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How to Get a Tummy Tuck For Free?

Get a free tummy tuck surgery which will be covered by insurance for the weight loss. Many churches and Doctor offers free tummy tuck surgery to Poor Patients.

How to get a Tummy Tuck for free? Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty is surgery for ladies who suffer from post-pregnancy fat and people who suffer from fat related problems. In this process, the abdomen is made thinner and excess fat is removed from the middle and lower abdomen. Tummy tuck for free has been a growing trend nowadays. A free tummy tuck is the most preferred option for people suffering from extra fat and fat related problems. A few organizations help people get a tummy tuck for free which is not a free service normally.

However, there are certain sources that offer financial assistance to those in need so that they can get a tummy tuck for free. Apart from seeking help from organizations that offer free tummy tuck surgeries, you can also reach out to trainee surgeons who are still under training. This way you would have a chance to negotiate with the surgeon and might even get the tummy tuck surgery for free. You can also look for the cheapest state for a tummy tuck. This might be an added benefit to those who are in serious need of a surgery but are unable to gather funds for the same.

Why Do People Get Their Tummies Tucked?

As mentioned earlier, a tummy tuck is majorly opted by women who are struggling with their post-pregnancy bodies, but they are not the only group of demography that is known to be going through with the procedure. Other people like those who are overweight and are unable to lose the excess weight due to some or the other reasons are also seen going to the surgeon for a tummy tuck. Often people due to some reason have to live with poor elasticity of the skin and tender connective tissues in and around the abdominal area due to which they might not feel so confident with their bodies. Citizens with such issues are also often seen looking for options to get a tummy tuck for free.

how to get a free tummy tuck surgery
how to get a free tummy tuck surgery

Free tummy tuck surgery is also viewed as a cosmetic surgery by many rather than a medically necessary one which was actually the point of introducing this kind of surgical procedure. However, in this process, the extra fat and skin are removed from the area of the stomach. After that, the connective tissue is compressed and the residual is tucked back in, in a way that it makes the area look more beautiful and attractive than it was before.

Not only does it enhance the beauty of that area but it also tightens weak fascia. It is also effective in removing stretch marks and excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen which is a big concern for many. Tummy tuck for free plans have filled people with confidence and have put them in positions of authority as far as the matter of their control over their bodies is concerned.

Sources to Get a Free Tummy Tuck

As abdominoplasty is an item of luxury it is not possible to get it for free normally. But there are a few organizations that help people get a free tummy tuck. You can go with them with your problem and if they feel that you are eligible for their free tummy tuck program you can get yourself a tummy tuck for free. Here are some ways one can get their tummy tuck for free.

how to get a tummy tuck for free
can a tummy tuck be covered by insurance?
  • National Health Service:

National Health Service is an organization that supports the citizens of the United Kingdom in all their medical problems. You can reach out to them for help with a free tummy tuck. The National Health Service covers the cost of a tummy tuck under suitable conditions. You might not be provided with the allowance for any fat or skin removal procedure following the main surgery. Due to the resources being limited for these kinds of surgeries, only the main surgery is funded. This can result in long waiting processes for people who wish to get a tummy tuck for free.

Due to these long waiting processes people generally prefer to pay for it independently. But for those who can not afford to pay for this expensive commodity of luxury can apply to the National Health Service for a free tummy tuck. If you want to go for the services provided by the organization you firstly need to consult your daily practitioner. If he thinks that you need to have a tummy tuck than he would refer you to a consultant who would then decide if you are eligible for getting funded by the organization for a free tummy tuck or not.

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  • Travel Abroad:

You can travel abroad by getting yourself a tummy tuck for free. Some countries provide tummy tuck surgeries at affordable prices. You need to run a search for finding places that provide tummy tuck for free. If you succeed in finding a place that provides free tummy tuck you should check if it covers all the cost of the surgery including the pre-surgery procedure, the surgery procedure and the post-surgery procedure. If these are covered, the next step will be checking the eligibility of the doctor.

