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Free Government Laptops For Low income Families

Whether you are looking for free laptops for low income families or how to fill free government laptops application form, we have every piece of information in this article. Go through this post and know different ways to get free computers for low income family.

If you are looking for free laptops for low income families application form or ways to get free computers for low income family, then my friends you are at the right place. For the low income families, it is possible to get such gadgets. To get it, you have to fit in their decision criteria. Federal government has strict rules about free laptop for low income it.

Along with strict rules, the government offers free tablets for low income families in a limited number and as per the budget and stock. In case if you don’t get a free laptop from the government, you can also try the local organizations and non-profit organization like resources. They will help you to get one. 

Even you can’t say the government is not offering free laptops for low income families. Instead of approaching directly, they assist the non-profit and local organizations. And from the received fund charities, NGOs and NPOs help you. 

These organizations provide free laptop for low income and pc to the applicants. For getting a computer for free, you have to fill the application form, and if the committee finds you eligible, your application gets approved. After that, you will get a laptop under free laptops for college students from the government program.

How To Get Free Government Laptops For Low Income Families?

If you are wondering how can i get a free laptop, then my friends, you do not have to worry as you are here. Getting free laptops for low income families application form is easy, but finding the places that offer free laptops is hard. You need proper information, and we provide you with the same for free laptop for low income. 

free government laptops for low income families
free government laptops for low income families

If you are leaving in the US, then there are many ways you get free laptops and the internet without much effort. you have to meet eligibility criteria, and within a few days, you get your free pc. 

you can do much more than you think with this laptop or pc such as work online, apply for an online school, apply for jobs, do freelancing work for cash, get all the information around the world, and many more. It is a game-changer thing if you use it productively.

Here are few names from where you can get a free laptop for college students from the government.

  1. Smartriverside

Smartriverside is a program that offers free tablets for low income families with the help of the government. It is available in many states in collaboration with non-profit organizations. They provide affordable or free computers and laptops to needy. From state to state, the eligibility criteria vary. For example, people who live in California and whose income is less than $45000 can get benefit from the SmartRiverSide organization. you have to fill the free laptop for low income application form first to get free assistance for a laptop. 

  1. Everyoneon

the second name is the Everyoneon program. This program is also available in almost 50 states. the program is only for the families whose yearly income is less than $35000. They offer to refurbish computers at low cost as well as the new one according. Under this program, you can also get a cheap internet facility for low income families. There also offer free training and courses for employment.             

  1. Ctac-Computer Technology Assistance Corps

CTAC is an organization that provides money to low income families for laptops. It helps people with grants like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and SmartRiverSide. It also helps you to search for the computer. They often work unitedly with technology-based business and government like federal government and Microsoft

  1. Freecycle

Freecycle is an online platform for getting free government laptops application form online. This online platform is a local organization that gives recycle items for use. It participates in each location. Freecycle is also a non-profit and volunteer organization.

free laptop for college students from government
Free government laptops application form

you can see all types of goods and things when you visit its website, including computers. the site is well classified with all the stuff that are for giving away. It also offers the item of needs. you can search for other options, and if you are lucky enough, you will get a response from someone for your request. No income restriction at all as it is a recycling network. 

If you have financial crises or limit, first fill the form under a government program and then search on this forum. Reach to people and request to give their old pc if they no more using it. you can get an item when it is available for freecycle.

  1. With Causes

With Causes is another name that falls under the category of a national organization. It offers refurbished laptops and computers who apply for it. Those who are in need, they will surely get one from with causes. All the products are working correctly. With the help of many commercial suppliers, they are the more significant supplier of free tablets for low income families. 

  1. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Microsoft is a known name. Being such a big name in the world of technology, they understand their social responsibility very well. With the specific goal and program, they offer computer refurbishers. They offer genuine Microsoft software to low income families and charities. you can apply with free laptops for low income families application form. There are many more things in the Microsoft Registered Refurbishers program, go and look at free laptop for low income it. 

  1. The On It Foundation

This program is for the residence of Florida. If you are eligible for applicants, you will get your free laptop after applying for it. Not only the computer but they also offer internet access and training programs for low income families. 

  1. Technology Assisting People In Need

Ohio has a great option that fulfills your needs of free computers for low income family. Technology assisting people in need is an organization that helps the people in need. For instance, they are a non-profit organization that offers computers to students, low income families, and disabled people. 

  1. World Computer Exchange

If you are thinking about how to get a free computer from the government or how to get a refurbished laptop, then World Computer Exchange can be one option for you. They offer free computer and internet access to youth. They are interested in this work, and their target are majorly in developing countries. They put the computers in a community setting so that people can use it. They work with the school, NGOs, libraries, government, and parties to support the people in need. 

To get your free pc or laptop, collect all the information about their partners. After that, contact them and share your request for the pc. Try to explain your condition, and if they understand what you are going through, your new laptop or pc is on the way. Even they help you to come out from the rash situation and gives you the right direction.

  1. Adaptive.Org

Adaptive.org give pc and laptop to the students only. the student should be from class 5 to college but in Michigan alone. The participant must be ready to exchange 10 hours of community service for getting a free laptop for low income. It means, if you don’t mind to work with them, then only you will get your gadget. adaptive.org support san Diego, California. They also offer help to families with money issues, senior citizens, and disabled people.

