Best Ways to Get Male Nurses Scholarships

Get Male Nursing Scholarships for students from johnson & johnson and other various education Programs. Government Scholarships for male nursing also available for help. Nursing is a noble profession. The ratio of males taking up nursing as a profession has increased over females opting for the same. Unfortunately, to be able to serve as a nurse, one needs to get educated for the same but the education process is quite expensive. Thus, there are male nurses scholarships to help the less fortunate male nursing students to achieve their dream.

Out of the few nursing scholarships for men that exist, the majority of the male nurses scholarships are granted by the American Assembly while others are granted by agencies like Johnson&Johnson. For quicker and better results one must apply for all of the male nursing scholarships that are available to him.

What are Male Nurses scholarships?

Male nurses scholarships are the amount of money granted to people who are in dire need of money to pursue their careers in the field of Nursing. These scholarships are provided by various organizations. One needs to fulfill its eligibility criteria to get the scholarship amount.

Get male nursing scholarships

Some of these organizations work in collaboration with the federal government while most of them work independently and are non-profit organizations that raise money through various means like fundraisers and charity events.

Who is Eligible for Male Nurses Scholarships Program

Any male who is pursuing his Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing is eligible for male nurses scholarships programs administered by various organizations. One needs to follow the guidelines provided by these organizations to be able to qualify for their male nurses scholarships. The minimum GPA of 2.5 must be maintained to qualify for any of the male nurses scholarships programs mentioned below.

Organizations that Provide Male Nursing Scholarships

Various organizations have taken up to themselves to uplift society by helping the youth succeed in their area of specialization. These organizations provide male nurses scholarships to the men who dream of being in the noble profession of nursing.

Organizations that provide male nursing scholarships

  • American Assembly for Men in Nursing

As described earlier, most of the male nurses scholarships are granted by the American Assembly For Men in Nursing. It aims to provide financial support to men who aspire to become nurses in future. The organization assists a maximum of 20 students every year. The Johnson&Johnson scholarship provided by the AAMN is one of the most popular male nursing scholarships. Students who are dedicated to their academics and have a passion for their career are heartily welcomed by this organization. To check the eligibility of the applicants of male nursing scholarships a scholarship review committee is established and that committee will select the best applicant eligible for the scholarship.

  • Eligibility
  1.  The applicant must be male.
  2.  He must maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  3.  He must be a member of AAMN.
  4.  The applicant must have finished at least one full academic semester, approaching their final year.
  • Requirements
  1. He must submit an essay regarding why he chose the nursing field.
  2.  He is needed to provide a 15-minute presentation and 2 letters of recommendation from the academic professionals.

The male nursing scholarships provided by the organization range up to $1000 for undergraduate students and $1500 for graduate students. One can fill up their application form through both online and offline methods.

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  • The Army Nurse Corps Association

The Army Nurse Corps Association is a non-profit organization that helps male nursing students to fulfil their dream. It provides male nursing scholarships to students who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Nursing. The applicant must have a relation with the US army. The applicant is not necessarily required to be army personnel. He must be relatives with someone who is serving in the army.

It is also seen that many applicants who apply for this scholarship for male nursing are from the US Army. About 17 students are awarded this scholarship every year. The male nurses scholarships amount covers expenses up to  $3000.

  • The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship is a male nurse scholarship that provides support to those students who are in the healthcare field. It is a non-transferable award and can be used only once. 40 students were benefitted by this scholarship this year. It provides $5000-$10,000 as male nursing scholarships to students who are deemed fit for the award.

Eligibility of Male Nurses Scholarships

  1. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  2. He must have completed one year of undergraduate studies.
  3. Should maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Should be enrolled at an accredited college or university for a nursing program.
  5. The applicant must have one or more year of studies left before graduation.
  • The Philippine Nurses Association of America Inc

The Asian American Pacific Islanders Nurses Association (AAPINA) is a male nursing scholarship that is provided by the Philippine Nurses Association of America Inc. It is an NGO that provides high-quality care and support to those who are in the nursing field. It is known to be one of the top male nursing scholarships for Asian minorities in America.


