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Free Air Conditioning Assistance for Low income Families

Get free air conditioners for low income families, seniors, disabled, and for Medical reasons from the heap and grants for air conditioning units. Government Air conditioning assistance for low income families is a program that is helpful for low-income families. Under this program, needed people and families get an air conditioner for free from charity, NGOs, government, etc.

The service availability depends on the funds or what people want to donate when people go to charitable organizations for charity. The free air conditioners for seniors program also started this year again to help people.

There are fewer chances of not getting a free air conditioner. Most people get a free AC unit after successfully verifying their application. If not, they get a repair for their system or window fan from a local charity or government. With the help of a free air conditioner for medical reasons, you will get it fastly.

Under assistance programs, the government pays for the new Air conditioners or repair cost. The federal, state, and LIHEAP put in their best efforts so that no one has to face any problems. 

How To Get Free Air Conditioners For Low Income Families

Free air conditioners for low-income families are a part of the Free Air Conditioning grant Program. You have government programs, non-profit organizations, charitable trusts, and NGO options that help low-income families and individuals by offering free fans and small to medium-sized ACs for the room, homes, or apartments. The grants for Free air conditioning units in 2024 are also available.

You can apply for free air-conditioner programs if you face any crisis or health problems. If you have a question about getting a free air conditioner for medical reasons, do not worry; you are here. 

Today I am here with detailed information about how to get free AC for low-income families. You can get help from the state through programs like Home Energy Assistance Program-HEAP. Not only cooling assistance, but you will get heating assistance as well. 

If you are old age senior and want to apply for a free air conditioners for seniors Program, then you can fill out the form here. Please Check & Fill in all details correctly. Please don’t fill in any fake information else you will reject it. You will contact each other soon to get a free air conditioner from the heap.

Each year Free air conditioning assistance for low-income families programs open on specific dates. The dates are declared on the site. In case you did not get a free air conditioner for low-income families in 2024, we have other programs, too.

If you are looking for free air conditioners for seniors or disabled persons, you might get it. You have to fulfill some conditions, but yes, if you are really needed, you will get it. In this post, we have concentrated on various methods for getting free air conditioners for low income families. So let’s jump to it.  

how to get a free air conditioner


HEAP- Home Energy Assistance Program assists people who have money crises due to low pay due to some reason. Yes, you need to confirm your eligibility first. And once It is confirmed, you will get all the benefits that other people get under the HEAP program.

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Working methodology of HEAP

Besides the electricity, HEAP will help your home with heat in case your home is running on natural gas, oil, propane, wood, wood pellets, corn, or kerosene. The state government running the free air conditioner program, and hence, to get the benefit, contact local government offices and ask the representative about it. No matter in which state you are living, you will get free air conditioners for low-income families.

The first option is government funds, but if we talk about HEAP, then for the first time, the program inaugurates long back. This year it will be open on May 1, 2020. They have share eligibility criteria. If you fit in it, you will get one cooling assistance to purchase AC or fan that cools down your home temperature. 

Again note that each applicant gets only one benefit from a cooling assistant. In your place, the air conditioner can’t install safely; you will get a fan instead of AC. Another thing the price does not exceed $800, including the installation charges. Above $800, you will not get any help or benefits from the organization. 

Eligibility criteria of HEAP 

To get eligible, you have to meet specific criteria. If you can fulfill it, you will get a free air conditioner under the Heap organized program. Here are the requirements or conditions for participating in the HEAP air conditioning assistance program for low-income families.

  • You and other members of your house are citizens of the USA. Your home is in a listed area and has a member who’s health condition worsens due to heat. Yes, you have to provide documents to prove it. 
  • From the chart, you can verify the gross monthly income of your household. It is at or less than the income shared in the guideline according to the size of your house. HEAP will confirm it later. 


  • The applicant receives Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program- SNAP benefits. SNAP was formerly known as Food Stamp.


  • The free air conditioner for medical reasons applicant receives Temporary Assistance- TA


  • You receive Code A Supplemental Security Income or SSI Living Alone.
  • If you receive $21 or higher than $21 of regular benefits in the current working year plus if you do not have an air conditioner or have it but at least five years old, then you can take part.
  • If you have received free AC by HEAP in the last 10 years, you can’t apply for it. 
  • The application needs to be filled with the local department of social service to get Free air conditioning assistance for low income families. Also, bring all the documents with you; otherwise, it takes too much time. 

