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Get A Free Laptop With EBT Food Stamps

On It Foundation, PCs for People, Komputers 4 R Kids, and many other programs that we shall cover in detail here can offer a free laptop with EBT food stamps to help low-income families and individuals have digital inclusion by raising the usage of the internet for upliftment.

We are not required to present the significance and applicability of digital devices in today’s world. Going at ease with your daily lifestyle using computers and laptops has almost become mandatory. This article discusses how to get a free laptop with EBT food stamps.

Where to Get Free Laptop With Food Stamps?

Availing of a free laptop with food stamps is easier with the usefulness of the laptops and the internet. Isn’t it? How are you able to access this information? Through a Computer, a Laptop, a Tablet, or a Smartphone? Probably, one of these digital devices, which you cannot deny to avoid.

free laptop with food stamps

You can read the following organizations that can get a free laptop with food stamps. However, you must remember that such organizations help provide reduced or low-cost digital devices, and utterly free of most might be rare.

PCs for People

  • This non-profit initiative, PCs for People, offers low-cost internet access and refurbished laptops to deserving low-income individuals, families, and non-profit organizations. Their goal is to narrow the digital gap in society and guarantee everyone has access to the tools and resources required to thrive in the contemporary world.
  • To be eligible to enroll in such a program under PCs for People, you might be required to have documents such as photo identification and Evidence of current enrollment in a government assistance program based on income OR Evidence of current household income less than 60% of the local median income or under 200% of the federal poverty threshold.


  • This organization offers affordable internet services, computers, and digital literacy training. They have many internet service providers and low-cost computers, laptops, and tablets. The eligibility criteria at EveroneOn for the free laptop with EBT food stamps would be based on your income level and other existing enrollment in government-related schemes.
  • You can get a $30/month discount on your broadband service and associated digital equipment rentals. However, if your household is in qualifying tribal lands, you can get this discount up to $75/month. They also provide free laptops, computers, and tablets with a one-time discount of up to $100 with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50.

On It Foundation

  • The On It Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers low-income families with children in grades K–12 free computers and computer training. A family must have a student in grades K–12, show financial need, and not own a computer to qualify for laptops given away under the On It Foundation.
  • You also get free web-based support and Pantinum III, 15” monitor under a 6-month warranty under On It Foundation. The pricing range starts at just $99. The “ON IT” stands for “Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology.” The parents or guardians can write a letter to the organization requesting free laptops for students.

World Computer Exchange

  • This well-established global non-profit organization offers partnerships with other schools, training businesses, community organizations, and the government and provides WCE low-cost laptop and desktop computers in bulk.
  • The free laptops with food stamps are loaded with educational content, free peripherals, and network gear for up to a $10 extra discount. However, they don’t deliver computers in the USA to individuals and groups; you can check the United Way or GoodWill for the availability of laptops for educational purposes.

Komputers 4 R Kids

  • A Southern California-based Komputers 4 R Kids is a non-profit organization that provides refurbished computers to poor kids and schools. It gathers used computers, restores them, and then gives them to schools and children that qualify.
  • In Addition to supplying computers, Komputers 4 R Kids also provides the community with electronic trash recycling services and support and training to help users make the most of the technology. They are giving away a free laptop with EBT food stamps for almost 10% discounted prices. Contact them at (916) 572-1152 for further assistance.

Craigslist and Freecycle

  • These two separate platforms may offer exciting deals on computers, laptops, tablets, and other digital gadgets if you’re lucky enough to catch deals that almost have no cost or cheapest price seasons. Freecycle may provide good deals on used or refurbished laptops that might offer you the most affordable computer pricing by tapping on the search for items.
  • You can find the local Craigslist website and check the “For Sale” section over there to see the free options for laptops, whereas, on Freecycle, you can find the listing of available free items in the electronics or gadgets section.

Tech Goes Home (TGH)

  • A non-profit organization called Tech Goes Home (TGH), with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, seeks to give poor communities access to the internet and instruction in digital literacy. By ensuring that everyone has the knowledge and resources required to prosper in the digital age, they hope to close the digital gap.
  • Participants who complete the digital literacy course can spend $50 on a brand-new computer. TGH additionally provides training programs in digital literacy to assist people in acquiring the abilities necessary for efficient use of technology.


  • Tap into the low-cost devices category and hit the laptop to know the different price ranges and your budget-friendly computers and laptops. So, that proves, technically, there is no free laptop with EBT food stamps.
  • Besides refurbished computers, Human-I-T provides affordable internet services, digital literacy training, and E-waste (Electronic) waste recycling services. The eligibility for such benefits would be based on your income level and other enrollment in government assistance programs.


  • They provide refurbished computers and laptops along with digital literacy training. With the help of AT&T and Digitunity, InterConnection has partnered with the 10-City Project, through which 1,000 Seattle area students get a free laptop with EBT Food Stamps.
  • Almost 2000 free computers have already been supplied by the InterConnection under this 10-City Project. The network of Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR), under the Digitunity, enables 11 premier non-profit organizations to provide refurbished laptops to help bridge the digital divide and include low-income students and their families.

