Top 13 Scholarships For People with Glasses

Getting a scholarship is great but what if we said there are scholarships for people with glasses? Sounds unusual, right? As unusual as it seems but it is true. Various agencies provide scholarships for people with glasses. There are various other scholarships like scholarships for wearing glasses, scholarships for having glasses, and scholarships even to buy a pair of glasses.

These kinds of scholarships greatly help visually impaired students and working citizens. The government tries to keep its people sated by all means. It tries to take care of every single need of its population even when that need is a pair of glasses. Numerous scholarships for people with glasses have been introduced by the U.S. government, but not many know about these grants.

13 Scholarships for People with Glasses

Get scholarships for wearing glasses. People up to $1500 from the charity program scholarships for people with glasses. Wondering how to get a pair of glasses for free? The solution to your problem is scholarships for people with glasses. The majority of the citizens in the U.S. need reading glasses or contact lenses of some kind for daily use and due to this demand, the sellers have increased their rates which has affected the low-income citizens. To help those low-income citizens, the government and other non-profits have taken the lead in providing free scholarships for people with glasses.

scholarships for people with glasses

1. Replace my contacts

Replace my contacts is a great option for those students who wear reading glasses. It is a scholarship for high school students. The process to get the scholarship amount is very easy. you just need to apply for the scholarship, fill a survey form, and write a 500 words essay on how your vision impairment has affected your studies.

Under this scholarship, a student who wears contact lenses or reading glasses is awarded a handsome amount of $1000 to let him/her buy a decent pair of contacts or glasses according to their preference. If you are a high school student who is thinking of buying a new pair of glasses for yourself then you must apply to these scholarships for people with glasses as soon as possible.

2. Visine Students with Vision Scholarship

Another great option for high school and college students to get free glasses is Visine Students with Vision scholarship. It provides $5,000 to those students who are passionate about academics and sports but are hindered by those reading glasses on their noses. To apply for this scholarship you can write an essay regarding the problems you face and your financial crunch or make a video about the same. You need to prove that you participate in extracurricular activities along with studies, only then would you be able to be eligible for this scholarship.

3. Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship Program

The Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship is considered one of the best scholarships for people with glasses. It helps people with visual impairment see the world better. The application process is a bit different for this program than the rest. You can know about the program in detail by visiting its official website. It is being remodeled with easier ways to apply and many other amendments are made to make it more user friendly. The work of amends is being done by the Council of Citizens with Low Vision. You can ask your college or university to keep in touch with them so that you can get the help you need as soon as it is done with the new amendments.

4. Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships for people with glasses that help the completely blind people as well as the visually impaired ones. For students who are not that fortunate in the vision section, this scholarship provides grants for their education and rehabilitation. You just need to write an essay, give a proof of legal blindness provided by a doctor, and possess a 20/200 visual field to be eligible for this scholarship.

5. Capex Easy Money Scholarship

The Capex Easy Money Scholarship is one of the best scholarships for people with glasses. It has helped 6 million students until now. It provides scholarships for students with glasses so that they can easily get through their college years. They provide the eligible students with an amount of $1,000 to help them with their expenses. For further details, you can visit their scholarship link and if you develop an interest you can also apply for the same.

6. Stanley Pearle Scholarships for People with Glasses

Founded by OneSight Dr. Stanley Pearle, Scholarships for People with Glasses offers scholarships to people with glasses. To be eligible for these scholarships, you must be an optometry student. These scholarships are backed by Vision Research, whose offices can be located quickly in every state and town of the United States of America. It offers financial help and free primary eye care at its clinics to people who can not afford to pay for this expensive service.

7. Lenses and Glasses

It is many for high school and college students who are in their first 3 years of studies. The award gives $1,000 to students who are deemed eligible for this scholarship. They can use it to pay their tuition expenses and other needs. The only requirement is an essay on the difficulties they face in daily life. They must show proof of their enrollment in a high school or college to get scholarships for people with glasses.

8. Eyeglass Grants for Senior Citizens

Just as the students the elderly need reading glasses to cope up with their visual impairment. Organizations like Mabel T. Caverly Senior Services offer eyeglass assistance to senior citizens who are above 55 years of age. They are provided $300 for eyeglasses and other prescribed medicines needed for eye care. All they need to provide is proof of age and income. Other non-profits and charity organizations too help the elderly with their needs.

9. Community Health Care programs

The CVS Caremark Corporation assists the entire community with grants and scholarships for fulfilling their basic needs. They provide scholarships for people with glasses to those who exhibit a dire need for money and provide proof of their income and disability. If found eligible a person can get up to $5,000 as a scholarship for having glasses.

