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Grants For Real Estate Investors: 14 Building Opportunities

The grants for real estate investors would stimulate the local economy, community, and regional environment. Federal assistance to invite the properties and buildings over the land will help ensure the rising values of the location and the collection of tax revenues from the local government.

Real estate is a vast market. The state and administration must always be on their feet to fill the gap between the demand and supply of proper housing facilities. This births the need for efficient developers who can assist the government in creating opportunities.

Grants For Real Estate: An Overview

Realtors, real estate agents, and investors are a huge part of the developers’ community. Hence, they are offered real estate grants to strengthen the state’s and people’s conditions.

  • Real Estate Grants are offered to investors and estate agents to enhance the community and society’s standard of living.
  • You can get grants for real estate investors through various government programs administered mainly by the HUD.
  • Grants for real estate agents are offered by organizations specializing in the construction industry. You can also get financial assistance based on your age, ethnicity, and gender.

Grants For Real Estate Investors

The federal grants for real estate investors enable them to gain financial assistance for the benefit of the community. These grants empower investors to buy and sell real estate investment properties. The investors use this money to make changes in the property and improve its appearance for multiple purposes.

real estate grants for investors

You can seek assistance as per your requirement from these programs if you are an investor and are willing to invest in real estate investment properties.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development, initiated by the federal government, offers assistance through as many as 20 grants for real estate investors. These grants have strict rules and regulations, so it is vital to learn about them fully before applying. The programs’ specifics are volatile, so you must be vigilant about the finer details.

Assisted Housing Stability And Energy And Green Retrofit Investments Program

These programs award 250 million dollars for energy retrofit and environmentally green projects. It also offers 2 billion dollars for developing rental projects. The programs are administrated by the Housing and Urban Development Department.

If you apply for these grants as a real estate investor, you must prove that your housing project assists low-income strata. Depending on your application, the Department will determine your grant amount, and you will have to utilize the funds within 2 years of getting the grant. You are also required to maintain rents at an affordable margin.

HOME Investment Partnerships Program

One of the most popular programs initiated by the HUD, HOME is a federal block grant offered to local and state governments. The grant is strictly to be used in the development of affordable housing. The government then distributes the funds among qualifying organizations to maximize the benefit.

You can partner with these organizations to apply for grants offered under the program. The federal allocates nearly $ 2 billion every year under this program. The agencies must only utilize the money to build, buy and/or rehabilitate housing for low-income groups. They can also rent the properties with the funds.

Economic Development Grants

Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), EDA grants are purposefully offered to enhance the quality of life in low-income strata. This is done with the help of real estate investors who create job opportunities for eligible candidates in fields like construction.

To get the benefits of these grants, you must be a qualifying real estate investor. If you are deemed eligible, the EDA will assist you with technical assistance to see that the grant amount is used for the benefit of the less fortunate.

The Historic Preservation Fund

The Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) is a program that offers funds through grants to preserve American history and heritage. The grants are offered to state and tribal historic preservation offices to aid in conserving and preserving cultural and historic sites.

You are eligible for the funding if you are a:

  1. state operating approved State Historic Preservation Programs
  2. Indian tribe and Native Hawaiian organization
  3. National Trust for Historic Preservation
  4. A certified local government where there is no approved state program

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Tax Credit Programs

Though they are not actual grants for real estate investors, Tax Credit programs can help you invest in real estate properties with your own money. You can apply to programs like Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit to get tax benefits.

These tax incentives are offered to real estate investors who work towards creating affordable housing and rehabilitation of historic monuments and sites.

Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI)

Backed and funded by the HUD, BEDI grants are offered to reorganize and redevelop brownfield estates. These sites also include former industrial and commercial areas, which are now contaminated by harmful pollutants and substances.

The initiative aims at reviving the economic sites by fertilizing their productivity. These grants are to be used in collaboration with the Section 108 program. The initiative awards the grants to the 10 most eligible applicants, and to date, approximately $17,325,000 have been awarded as grants to the qualifying candidates.

Grants For Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent is not an easy task. You need to maintain the house you need to sell, you need to work on marketing, you need resources for research, and these are just a few things, to begin with. All this requires funds that are not always readily available. These grants for real estate agents can help you sail through the process easily.

grants for real estate agents

National Association of REALTORS

  • The organization is one of the most recognized sources offering grants for real estate agents.
  • You need to become a member of the organization to avail the benefits they offer.
  • One of the most used benefits is that of education. However, you can also utilize other benefits like marketing, technology, travel, and insurance.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

  • The organization is known for offering business grants to small business owners.
  • It offers a wide range of grants for real estate investors and agents. You can apply to their grants program if you seek assistance to boost your business.
  • They also offer assistance to specific groups like women, veterans, seniors, and minorities.

Private Foundations or Corporations

  • Just like Salvation Army, some organizations assist with real estate grants.
  • These organizations are usually those agencies that work in the field and have a vision of faster development.
  • You can look for such agencies on the Internet or in the association’s meetings.

Local Economic Development Agency

  • Every state, city, and town administers development programs according to their capacity.
  • These programs are launched to better the state of your town, which is why they may include assistive resources for housing, education, food, and others.
  • You can seek help from your local development agency to boost your business.

Other Real Estate Grants:

As mentioned earlier, real estate grants are specifically offered to a certain group of people. It may include other resources along with financial support for budding entrepreneurs and businesspersons who wish to expand their horizons.

Here are a few grants for real estate agents that have proven to be helpful in times of distress for several agents and entrepreneurs:

  1. SCORE
  2. Veterans Business Outreach Centers
  3. Women’s Business Centers
  4. Crowdfunding Platforms

The Bottom Line

Real estate investing is a lucrative way to manage your funds, but investing in the right program requires money and skills. These grants for real estate investors enable entrepreneurs to invest in properties that require reinvention and redevelopment. They also offer them a chance to build affordable housing for less fortunate citizens.

How do I get funding for a real estate development project?

There are several ways to get funding for your project. You can either apply to government programs or seek help from private companies that are practically giants of the construction industry.

Depending on the time you have and the resources you need, you must choose to seek help from either of the options.

What is the purpose of a real estate grant program?

The purpose of a real estate grant is to encourage development. Grants for real estate investors offer an opportunity to investing parties to invest in development projects like affordable housing or rehabilitation of important sites, which is beneficial to society and community.

Is getting a membership at NAR necessary to avail of its benefits?

Yes, you are required to be a member of NAR to avail the benefits they offer. Without it you might not get any benefits, but being a member of this organization can help you expand your business and advance in your profession.

Can I get a real estate grant from SBA?

SBA, or the Small Business Administration, is known for assisting small business owners. Ranging from educational loans to business grants, you can get help for anything from this organization.

You can visit their website and look for the best grant that suits your needs. The essential details like the eligibility criteria, list of necessary documents to submit, and others are available on their site for all the grants they offer.

Can I get government grants for real estate?

Yes, one of the main sources of financial assistance for realtors and investors is the federal government. You can learn about all the available grants and loan programs through their website. Grants.gov is an ocean of assistive programs, and grants for real estate are a small part of it.

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