HEAP Monthly Income Limits

Here are HEAP Monthly Income Limits

Maximum Gross Monthly IncomeHousehold Size
Add $553Each additional

Note that when you apply for a free air conditioner, you are applying as the family’s income is below the limit of the average income of others. The table shows that the total monthly gross income is less than $2,494 for house size 1. And for a house size 11, it must be less than $7,086. 

Now you know what the criteria for free air conditioners from the government are, the next part is where to get an air conditioner for free. You can go to the official website or contact the nearest branch. 

It’s great once they confirm you are eligible for applying and getting a free AC unit. Now, you have to wait for their visit to your home. They inspect your house and help you to get and install AC. 

You can also check the list of Air Conditioning by visiting your HEAP Local District Contact. Remember that It’s your responsibility to maintain the AC in the best condition, and all the cost is up to you. You can reinstall it, store it or cover it after the initial installation by HEAP.

 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

If you have AC, then the first LIHEAP will try to repair your old AC. If it did not work, you would get a new unit.  LIHEAP and the new york state government work together for home energy assistance programs. For this year, the program dates are out for the summer. In-person, apply for it. To fill it, you must visit your area’s social service department. But before going to the place, read the eligibility criteria for participants. Also, look for the grants for window replacement Program if your windows are broken. The application acceptance depends on the size of your household and the person’s medical condition. Yes, a person who lives in your house affects by the heat. If you can show it with valid medical proof, only you can get grants for Free air conditioning units. 

1. Local Communities and Churches

Check all the NGOs, charities, and local communities in your area or nearby your area. Ask for the summer cooling program. Some offer your loan with low interest, whereas some offer your financial aid or an AC unit for a low-income family. 

They try their best to offer your free AC unit, but alternatively, they also help you repair your AC. Some charity charges you a little fess as a donation so that they can continuously offer such kind of program. 

Summer assistance programs start in May and end in June or July. But the free Air Conditioners For Low Income Families programs offer fewer supplies according to their budget. Even though there are many applicants, and hence program ends soon. If there are any health risks or medical emergencies, grab the application form ASAP.

2. Salvation Army Thrift Stores

Another way to get a free air conditioner for the disabled is from the Salvation Army Thrift Stores. You can also participate under family service program titles. You can get a free windows-mounted air conditioner from any of these options. 

Even if you are not fit the eligibility criteria, you can get the ac from their stores at a great discount. Depending on your location and conditions, the salvation army center offers you some exceptional offers and things for your help. 

Some centers will provide you with Air conditioners for free in a medical emergency. Some also offer window AC for senior citizens, elderly members, veterans, families, etc. If you are a single mother, it would also be helpful.

3. Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

As you all know, it is an international voluntary organization that helps individuals with specific needs. By participating in its free ac unit for the home program, you can get one if you can expand your condition. It opens every summer. Some families have to stay in tiny houses and apartments and cannot get relief from the heat; such families can apply here. 

You must apply with all necessary documents, including your ID proof and the latest medical documents. 

After that, they will fix an appointment. If you are selected and get approval for your application, you will get your AC for free in a few days. 

Note that each house gets single AC, so two people from the same home can’t apply. Plus, only those families who did not get AC under the same program in the last five years can apply.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is concerned for senior citizens and children with asthma. Even they also care about the people who can’t live and leave home in the scorching heat due to some health problems. That’s why they work with WCPO – 9 On Your Side, Huntington Bank, and Braun Heating to offer you a free cooling system. Together they gift 500 fans and 350 AC to need one.

4. Cooling assistance program

Under the cooling assistance program, people get limited AC who have medical problems or health issues and can’t deal with it during the summer heat. Each year, the application forms open in May and end in August. 

For extra information related to your application, you can call the HRA Infoline at (718) 557-1399. 

The eligibility criteria for the Cooling assistance program are given below:

  • You have to meet HEAP eligibility criteria, including income guidelines
  • Have one member in the house who has some severe health-related issues.
  • Also, the doctor gives a valid certificate or document narrated the same issue.
  • You do not reside in the NYHA or Section 8 subsidized housing.
  • You do not have a free air conditioner from another kind of program.
  • Working AC must be at least five years old or best if it is older than this. 

If you can’t meet even a single term, you are not likely to get free air conditioners for seniors or others.

Alternative Ways To Get A Free Air Conditioner

HEAP indeed offers free air conditioners for low income families, but not all are lucky enough to get it due to one or another reason. What will you do if you aren’t qualified for any of the above programs? There are still other alternative ways and options to get a free or at least cheap unit for your home. There are many tips and tricks to find out how to get a free air conditioner. It is possible to get cheap as well as free air conditioning.