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

  • The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program is a well-known network of Microsoft-approved refurbishers that offers laptops and computers to businesses, households, and non-profit organizations at a discounted price of approximately 40%. The refurbished computers, free laptops, and food stamps with original Microsoft software preloaded. PCs for People offers laptops under this program along with many other partners in the United States as follows.
  1. 203 TRADING LLC
  5. Remarkets
  9. Netkraft, Inc.
  11. PCs for People
  14. STS Electronic Recycling Inc.
  • By making affordable technology accessible and encouraging ecologically beneficial behavior through their refurbishing and recycling computers, the program aims to exclude the digital divide and make people digitally handy with a free laptop with food stamps, especially low-income families and individuals who cannot afford the expensive laptops.

Here, you can also get Free Government Laptops For Low-income Families while struggling to find affordable private deals for your budget-friendly purchases.

Top 10 Free Laptop With EBT Programs

Whether it’s about searching for employment and filling up the online application or having your travel guide, the web world has everything to cure your lack of information and awareness by applying for a free laptop with EBT food stamps under your (SNAP) Benefits.

free laptop with EBT food stamps

Many non-profit organizations and charity foundations offer a free laptop with EBT cards and help you claim your food stamp benefits. You can attain maximum benefits by applying to the suggested platforms we cover in this article as soon as possible.

The following sources that you might like to consider while searching for a free laptop with EBT food stamps, although remember that these platforms can be potentially helpful and vary differently in their program policies and terms and conditions.

  1. PCs for People
  2. EveryoneOn
  3. On It Foundation
  4. World Computer Exchange
  5. Komputers 4 R Kids
  6. Craigslist and Freecycle
  7. Tech Goes Home (TGH)
  8. Human-I-T
  9. InterConnection
  10. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Moreover, you can also get other housing applications that might seem complicated to purchase from your wallet. Catch the 7 Quick Ways To Get Free Appliances and meet the affordable options that may suit your budget.

Perks of Having a Free Laptop with EBT: Drilling Needs

We are living in a digitized world. In this day and age, everyone has some piece of technology glued to themselves. Be it a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. You might wonder why you even need a laptop or a tablet when you can do everything through a smartphone. Having a free laptop with EBT food stamps has its benefits and perks.

free laptop with EBT
  • The bigger screen allows you to ease your eyes while using the laptop for a longer time than a smartphone, which puts a lot of strain on your eyes.
  • A free laptop with food stamps gives you access to various internet resources, such as government services, job ads, and educational materials.
  • A FREE laptop with EBT food stamps can simplify looking for employment online and submitting applications.
  • Laptops can be helpful learning aids since they give you access to online courses, library resources, and educational applications.
  • You can have a social connection with your peer groups and friends through laptops, making your communication with loved ones and friends easier, especially if you live far apart.
  • A free laptop with food stamps can manage finances using Internet banking, budgeting software, and checking EBT balances.

Eligibility Criteria: Free Laptop With Food Stamps 2024

It would be best to consider the Eligibility criteria before applying for the free laptop with food stamps 2024 since getting free is unlikely and rare. For different programs, the eligibility may vary slightly depending upon the state policies, which are subject to change over time.

  • Proof of Income: You must mention your financial status, a prerequisite for a better chance at having a free laptop with food stamps.
  • Proof of SNAP Benefits: People who avail of the benefits of SNAP or other such federal food assistance programs are eligible for additional federal assistance programs. Whether clothes, shelter, a job, or education, anything offered through government programs is helpful for SNAP recipients, who are directly eligible for such benefits.
  • Residency and Citizenship Cards: You must produce the documents of proof that suggest your living place and citizenship card that identifies you as a person belonging to the particular state.
  • Need for Laptops: In your application form, you must demonstrate your needs and mention why you require the laptop for a specific purpose.

Note that you may or may not be required to return the laptop that you might get free for usage after you’ve met your purpose based on individual organization policies. You must read the organization’s agreements and terms & conditions while applying for the free laptops.

In Addition, you can also get Free Laptops For College Students while searching for affordable options that might suit the student-life budget and meet your educational requirements during the digitization of college life.


This article discusses the Top 10 Free Laptop With EBT Food Stamps Programs under the SNAP benefits for low-income children, students, and their families. You can get low-cost and reduced prices on maximum possible discounts on digital devices, including computers and laptops, for educational purposes to bridge the digital divide in society.


Here, you can get the frequently asked questions about the Free Laptop With EBT Food Stamps. Find
your quick answers to your questions.

How can I get a laptop for free of cost?

You must be a part of SSI, SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, Medicare, or any of the Government Assistance Programs to secure your free laptop benefits; you must also belong to a low-income family.

Are PCs for people real?

They have provided computers and technology to individuals, families, and non-profits who need it the most for nearly 25 years. They offer quality refurbished desktops, laptops, internet, and accessories through our retail and online stores.

Is Dell giving away free laptops?

Dell offers a few different programs that provide Free laptops from Dell to students and others. The most well-known program is the Dell Scholars Program, which offers free laptops to low-income students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to community service.

Does Google give free laptops?

The program offers laptops to eligible students and teachers in exchange for feedback on Google products. Here’s what you need to know if you want a free laptop from Google. You must be a currently enrolled student or teacher at an accredited school to be eligible for the program.

How to get a free laptop with food stamps?

Organizations like the On It Foundation and Computers with Causes offer free laptops. Many low-income organizations also provide free laptops, so ask around in your community or look online for local opportunities.

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