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7 Helpful Grants For Single Fathers

Grants for single dads help you to cover daily expenses & for education. Apply for Government assistance for the single father's Program.

Being a single father can often be taxing. Apart from the emotional tumult, one also faces financial crunches every now and then. With all the bills to be paid by the sole earning family that is the father himself, it often becomes tough for him to make the ends meet. But, with the grants for single fathers offered by governmental and non-governmental agencies, this problem can be curbed.

Single father grants offer help for single fathers in various areas of life. There are also some of these grants for single dads that are free money grants for single fathers. These grants for single fathers enable single dads to have a certain amount of money in their hands with which they can pay their utility bills, electricity bills, education charges, and get help with various other things. Read along to know more about these grants for single dads!!!

List Of Housing Grants For Single Fathers

When it comes to offering single father help programs, there comes up a long list of government assistance for single fathers programs. It might become a little confusing to choose from them for dads who are already under a lot of pressure. Here I have curated a list of grants for single dads that offer single father help programs.

grants for single fathers
grants for single fathers
  • Section 8 Voucher:

One of the biggest providers of financial assistance to those in need, the Section 8 voucher is a rent assistance program that offers financial assistance to citizens who are on the verge of eviction or have already been rendered homeless. It specifically offers help to citizens who do not have a high income and are not able to pay the rent of their houses on time.

The program is financially funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In order to avail of the benefits of this program, one is required to be a single father who earns a low-income salary. His income must be less than 80% of the annual gross income and he must also describe the size of his family at the time of submitting the application form for these single father help programs. His application must clearly state his need for the government assistance for single fathers offered through this program.

  • Government Subsidized Housing:

Government Subsidized Housing is a program that is quite like the Section 8 Voucher program. It offers housing assistance and grants for single fathers. The program also offers rent assistance to single fathers just like Section 8 does. Often while taking care of every need of their children and family, a single father often finds it hard to make ends meet. Due to which they often fail to pay the rent timely. This can lead to eviction or a warning to getting evicted.

These government-subsidized housing programs offer safe, sound, and healthy housing to single fathers and their families. Along with offering stable housing options, the government-subsidized housing program also offers grants for single dads in the form of rent assistance. That is to say if a single father who has applied for the program and is on the verge of eviction is assisted by the federal government through this program as they pay a huge amount of the rent directly to the landlord or the homeowner.

  • State Grants:

Apart from the federal government, the state government also has some funds on its hands that are used to assist citizens of the state in their times of crisis. When you have not had quite a luck at getting the results after applying for the federal government grants for single fathers, then you can apply for these single father grants offered by the state you are living in.

You can contact the local government office situated in your area of residence and enquire about these single father help programs and single father grants. You would be provided with accurate details regarding the deadlines, eligibility criteria, application forms, and other important data required to apply for these grants for single dads. You can also visit their official website to get all these details sitting in the sanity of your house.

Also, there are several non-profit charity organizations and local agencies that happen to work in collaboration with the state government to assist single fathers with whatever they require to lead a happy and sound life with their children and family.

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  • The Continuum of Care Program:

The Continuum of Care Program is a non-profit charity organization that offers housing grants for single fathers when they need it the most. It is a great way to seek help in times of crisis. This non-profit charity organization has specifically been established to provide help for single fathers. Be it financial assistance for single fathers or housing assistance for single dads, or anything else related to other sectors of life, the Continuum of Care Program offers special single father grants that support them in every way possible.

The Continuum of Care Program has also built houses for single fathers so that they can lead a peaceful life without worrying about rent issues or eviction fears. These houses are provided to single fathers in dire need of housing assistance. They are offered to them on a lease basis and through single father grants for housing options. The organization aspires to eradicate homelessness and are on their way to making sure that every applicant is relocated and rehabilitated to a better and safer place of living so that neither they nor their kids have to face ill environments or unhealthy traumas.

Single Father Grants For Education:

Often single men become fathers at an age where they are still pursuing their studies. It gradually becomes tough for them to handle and manage both their academic careers and family life. Bearing expenses of education then becomes difficult for them and as a result, they choose to drop out of college, university, or high school. To avoid such situations, the federal government has come up with several educational single father grants.

With these single father grants for education, not only young fathers are benefitted to continue their studies but single fathers who had dropped their classes due to some or the other reasons and now wish to resume their academic career are also assisted. To know more about these grants that offer help for single fathers, read along!!!

single father grants
single father grants
  • The Federal Pell Grants:

These are free money grants for single fathers that help low-income and less fortunate single fathers move forward in their academic careers. I know, I know, you might be wondering that these grants are most popularly known as grants for single mothers to help them with their education but let me tell you that the federal Pell grants are not gender-biased. They offer equal opportunities to all citizens of the United States of America so that they can continue with their studies.

It is one of the best ways to attain help for single fathers who wish to dive back into the world of attendance, classes, group projects, and assessments. Low-income single fathers can gain many benefits from these grants for single dads offering education. All you would have to do to avail the benefits of these Pell Grants offering free money grants for single fathers wishing to pursue education is to get yourself registered!! It is that easy!! Once you have applied with the required documents, you would just have to wait for the results.

  • Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund:

Another one of the free money grants for single fathers that offer help fr single fathers trying to pursue their education is the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. They offer funds to those single fathers and mothers who specifically wish to pursue higher education. The rate of young citizens pursuing higher education is not quite high in the United States of America.