  1. The applicant must be pursuing a graduate program at the Masters or Doctorate level.
  2.  He must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  3.  He must be an active member of AAPINA for 2 years.
  4. He must provide 2 letters of recommendation from a former teacher or employer.

Get Scholarships for Male nurses

If you are a man and dream to become a nurse but due to financial crunch aren’t able to achieve your dream, there is nothing to worry about. There are various scholarships for male nurses that help you overcome any obstacle that comes in your way of becoming a nurse. These scholarships for male nurses not only covers tuition fees but take care of all the needs of the applicant

scholarships for male nurses

  • The Nurse Corps Scholarship

Funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, The Nurse Corps Scholarship supports budding male nurses with money to fulfil their dream. It provides scholarships for male nurses who are unable to reach their goal due to lack of finances. The program requires the applicant to be a US citizen, he should be enrolled to an accredited nursing degree program, he should be free of any federal judgement liens.

If selected for the male nurse scholarship, the applicant would be rewarded with financial help by paying tuition, fees, academic supplies and he would also be provided with a monthly stipend for living expenses. If the applicant is awarded the scholarship, he is expected to serve for at least 2 years at a health centre that is facing a shortage of nurses.

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  • The NurseTim Scholarship

The NurseTim Scholarship is one of the scholarships for male nurses sponsored by NAHN. The organization offers assistance to mainly Hispanic males only but it also provides scholarships to the males of other minorities. They work to educate and professionalize men of minor communities in the field of nursing. They provide male nurses scholarships to serve the cause. This male nursing scholarship is provided to those students who intend to pass on their knowledge to others by teaching at various schools and universities. The eligibility criteria only behold that an applicant must be enrolled in a nursing degree program at the graduate level.

  • Hector Gonzalez Past Presidents Scholarship

Male nurses scholarships are provided by the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. It is a non-profit organization that provides support to Hispanic and Latino communities that are ready to upgrade themselves in the fields of education and profession by providing their children who are studying the technicalities of nursing, scholarships for male nurses. They are taught leadership skills as highly qualified nurses. The students who apply for the Hector Gonzalez Past Presidents Scholarship provided by NAHN are provided with a scholarship for male nurses of $4000. Annually, they grant $40000 to students as male nursing scholarships. However, the students are not allowed to apply for the same grants consecutively for 2 years.

Apply Nursing Scholarships For Men

Many men wish to become a nurse but due to lack of money and loads of responsibilities, they never get a chance to chase their dream. Nursing Scholarships for men provide support to such men who wish to enter and flourish in this noble profession. Male nurse scholarships are provided to them to help them build a future for themselves in the field of Nursing.

  • Braintrack Scholarships

Students who are unable to submit their fees for the nursing course they opted for are assisted by Braintrack. Braintrack is an organization that provides nursing scholarships for men to complete their education. This scholarship is made available to those who are pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Nursing. The male nurses scholarships are awarded based on the result of the essay competition organized for the cause. The 1st and 2nd prize winners are provided with scholarships of $1,000 and $500 respectively.

  • San Diego Black Nursing Association

This organization provides male nurses scholarships to those men of minor communities who don’t get help from major organizations. This organization helps those African-American students who are in dire need of financial assistance. They must be enrolled in a nursing program at the Bachelor or Master’s level. They should attend school for at least 6 months. These are the only criteria one needs to fulfill to get nursing scholarships for men. If you are practicing in the child hospital then you can give them Free Diapers.

  • National Black Nurses Association

It offers nursing scholarships for men amounting up to $2,000. It is awarded to African or African-American students who excel in their fields. To be eligible for this scholarship one needs to get a letter of recommendation from their teachers depicting a true aptitude and passion for nursing and it should also confirm that the applicant is taking part in relevant extra-curricular activities. Once this is submitted you are eligible for this and other such male nurses scholarships.


Being a nurse is a proud moment for a person. For a man to take up this profession is the greatest achievement of his life. These male nurses scholarships and nursing scholarships for men have proven to be a boon for financially unstable males who aspire to be a nurse. The scholarships for male nurses have helped many until now. With the knowledge gained due to these scholarships many men have saved the lives of thousands and will continue to do so.

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