.
  2. He or she must be a resident at the property on the account.
  3. The applicant must be a recipient of a delinquent, turn-off, or tax sale notice due to their account being in arrears.
  4. He or she must not have an existing payment plan with either the program or any other programs run by the City.
  5. The applicant is required to provide proper verification documents along with the application form.
  6. Income is a major factor for providing assistance with water bill payments in this program and thus, the applicant must meet the income criteria set by the state.

Once you promise to make a consistent monthly payment to your leftover current balance, you will receive a credit of $250 directly in your account. This program is a one-time thing. Only once you can avail the benefits of this program.

Water Access Volunteer Effort (WAVE)

WAVE or the Water Access Volunteer Effort helps people with their bills especially water bills in Detroit City. It helps low-income families pay water bills by helping them through their water bill assistance programs.

They have been helping the people of Detroit since 2003. Since then, they have spent over $2 million to help over 9,200 households in Detroit city. WAVE helps those families whose water supply has been cut off or is close to this situation.

Families that meet the requirement of the program and are close to getting their water connection cut off can avail of the services of WAVE. This is a one-time use program and it can only be applied once a year. An applicant receives up to $500 to pay off their water bills. WAVE is a non-profit organization that helps people through the local donations that they receive annually. The administration of the City Of Detroit doesn’t have to do anything with this.

Care and Conserve Fund, Atlanta

The City of Atlanta offers this program to low-income families to help with water bills. If a family of four who is earning less than $46,100 annually and is not able to pay their water bills can apply to this program and can get funds once every 24 months. The applicants who apply for this program are also eligible for free plumbing assistance and water efficiency devices that will help prevent huge water bills in the future.

It is seen that newer water fixtures are more efficient and affordable for citizens with low incomes. By providing plumbing assistance, Care and Conserve Fund is saving its citizens from paying a huge amount of their salaries to the water supplying agencies.

Citizens using older and less efficient devices tend to use more water for a longer amount of time. This affects their water bill badly and thus, they have to pay more than citizens that have newer and more efficient water devices.

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OWASA, North Carolina

OWASA or the Orange Water and Sewer Authority run Care to Share Customer Assistance Program which is a water bill assistance program for the citizens of North Carolina. Collaborating with the IFC, OWASA helps with water bills of citizens of North Carolina. OWASA runs on donations made by the locals and the government. Anyone who wishes to donate to the program will indirectly be helping those who need assistance with water bill payment.

OWASA is the collector while IFC is the donator. The money collected by OWASA is distributed among the families applying to their water bill assistance program by IFC. The program is entirely separate from government dealings and is administered by the IFC. They help those families that need help paying water bills due to their lack of finances.

CPUC, California

The California Public Utilities Commission or CPUC runs water bill assistance programs that help the needy and low-income pay water bills and continue their water supply connections. More than a quarter-million consumers were helped under their water bill assistance program.

They not only provide assistance with water bill payments but also see to it that the state levies fair charges on its citizens for the utilities like water, gas, and electricity. Their low-income assistance with water bill payment program has been a success from the date it has been launched.

Organizations That Help With Water Bills

Numerous organizations have taken to it to help with water bills for those citizens that are not able to pay their bills on time due to a lack of finances. These organizations may or may not be providing their services around the nation. Some of them might be location-based while some of them are nationwide. Tag along to know which organizations help with water bills.

American Water H2O

The American Water H2O is a Pennsylvanian- American program run by a Pennsylvania-America Water firm. It provides funds to low-income families and citizens to pay off their water bills. This water bill assistance program grants $500 per family to keep their water supply intact. Not only the funds but they also provide an 80% discount on monthly services.

help with water bill

Along with the discount they also provide water-smart devices that come with a proper class that provides knowledge about the working of the device. They were also aware of the applicants of the ways of smarter water consumption. All you need to do is to apply for the program to get help with the water bill and all the additional benefits.

You can contact the administrator of the initiative, the Dollar Energy Fund, for more information regarding the eligibility criteria and other queries that you might hold. You can also check their site out if you need any information.

American Water LICP Program

Another initiative carried out by California-American Water is the LIPP. California-American Water is a branch of American Water that provides help with water bills. Its water bill assistance programs have been a boon for many low-income American citizens. LIPP aims at assisting its low-income consumers with decreased rates of water.

Consumers might get a discount on the wastewater and water charges once they fit the eligibility criteria set by the organization. Consumers need to register in the LICP app to get the benefits of the program and to get yourself registered, you would need to apply by filling out an online application form.

After filling out the application, you would be required to email the same to the address recorded in the type’s top-end. To learn more about the process and the water bill assistance programs you can visit their official website or contact a professional.

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Who Provides Assistance With Water Bill Payment?

Various organizations and agencies are eligible to provide assistance with water bill payment. They, with their water bill assistance programs, offer help with water bills to those who are in a financial crunch and can not afford to pay their bills.

Any organization is eligible to provide assistance with water bill payments. Some of the existing organizations that run water bill assistance programs are non-profits. They collect donations from the citizens to help those who are in a ditch. Get to know about organizations that provide assistance with water bill payment.

assistance with water bill payment

WaterSense Program

A program to bring awareness about the judicious consumption of water was introduced by the government. The WaterSense program was developed to facilitate Americans with water conservation methods. It aimed to teach Americans to save water in their vicinity through their little efforts.

It also promotes water-saving products. Along with it, help to pay water bills is also provided by the program. Its assistance with water bill payment programs has helped many citizens keep their water supply going. WaterSense also inspires people to choose water-smart devices. Water-smart devices are those devices that reduce the consumption of energy while giving more amount of pure water. you can also get a free refrigerator to chill this water for your home.

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Local Methods That Provide Help Paying Water Bills

You can always reach out to local sources to get help paying water bills of your household. You can get help with water bills through various local sources. All you need to do is be open about discussing your issue and keep an open mind for any help that comes our way.

Often the company you have registered yourself to get water supply has water bill assistance programs that help its consumers in their time of distress. It might not help financially but it may extend the period of bill payment. With this extension, you can arrange the amount to be paid. Their customer service agents work with families and individuals to help plan and make the repayment plans work.

When you seem to find yourself in a crisis and you realize that you can not pay your water bill immediately, you can get in touch with your service provider and ask them for a little more time. You can check with them if they have any water bill assistance programs. If not then you can ask them if they have any other modes that help paying water bills.

You can also ask your friends and family for help paying water bills. You can ask for funds or other ways with which you can get into water bill assistance programs. A help paying water bills is also provided by churches and charities. Charities like Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and many more provide help with water bills. Help paying water bills seems like a blessing in a time of crisis for low-income families.


Water bill assistance programs have helped hundreds of low-income families and individuals in their time of crisis. Providing help with water bills is the best initiative taken by the government and organizations to help the needy. You can get more information about getting assistance with water bill payment on the websites of these respective organizations. A help paying water bills seems like a blessing in disguise for the low-income families and individuals.

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