Go and buy your new AC during the offseason. The off-season timing is always best to shop for a low price. You will find many great deals and offers and get a great discount on a new product. 

Go any buy during the fall and winter seasons. Go for online or offline options, go to stores like Home Depot. They offer a huge discount when the sales of AC drop significantly.

Go to online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and others during the offseason. You will surely find cheap conditioning units there with a discount. Also, you will find more products to compare and choose one.

Sites like Craiglist is also great place to pick a second-hand item. Do not worry; the items are in good condition. In your free time, surf there and find one which is at a low price. If you are lucky enough, then you will find old AC units for free from Craiglist.

We have already discussed free AC units and fans from Salvation Army thrift stores or Family Service Programs. However, do you know that they also distribute air conditioners at a reduced price for needed people? Such a system is used. In some exceptional cases, you will get surprised by the Salvation army. However, it varies from location to location.

In a medical emergency, the salvation army store near you gives you a window-type AC for free to the elder, disabled, single mothers, students, or senior citizens. Children and older people are at high risk during summer, especially when facing severe health problems. If you look at the numbers, each summer many old and young people die during heatstroke.

This free air conditioners from the government risk can be eliminated with AC units. The small ac units are mounted on the windows or bedroom walls or other parts of the home. Some get fans only from assistance. Some low-income families get the AC for free, but after that, they can’t able to pay the electricity bills to keep it running during the summer.

In such a case, they get a disconnection notice from electricity providers. If you think you will also face the same problem, ensure you will get additional financial benefits to pay the electricity bills.

Free Air Conditioners For Seniors

Some senior citizens are living alone and face some health issues. Due to it, they can’t handle the summer season without ac. Some charity and government programs give them free air conditioners for seniors and their cooling bills. One such is LIHEAP. Some other agencies are also there that focus on fulfilling the demand of low-income families and senior citizens. All the people get free air Conditioning for seniors grants, but yes, you must find the organization first. You can do this much, at least. 

As we all know, the Senior health system weakens at this age. Suppose free air conditioners for medical reasons are available for seniors so they can adjust the room temperature. If the outside weather is cold, they can set heat mode on in air conditioners, and if the outside weather is hot, they can set winter mode on to increase the immune system.

Because seniors are affected by heatwave and cold waves too fast compared to other healthy Persons. If free air conditioners for seniors from Heap provide so that will be a big help for them

Free Air Conditioner For Disabled

Some charities and churches near you operate summer cooling programs for disabled people only. They offer financial help, loan, window fan, and repair costs to disable people who are sick. Most of the time, AC is available for free. But you can look for other programs if you do not get it for free. They look for other ways to get money for the AC unit. If you can afford it, then go for second-hand ac. You will surely find it, and if you tell them your condition, a person may give it to you without money. You can also apply for free cars for disabled adults Program.

Exception Case For Free Air Conditioners

The air conditioning assistance for low income families application period for summer cooling assistance programs starts in May and ends in July or August. But do you think a person with health problems needs it only for summer? Sometimes a person has to stay at a stable temperature, no less and no more. For such people, the government, NGOs, and Charities offer help for 365 days under various program titles. For that, you can inquire at the office and get more precise details.

Free Air Conditioner For Medical Reasons

Many people have serious medical issues and are low-income families and want free air conditioners for medical reasons; then, they will get a new free air conditioner. You have to talk with the health Charity organizations for the free air conditioner. You have to Submit Medical Documents and one request letter explaining why they give you Free Air Conditioner For Medical Reasons.

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And you have to mention there you want a free air conditioner for medical reasons for a limited time or Lifetime ownership. After Submitting your documentation, they visit your house and see the location of the patient’s Room. And also decide whether you are capable of paying the electric bill or not. After that, they give you a Free air conditioner. You can also talk with them and clarify whether the Installation of the Air-conditioner is Free.

Many Charity Organizations Give you an easy free air conditioner for medical reasons, but they will charge you some money for Installation, but AC will be completely free.

How to Get Government Grants For Air Conditioning Units

With the help of government grants, you can cover the entire cost of your new air conditioning unit. You can choose ac from its ratings and start. A wise choice can save you lots of electricity and ultimately benefits you by reducing the cost of operating. There are three types of grants: state, local, and federal tax credits.