To increase this number, the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund offers the required financial help to less fortunate and low-income single fathers and mothers. However, here I would like to tell you that not every applicant would get the same grant amount. That is to say that the grant amount would be decided on the basis of the financial needs of the applicant.

In some cases, the entire amount is paid with the help of these funds while in other situations only a part of it is required to be bored by the organization. Hence it is necessary to describe your financial needs while applying for these free money grants for single fathers offering help for single fathers for education.

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  • The National SMART Grants:

Known for providing their strict merit-based opportunities, The NaTional SMART grants are popularly known for offering help for single fathers who wish to be a student again. SMART basically means science and mathematics and arts. That means that these grants for single dads offer financial help to those fathers who wish to pursue their academic careers in the fields of science and mathematics and creative fields of art.

They also offer their services to students who were on Pell grants but had to take a break due to some reason. If there was a break in education for the third and fourth year of Pell Grants students, then too these educational grants for single dads hold the validity for their applicants. These grants offer grant amounts of $4000 every year to students who are pursuing their higher education in fields of science, mathematics, technology engineering, and foreign language and to students who hold a GPA of 3.00.

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Where To Look For Free Money Grants For Single Fathers?

After separation, single fathers become the whole and sole providers of the children and other family members. They are often seen searching for ways to earn extra money for their family’s survival. Well, there are ways to get free money grants for single fathers that offer help for single fathers through various single father help programs. They offer free money that is not to be repaid to single fathers so that they can pull out their families from a financial soup.

free money grants for single fathers
free money grants for single fathers
  • Diversion Cash Assistance:

The very first of all the free money grants for single fathers is the Diversion Cash Assistance. This grant offers help for single fathers who are having a temporary financial crisis. If there is an applicant who is experiencing a short-term financial crunch, that is to say, their financial issues are such that they can be solved with the assistance provided through these single father help programs then they are deemed eligible for these free money grants for single fathers.

These single father grants are available to its applicants for only a short period of 1 to 3 months. It is during this period that the applicants are free to apply for these grants for single dads. The best part about these grants for single fathers is that even though they open up for a short while, their benefits are way much helpful than other free money grants for single fathers offered by other agencies.

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF):

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, just like the Diversion Cash Assistance offers free money grants for single fathers to applicants who need funds in emergencies. This government assistance for single fathers program is another way to get immediate funds to get yourself and your family out of a financial crunch temporarily.

However, what sets Temporary Assistance for Needy Families apart from Diversion Cash Assistance is that TANF can offer you constant financial assistance to an applicant for recurrent 60 months!!! While Diversion Cash Assistance offers funds only in the interval of 1 to 3 months, TANF offers funds continuously for 5 long years. Hence, completely opposite to its name, TANF offers constant and not temporary help for single fathers through their free money grants for single fathers to pull them out of the financial black hole.

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Help For Single Fathers For Fulfilling Basic Needs:

Till now I have talked about several agencies, departments of the federal government, and other single father help programs, but there are still many ways to get help for single fathers in several sectors of life. The resources that are required to survive the everyday life might not be provided directly through these programs but they surely offer financial assistance for single fathers with which they can buy those resources for themselves and their families. Read along to know more about these resource-specific programs that provide help for single fathers.

  • Food Assistance:

Nutritious food is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life. Without proper food, one might not be able to function properly. If a father would not have proper food, he would not be able to work to his full potential or he would not be able to find proper jobs and retain them to suffice for their family. Hence, with the single father help programs that offer financial assistance to single fathers so that they can buy food and grocery items for themselves and their families, single fathers are provided the required financial assistance.

help for single fathers
help for single fathers

Several programs are also introduced by the federal government that offers nutritious meals directly to those in need. One can also seek help for single fathers from non-profit organizations that offer free meals and that too, two times a day. There are some specific meal programs as well that assist single fathers and their children and other members of the family by providing fresh meals every day. You can look for such food assistance programs over the internet by searching for help for single fathers for food assistance or food assistance grants for single fathers.

  • Child Care Assistance:

Often single fathers struggle with taking care of their children while they leave for work. Appointing a nanny is an easier option for child care assistance. But, if due to your financial condition, you are not able to afford to hire a nanny then you can seek help from external agencies that offer help for single fathers with child care assistance. Several non-profit charity organizations offer child care assistance for single fathers.

You can seek help from them by registering yourself and submitting the required documents along with the application form. These documents may include proof of nationality, proof of address, proof of income, proof of custody, and other such documents as asked by the organization. Once you are done with all the registration processes you would have the opportunity to select from the wide range of single father grants provided by the organization.

To Sum It All Up…

Single fathers often experience a tough time making it through daily life. Basically, the lack of awareness of grants for single fathers makes it tough for single dads to seek help from organizations and agencies. However, these single father grants offered by the federal government and other non-profit charity organizations have made it a point to help as many single parents especially single fathers as they can. They ensure free money grants for single fathers to provide help for single fathers in every way possible.

For further information, you can contact the organizations and agencies mentioned above. They would be able to provide you with a detailed overview of single father help programs, grants, and plans that they have to offer. You may also get better options than you have set eyes on if you take proper counseling from their officials as their main aim is to benefit less fortunate citizens with their grants and scholarships.

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