You should always check who is going to run knives on you. You need to check if the doctor is a licensed one or not. Next comes the health conditions of the place you are getting operated at. It is necessary for you to check if the place is hygienic or not and whether it uses sterilized equipment or not. While going for a surgery you may save up on surgery costs but follow up charges can cost you a lot sometimes.

  • Grants for a tummy tuck for free:

Grants for getting yourself a luxurious service like tummy tuck sounds unusual but is true and many people apply for it. Various organizations provide grants for a free tummy tuck. These grants for a tummy tuck for free cover the cost of the surgery that takes place under the suggested practitioners’ surveillance and at a prescribed hospital. The amount that is granted for a tummy tuck for free is nearly $2000.

How Can I Get A Tummy Tuck For Free?

Getting your tummy tucked is not a big deal in today’s times. Many people prefer going for a tummy tuck surgery because of health issues while others opt for it to get a better look at their body while they stand in front of the mirror and peer in. Imagining all this is quite easy and lucrative as well but one must know that getting the surgery done is not an easier task. Firstly, you have to follow all the restrictions prescribed by the surgeon, then you would also have to get yourself to a certain level of fitness even to get this surgery going. The biggest issue people face after this is managing funds.

The financial status of the majority of citizens who opt for this kind of surgery is not quite well off. Hence, for such citizens, there are these programs that offer a tummy tuck for free. These programs that offer a tummy tuck for free are actually titled after the universities where they are made available for those who direly need funds for the surgery or a tummy tuck for free itself.

  • University of Chicago Medicine:

One of the largest organizations that are popularly known for their surgeries and financial assistance programs for surgeries for those in need, The University of Chicago Medicine has assisted several citizens with a tummy tuck for free. Not only do they offer financial assistance to those who wish to get a tummy tuck surgery but they also provide quality procedures for the same. Performed by skilled surgeons with quality equipment, free tummy tuck surgeries carried on through this organization have a high success rate.

Often we fear that a tummy tuck surgery might cost a fortune but the University of Chicago Medicine offers the surgery at a very affordable price. Along with affordable tummy tuck surgery plans, the organization also makes sure that you get financial assistance to get a free tummy tuck surgery if you have to. The organization also conducts several other cosmetic surgeries. Hence, it is advisable to have a look at their official website and decide for yourself as to which is the best tummy tuck for free plan.

  • Penn Medicine:

Penn Medicine which you might also recognize as Penn University is one of the best places you can reach out to for a tummy tuck surgery. If you have a proper plan ready for your tummy tuck and are unable to choose where to go for this life-altering surgery then you can most certainly look out for available slots at the Penn Medicine. You may also get programs and plans through which the surgery is carried at quite an affordable price. These plans and programs have assisted numerous low-income, needy, poor, and less fortunate citizens.
You can get all the details regarding these plans and programs which might include details like deadlines, eligibility criteria, areas in which they offer these plans and programs, and application forms. You can have a look at these details and decide which free tummy tuck surgery should you opt for.

  • John Hopkins Medicine:

John Hopkins Medicine is a healthcare facility that is ranked among the top 3 institutes that offer quality surgeries and that too, at an affordable price. The organization offers the best health care as reviewed by several patients. It not only has a wide variety of surgery options but along with it, they also provide a chance for research to medical students and world-class patient care post and pre-surgery to the patients. You can find all these amazing details on their official website.

There you can not only do a quick research on how the things work around the campus but you can also book an appointment, look for a doctor that either is aware of your medical history or a doctor for some other issue that you might be facing, relevant and satisfactory health information regarding basically anything to everything. So, if you are someone who is home-bound, you can still get medical assistance which feels just like a visit to the clinic right at your doorstep. There are other benefits offered by the organization as well but for that, you would have to spare a bit more of your time and explore their website thoroughly.

How to Get a Free Tummy Tuck Surgery?

