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10 Grants To Help Build Churches: Religiously Resourceful

Our community church was seriously damaged in the last storm, but due to regular donation drives, we did not have enough funds to get the repairs done. This is when I looked online to see whether there were any useful grants.

But it was useless; I couldn’t find a single page with all the required information on grants to help build churches. So, I took the initiative to help those in need like me. Here’s a list of all the organizations that can offer you church-building grants:

Grants To Help Build Churches: Construction Grants

Building and maintaining churches can be expensive and challenging, especially in rural or low-income areas.

Construction grants can help churches with land acquisition, architectural design, materials, labor, and equipment expenses. Here is a list of construction grants to help build churches:

grants to help build churches

1. Landfill Communities Fund

U.S. states and local governments have their own programs and initiatives aimed at mitigating the environmental impacts of landfills or using landfill revenues for community benefit.

The funds are distributed through environmental bodies that are able to support the repair and wider community use of historic places of worship. 

2. Church Building & Loan Fund (CB&LF)

The Church Building & Loan Fund (CB&LF) is a financial ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a Protestant denomination in the United States.

CB&LF’s primary mission is to provide financial assistance and support to congregations within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination for their building and renovation projects.

3. The Fuller Center

The Fuller Center for Housing is a non-profit organization that focuses on addressing the issue of affordable housing and providing safe, decent, and affordable homes for families in need.

While it mainly focuses on housing issues, you can reach out to the volunteers to see whether they have any provisions to help religious organizations.

4. Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC)

The Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting New Orleans, Louisiana’s historic architecture and culture.

While the PRC’s primary mission is not centered around building new churches, it can indirectly assist churches in various ways, especially when the church is located in a historic building or is looking to engage with its historic surroundings.

PRC can help you with restoration, renovation, revitalization, and funding for your church. Although they may not directly assist in these matters, you can always get the required information from them.

5. Catholic Extension

Catholic Extension helps build churches by providing financial support, grants, and resources to underserved and financially struggling Catholic communities across the United States.

They assist in constructing or renovating church facilities, enabling these communities to have a dedicated place of worship and fostering the growth of vibrant faith communities.

Through their funding and support, Catholic Extension helps strengthen the presence and outreach of the Catholic Church that do weddings for free in areas facing economic challenges.

Grants To Help Build Churches: Installation Grants

A church is not only a building but also includes images, idols, seating arrangements, windows, doors, and much more.

Purchasing all this can be a little daunting for your church’s budget. You can apply for these installation grants to help build churches:

installation grants to help build churches

The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church

The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church may assist its member churches with facility installations by offering financial support, technical guidance, and resources.

This can include providing grants or loans to cover construction costs, offering technical expertise in architectural design and project management, and aiding in financial planning and fundraising efforts.

Churches seeking assistance typically need to engage with their regional or national AME Church leadership to access available programs and resources.

The United Church of Christ (UCC)

The United Church of Christ (UCC) offers support to its member churches with facility installations through various programs and resources.

This may include financial assistance in the form of grants or loans to help cover construction or renovation costs.

The UCC provides technical guidance and expertise in architectural planning and project management.

Churches seeking assistance can connect with UCC’s regional or national offices to access available programs and support.

The Church of the Nazarene

The Church of the Nazarene is a Christian denomination that helps churches with installation by providing guidance, support, and resources.

The Church of the Nazarene has a manual that outlines the instructions and covenant for installation, as well as the core beliefs and values of the denomination.

The Church of the Nazarene also organizes churches into districts and regions, and assigns superintendents to foster and care for them.

Grants To Help Build Churches: Artwork and Monuments

Artwork and monuments are an essential part of a church as they add aesthetic value. When used well, artwork can also serve informational and educational purposes. You can reach out to organizations that offer relevant grants to help build churches.

1. Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts does not directly provide artwork or monuments to churches, but it indirectly assists churches by offering policies and funding at the local, state, and national levels.

Through networking opportunities and partnerships, churches can connect with local artists and organizations.

Americans for the Arts also guides churches to potential grant opportunities offered by other organizations that support public art projects or community engagement through the arts.

2. Historical preservation organizations

Historical preservation organizations assist churches in acquiring artwork and monuments by offering expertise in preserving historic properties.

They do so by offering grants to help build churches, providing technical assistance in conservation and restoration, conducting historical research, networking with artists and experts, advocating for preservation policies, offering educational resources, and fostering collaborations.

Through these means, preservation organizations help churches integrate meaningful artwork and monuments into their historic buildings while ensuring the preservation of the church’s architectural and cultural heritage.

People Also Ask

Churches often extend help and do not receive it, which is why it can be a little confusing for these churches when it comes to asking for assistance. Here are the three most frequently asked questions surrounding grants to help build churches:

How to get grants to help build churches?

Churches can get grants to help build churches through non-profits and government agencies. They can also set up a crowdfunding account.

What is the most trustworthy charity to get grants for church building?

Any national charity like the Episcopal Church or the Salvation Army can help you with it.

What are the church construction grants for 2023?

Organizations like the Foundation for Evangelism, The Papal Foundation, and the Gospel Future Fund offer these for the construction of new churches.

The Bottom Line

Grants to help build churches are a valuable investment for the community and society. Churches provide spiritual guidance and support, social services, educational opportunities, cultural activities, and civic engagement. By building new churches, we can expand the reach and impact of these benefits to more people and areas.

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As the founder of the Help & Cure non-profit organization, Kate Moore brings invaluable real-world experience to her role as an author at Grant Supporter. Her dedicated work in providing cash assistance and various forms of help to low-income individuals shines through in her insightful articles. With a deep-seated commitment to aiding the needy, Kate transforms her thorough research into accessible, beneficial content for those seeking financial aid. Her work not only demonstrates her expertise in the field but also her profound dedication to making a difference. Her articles, grounded in practical experience and compassion, guide readers through the intricacies of grants and assistance programs.

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