As a part of the economic recovery package, the State Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program offers grants for air conditioners. Note that the state grants are served on a first-come, first basis, so you must apply fast. Local grants are offering free ac from the local charitable organization. For example, Modest Needs awards $1000 grants for an emergency, including Grants for Free Air Conditioning units.

You can ask the United States Department of Health and Human Services for different Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs for free ac for your home. Some charities also offer help to classified people. And if they are doing so, first check the eligibility criteria to apply for free air conditioners from the government. 

Free Air conditioning Assistance For low-income Families

You can join the local community near you to get Free Air Conditioners for Low-Income Families or free air conditioners for the disabled. For example, you can participate in the DOE program or program from the US Department of Energy. They have collaborated with the government to offer such assistance. They pay for your cooling apparatus that are related to air conditioners. It means eligible persons get AC for free.

Not only new AC but people can repair their old or existing AC units. low-income families can also take part in the free cars given away Program. You can apply to Get a free car now Program.

This program is also available according to the regulations and rules of the state. In short, you will get help depending on the amount of money allocated by the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program-LIHEAP.  Each year the terms and times changed. At present, there are a total of 35 states that offer this free air conditioning program.

Seniors can also participate in this Program free air conditioners for seniors program if they are Physically disabled.

How to Get Air Conditioning Assistance For Low Income Families

Low income families have to face many problems and cut their needs due to financial crises. They are already sacrificing many other things, so government grants for heating and air conditioning and non-government organizations come one step forward to help them with air conditioning assistance for low income families.

These programs are helpful for them. Under this assistance program, many individuals and families get help from different NGOs, charities, NPOs, organizations, and the government. Depending on the fund, or the total number of donors, the availability of the service decides.

Air conditioning assistance for low income families

When people want to donate to a charitable trust, the charity donates on behalf of the person and offers a free air conditioner to the needy.

Even there are free air conditioners for senior programs there that offer free ac to eligible people. Complete the form online if you want to participate in one such program. Each year air conditioning assistance for low-income families’ applications open on pre-decided dates, and you can find them on the official website. 

Get Free Air Conditioner From The Heap

HEAP or the Home Energy Assistance Program, help low income families to get their heating equipment for a home for free if they are eligible to receive regular HEAP benefits per season.

You can take a free air conditioner from the Heap program and benefit from the HEAP in one year, and in the case of an emergency, you can ring the bell to help with utility service shut off, road vehicle damage, or running out of fuel, etc. Heap also Provides air conditioning assistance for low-income families to help them.

In some conditions like running out of fuel, impending danger, or shutting off the utility service, you can get emergency HEAP benefits. The HEAP benefits begin in early November or mid-November during the winter season. That means the program run until the fund runs out. If you want to heat your home with Electricity, Natural Gas, coal, wood, corn, kerosene, or propane, HEAP will help you.  

If some medical emergency like a body burn accident happens with Patients, that time free air conditioner for medical reasons is provided by the heap to help them.

The free air conditioner from heap not only for medical reasons but If you request them properly with genuine problems then they will surely help you and give free air conditioner.


Ultimately, all these are the best possible ways to get free air conditioning assistance for low-income families. Note that while you apply free air conditioners for seniors, do not forget to state why you badly need it and can’t afford it. All the programs are for someone who is not well according to medical reasons and can’t withstand hot temperatures. 

Do not apply without reading the requirements to meet the eligibility criteria. Do not hurry; read all the rules, follow the complete paperwork, and share all the required information and IDs. 

If you do not follow the proper procedure according to time, the time spent by you will go to waste ultimately. I think nothing is more significant than time. Visit the nearest social department, ask all the doubts and concerns, and fill out the application form. Also, ask for other Free Air Conditioning from the government 2024 programs. 

Most states cut off electronic stuff during the heat to control the regulations and protect vulnerability. However, suppose the temperature goes above a certain number of degrees. In that case, the company does not turn off the power for sick, disabled, or above a specific age limit to get free air conditioners for seniors. It allows the power to run so that they can get the desired temperature specified by the doctor. Some laws prevent power cuts under certain conditions, read it, and give applications at a particular place.

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I'm Sergio Marquina owner of the Grant Supporter. For more than 5 years, we have been publishing articles on USA Grants & Charity Programs. I have earned the degree of Public Administration from YALE University. And just after the completion, I also have knowledge of Nonprofit Management & doing research on various helps by non-profit organization, government, other charities, and trusts for low- income families for more than 10 years and writing about it. I love to provide right information to the right viewer. For Any help or Guidance, you can contact me by mail.

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