A tummy tuck surgery helps people get rid of their abdominal fat easily. But these surgeries can cost you a fortune. It would be a boon for people who could not afford this service to get a tummy tuck for free. There a few ways through which you can get yourself a free tummy tuck.

free tummy tuck surgery
Get a free tummy tuck surgery insurance
  • Loans for the surgery:

You can get a loan to pay for the surgery. This way you can get yourself a tummy tuck for free for time being. Then, later on, you can pay it back in lump sums according to your capacity. People who are eligible for these kinds of loans are those who are healthy and have maintained a stable weight. Those who have realistic expectations, and are non-smokers are eligible for the loans as well.

People who might be thinking about losing weight in future should avoid opting for the surgery as if they lose the desired weight in future it might nullify the effects of the surgery that you worked hard to pay for. Also, women who are trying to plan a baby in future are advised to not opt for the surgery.

  • Approach Trainee Surgeons:

Trainee Surgeons are those who have been working under a practitioner for a while to gain experience. They are an affordable option to get your tummy tucked. Trainee surgeons may provide you with a tummy tuck for free. It depends on the surgeon you choose to go to. The risk of going to a trainee surgeon is undeniable but if it can get you a free tummy tuck then you might want to give it a try. Just as one needs to take precaution for getting it done abroad, one also needs to keep a check on various things when it comes to getting a tummy tuck for free from a trainee surgeon.

You need to check Doctor license, his history as to where did he gain his experience from, under which surgeon did he work before starting his practice, health conditions and hygiene levels of the place he is operating on his patients. You also need to clarify the details and terms and conditions of getting a free tummy tuck from a trainee surgeon so that later on there remains no question of confusion.

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  • Get hampers:

Many cosmetologists often provide people with some discounts and vouchers to maintain their loyalty towards the agency. These vouchers may some times consist of surgeries like these. A free tummy tuck might be offered to you if you remain a loyal customer to the agency. This also works when you bring new customers for them and help them in the marketing of their products and services they have got to offer to people who suffer from any kind of dissatisfaction from their bodies.

One such firm is TRIA DESTINATION BEAUTY AND PLASTIC SURGERY CENTRE. It is a Bangkok based firm that has been providing tummy tuck for free if you participate in their competition. For participating in the competition, you need to send them a picture of your tummy and write a short story about your struggles related to the bloated tummy and why do you need a get tummy tuck. If found eligible you might win the competition and get yourself a free tummy tuck surgery which costs almost $10,000 to $15,000 in the normal course.

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Can a Tummy Tuck be Covered in Insurance?

Normally, tummy tucks are not covered in medical insurances. They are a thing of luxury and not a necessity. Due to this reason your insurance might not cover tummy tuck surgery costs altogether. But under the weight loss criteria introduced in 2016 abdominoplasty is not covered in insurance but the process that needs to be done after the surgery can be covered n the insurance. The item number 30177 of Medicare allows you to get a plastic surgery covered in your insurance. To apply for this insurance the patient must fulfil any or all of these criteria.


  1. The patient must have lost weight up to 5 BMI or more. This means a person should have lost 15 kgs or more without any changes for at least 6 months.
  2. The level of skin should be interfering in daily life.
  3. The non-medical methods to reduce the fat should have failed to work.
  4. If the patient is suffering from a hernia, he can also be eligible for this type of insurance.

If you are found eligible you can get a rebate of $73.85 but before you that you need to pay a consultation fee of $250.


A free tummy tuck has never gone out of trend since the day it has been introduced in the world of plastic surgery. It comforts people who are insecure about their bodies. Rather than going for a holistic approach, people prefer to go for such treatments that are quick and less painful. Tummy tucks for free are a blessing for people who wish to go for it but can not afford it due to their financial condition. These free tummy tucks have not only helped the beauty-conscious people but it has helped people who were suffering from serious fat-related issues. These sources that help people get rid of their miseries have helped more than a million people until now. They provide the best care to those who come to them for a tummy tuck for free.

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