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10. Multicultural Vision

This program offers 6 scholarships valuing $1,000 and 9 scholarships amounting to $500 to people who work in the field of optometry and opticians. They aim to encourage students to build their future in the field of optometry. Students who displayed valuable contributions in the field were awarded scholarships for having glasses. It encourages people to have a career in the field of optometry.

11. Arthur E. And Helen Copeland Scholarships

The Arthur E. and Helen Copeland Scholarships are provided to those students who are proved to be legally blind. They help these visually impaired students by providing them money for their expenses. These scholarships for having glasses are only provided to those who convincingly describe their blindness and the problems occurring due to it a crafty essay. These scholarships not only help visually impaired people but also provide help to aspiring sportsmen and people with brown hair. It only requires the applicant to be a student of a 2 or 4-year degree program and he/she must be a current USABA member.

12. Dr. Sam Genensky Video Magnifier Award

There are 4 scholarships for having glasses available under this title. All of them have a different amount of scholarships awarded to applicants. Due to less availability and greater demand the rules for these scholarships are stricter but if you get selected for any of its scholarships for people with glasses you should count yourself lucky. Their best scholarship amounts to $10,000 and is the hardest to get chosen for.

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13. Christian Record Services Scholarship

When no one helps it’s God and its angels that come to the rescue. Christian Record Services Scholarship is one such boon. It provides partial scholarships to legally blind high school students who aspire to study further. The amount of scholarship provided by the Christian Record Services differs every year. To be eligible for this scholarship one needs to meet two criteria and those are:

  1.  The applicant must be legally blind or should possess a visual field of 20/200.
  2.  The applicant must be planning to attend full-time college on the undergraduate level.

4 Scholarships for wearing Glasses

It feels weird to get scholarships for wearing glasses. But it is true and 100% normal. People are offered scholarships for wearing glasses around the year. They apply to these scholarship programs and are awarded a thousand bucks minimum if they are deemed eligible for the grant.

scholarships for wearing glasses

1. National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Scholarship

The NFB offers scholarships for people with glasses. It provides scholarships for wearing glasses every year. To be eligible for this scholarship, one needs to prove its excellence in academics. You must be a U.S. or Puerto Rican citizen to be eligible for the scholarship program. If found eligible they would provide you with a scholarship amount of $3000-$12,000. You can apply online at their site and check for other eligibility criteria if there any.

2. Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship for People with Glasses/ Blind People

Backed by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, the Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship for People with glasses/blind people offers scholarships for wearing glasses. It is said to be the largest scholarship for the blind in the entire United States of America. It amounts to a decent $12,000 if you are deemed eligible. You can apply via the scholarship link provided by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults.

3. Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to full-time students. It is a great opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students. The students who would be working in the field of rehabilitation or education of blinds would be awarded these scholarships for wearing glasses. The student who qualifies for this scholarship is awarded a cheque of $2,500. The only eligibility criteria are that the applicant must write and submit an essay describing their difficulties and should fill out a short survey form provided by the organization.

4. The Guild Scholar Award

This is a scholarship that was created for aiding the high school students who are legally blind. The students can apply to this program at the end of their junior year. The students who apply for these scholarships for wearing glasses are required to submit:

  1.  SAT or ACT scores
  2. Details of the college the applicant has applied to.
  3.  Financial Status
  4.  Legal proof of Blindness
  5.  500 words essay on personal statements and an influential teacher’s statements
  6.  An Award(if received any) for the committee to consider

The students who submit these documents are eligible for the scholarships. Out of all the applications the best ones are selected and these students are then awarded a scholarship amount of $15,000.

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Is there are a scholarship for wearing Glasses?

The answer to this question is yes, There are scholarships for people with glasses. These scholarships for wearing glasses seem unreal but they are as real as the earth. If you wish to apply for a scholarship for wearing glasses you can have a look at the list of scholarships for people with glasses provided in this article.

Scholarships for people with glasses or scholarships for wearing glasses not only help people wearing glasses but are also useful for people who wear contact lenses. As the scholarship providers give money to buy the glasses and not the actual glasses you cause it to buy anything you want.


Wearing glasses can be a source to get money. This thought never crossed anyone’s mind until they came across these scholarships for people with glasses. These scholarships for wearing glasses have proved to be useful to many aspiring students and have helped them move forward within the academic field with new confidence and strength. The scholarships for having glasses have turned many students’ life upside down.

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