  1. Cfy.Org

If you are looking for the resource that gives you free government laptops for low income families, cfy.org might be the one. you will get a free and cheap laptop from them. This national organization committed to helping parents, students, and teachers, and for that, they offer maximum help. They want to improve the education outcomes for all the participants. and hence they provide free refurbished pc to all those who are connected to the education chain.

Along with this, they also offer free internet packages like learning software and broadband. the significant part is they also have a help desk for those who are facing the internet or IT problems. Go to their website and go through it in case if you need a free laptop for low income. 

  1. Accelerated Schools Programs

Low-income families have many choices to get their first pc for free. Accelerated schools programs is one such option that gives pc on loan. Apply carefully for your pc under the free laptop from the government program and pay $100 as a deposit. When you return the computer in proper working condition, they will repay you $100 back.

They aim to help families with kids and no computer for better education. They do little help to provide access to the internet. you can join this program by directly calling them.

  1. Computers For Learning

Computers for Learning is an organization who take exceeds PC software and hardware from federals. After that, the refurbished it and distributed all of them to the universities, schools, and colleges. This organization sends the pc components to other organizations that work for the better world and humankind by helping people. One can enquire about their needs via email or call. 

  1. Komputers 4 Kids

Komputers 4 Kids is a great volunteer program. It is famous for its work. They collect all the old pc and laptops from people and places. After that, they refurbish them so that they can use by people in need. They donate it to the people pc and other types of equipment. If any of the item/items are not useful, they send the thing(s) to the recycling facility.

How To Fill Free Laptops For Low Income Families Application Form?

If you are applying for the free laptop, you need to fill a form with all the correct information. Along with that, provide all the documents they ask as proof. See, the competition is high as many people need it. On the other hand, laptops are limited. That’s why you do not afford a mistake while asking it from the government. 

free laptops for low income families application form
free laptop for college students from government


If you can’t succeed in getting one from the government, you have charities and NGOs doors open. Go and knock there, share your request, and get one. you can find several places to get free access to the internet. One of the most commonplace is the public library. Why? Because it is the best place to gather information from books and the web. And if you do not have a pc or laptop at home, from the public library’s pc, you can complete your work. 


It is all about free tablets for low income families. It would be best if you know the eligibility criteria for the free laptop and internet service. One such requirement is your yearly income is at or below the poverty line considered by the government. 

Getting other benefits are easy, but for the free laptop for low income, the government works with other organizations to make sure that only needy people get it. It aims to aware the youth about the latest technology and research with the help of a computer. So if you fit in their criteria and don’t have a laptop, go on the official site and fill free laptops for low income families application form.



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    my name is Maryan Hussien . I have two children who attend an elementry school and another one who attends a high school. I am unable to purchase a laptop so my eldest can finish highschool online due to the Covid-19 situation. Thank you for your time and i hope to hear you back soon.
    -Maryan Hussein, Calgary AB

  6. Hi my daughter needs a laptop to communicate with her teacher and to upload her homework. Unfortunately we don’t have the money to get her loptop

  7. Hello I have 3 kids that is currently in need of a laptop. Since this virus now the school is putting there homework online which is great news that way my boys well still be learning. I’m writing cause I cant afford a laptop as a single mom and now lay off from my job..A laptop would help alot for my boys..so please let me know how to go about filling out paperwork in order to receive a laptop..Thank you
    Mary Jordan

  8. Hi there !
    Please consider me. I am just pitiful with nothing to do.

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    I would appreciate to get free
    Laptop because I can’t afforded
    To buy one.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. My son is in desperate need of a computer or laptop he is falling behind in his school work and due to my husband being out of work our pc we were renting from rent a center had to go back. Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. Hello. I am from Kenya .plz can i have a free laptop .i am a student who is still learning but cannot afford a laptop. A laptop would help me learn much things through it. Thank you.May God bless you.


  14. I am in need of a free laptop for my household. I have a high school student and a junior college student with a physical and learning disability. It would be very helpful.

  15. We are inneed for a fre laptop and both of children need to do there school work and I’m on a low income family many thanks

  16. We are in dire need for a laptop. I’m 61 & disabled, my husband is 59, also disabled, & recently suffered a stroke. We have been raising our grandson who is 16, & has been an honor student every quarter thru high school so far (Hes a sophomore,) We live in a poor rural area in Washington County, Maine. . Our income is low, about 12k a year in total. We had a devastating home fire in 2013, ( we lost everything we owned, our pets, & with no insurance coverage. We have been going further behind ever since.}
    We have running water now which has been a Godsend!. We got a used cell phone, hoping to use it like a laptop, but discovered many sites our grandson cant access, plus NEITHER one of us , even with our readers on, can see the words. I used to build desktops nearly 17-20 yrs ago, so we do have some experience. It would help our grandson, and would help us greatly by allowing us to communicate with our other (7) grand kids, to find assistance to build a home, to help make ends meet, and to find new & exciting things to learn. During this pandemic we also need a pc to “see” our Doctors. Thank you for hearing our case.

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    My name is chantelle I am not working at the moment but im study office basics at the moment the reason for me to ask for help is I’m really in the need of a laptop to do my studies from home during this lockdown and to help my child with his school work. I will really appreciate to here from you
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