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Get Free Christmas Trees For Low income Families 2022

As Christmas approaches, many families are looking for free Christmas trees for low income families, and if you are one of them, your quest for finding a free Christmas tree is over now. Finding a free Christmas tree is challenging, but it becomes easy when you have the correct information.

Many charity foundations and non-profit organizations provide free toys and gifts to low-income families however, only a few organizations offer free Christmas trees. That is why it is essential to have detailed information about these few organizations and programs. Continue to read this article to know how to find free Christmas trees for low income families.

What Is The Free Christmas Tree Program For The Low-Income Family?

Apply for free Christmas trees for low income families Program and get a free Christmas tree from the churches and charity. Do you know that the average price of a good Christmas tree is approximately 40$? For some people, this price can be equal to their weekly earnings, and how do they spend much money on a single Christmas tree. That is why many non-profit organizations and charity foundations provide help to these low-income families who can’t afford to buy the Christmas tree for their families.

free christmas trees for low income families

These programs and offerings are available for a limited period, and there are some eligibility criteria that the applicant has to fulfill. It means if you want a free Christmas tree, you need to first be eligible for these programs, and they apply for it. You need to explain why you can’t afford this Christmas tree in some programs; however, it is not mandatory.

If you explain this, it may increase your chances of getting one free Christmas tree. Christmas is a festival of happiness and love. Many people believe that rich and well-settled people should help low-income families, so they donate Christmas trees to low-income families. It is a great activity to show humanity and kindness.

If you fall in the low-income category and can’t afford to purchase a Christmas tree, you shouldn’t lose hope and apply for any of these programs.

Who Can Get A Free Christmas Tree?

The first and foremost criteria to get a free Christmas tree is that you should belong to low-income families, and you should have proof to show that you are incapable of buying the one Christmas tree for your home.

The guidelines for low-income families vary as per the number of family members. To check whether you fall under low-income families or not, you need to look at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines. These low-income families’ income limits can be varied as per their geographical location in the USA. So, make sure you check it properly as per the state you live in.

If you wonder how to get a free Christmas tree, continue to read further to know about the organizations that offer a free Christmas tree.

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How To Get A Free Christmas Tree?

The process of getting free Christmas trees for low income families are vary depending on programs and organizations. In most organizations, you have to apply for this and wait till your name is announced as the winner, and you need to explain your financial instability to get a free Christmas tree.

how to get a free christmas tree

Some programs follow first come, first serve criteria. For such programs, you need to vigilant and immediately call that organization for a free Christmas tree. Some local churches and organizations generally offer free Christmas tree on this basis. So, if you want one tree for your home, you should see their advertisements and website for dates.

You need to eligible to apply for a free Christmas tree in a few organizations. You may have to show your salary proofs and provide them an essay mentioning your financial issues and expenses that you are facing. Then, these organizations will analyze your request and contact you if your application pleased them.

  • Salvation Army
    The charity list can’t be complete without mentioning the Salvation Army. It is one of the most active and widespread organizations supporting low-income families and people with disabilities. It not only provides gifts and toys to children on Christmas but also offers a free Christmas tree. However, to get a free Christmas tree is not the same as getting a free toy or gift. In the time of holidays, the Salvation Army works to its full potential to provide help to everyone in need. You can see them distributing tins and ringing bells to people. They also organize open kitchens and food pantries. This organization has many members and branches all over the city. To get free Christmas trees near me, you need to look for the nearest Salvation Army branch. You can find it on their website by entering your zip code.

They offer mainly four programs to help people

      1. Angel Tree Program: In this program, the Salvation Army distributes Christmas gifts and toys to the less privileged children. They also provide clothes.
      2. Grocery and food assistance: They provide meals to families who can afford a good meal even during holidays.
      3. Bill-Pay Assistance: This army provides help to families who don’t have money. It submits heat and electric bills so that these families can also enjoy these holiday
      4. Holiday events: They arrange gift parties for parents and teachers. So, they celebrate this festival together. The U.K. also has a Salvation Army base camp.
  • Trees for troops

This organization specifically provide free Christmas tree to military families. This program was initially set to give gifts and goods to military families, and then it adds Christmas trees. If you belong to an army family and want a free Christmas tree, you can contact them. They have their website; you can get them from their website.

They have two types of Christmas trees, one is artificial, and the other is natural. So, they provide any one of a tree as requested. This organization also offers decorative things like bulbs, Christmas tree lights, and much more. These Christmas trees can be stored in a flat or apartment. They also assist in celebrating any family function by providing decorative items.

This organization offers free Christmas trees to military families on the first weekend of December. If you are a military spouse or belong to an army family, you can receive the free tree.

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    • Christmas Tree Project: free christmas tree

Christ Tree Project is a small non-profit program that is sponsored by a Wonderful Organization. Their aim is not only to provide a free Christmas tree but provide fully decorated Christmas trees. They have given approx Two thousand eight hundred trees all over the country. This program is serving all over the U.S., including Colorado Springs, Denver, Reno, and Los Angeles.

Many families couldn’t afford to buy electric lights and decorative items for Christmas trees; in such a case, this program can help you with this problem. This organization gets get more thousands of requests per year for Christmas trees. However, only a few of them are selected. There are specific criteria to fall under this program.

People who belong to low-income families, single mothers, and single fathers can also apply for this program. They provide donated Christmas trees to people who required them.

    • The Lions Club

It is a hyper-local organization that provides free Christmas trees for low income families. They provide special discounts and offers to people below the poverty line and raise money. This organization takes an active approach to communities by organizing fundraisers, partnering with businesses, and many other public services.

They offer free Christmas trees for low income families however, you need to provide documents and receipts to prove your financial instability. You may get a free decorated Christmas tree this year.

  • Christmas Tree Santas

Christmas Tree Santas works with local community and human services organizations to help low-income families by providing them free Christmas trees and enjoying holidays as other people do. It is the fact that they can’t offer free Christmas trees to all needy families, so they follow first come, first serve criteria.

They have a limited number of trees compared to the application they receive. The selected families will receive a voucher, which is essential to show when they pick up a Christmas tree. This organization is expanding each year and adding new locations. Now they are serving in six states, including Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas.

  • Make A Wish Foundation

The Make A Wish Foundation is one of the world’s most reputed and active no profit and charitable foundations. They provide help during Christmas time and grant all kids’ wishes throughout the year, especially this foundation grants kids who are facing life-threatening medical situations. Their age is between 2.5 to 18 years.

If you find or know any kid who is eligible according to this foundation criteria, I highly encourage you to suggest them as soon as you can. This foundation makes the child’s holiday one of the most magical and spectacular by granting their all wishes.

This foundation also offers free Christmas trees for low income families in which the child is facing a severe medical condition. You need to apply from their official website, or you can also fill out the inquiry form to know more about this foundation.

free christmas trees for low income families

  • Prison Fellowship Organization

Prison Fellowship Organization is another active and fascinating Christmas charitable organization that offers free Christmas trees for low income families. They run a unique program for this cause called the Angel Tree Christmas program.

It is very challenging to raise kids, and many additional expenses come into the picture. Now, have you thought that what happens to the kids whose any parent is in prison?

Holidays will be tough for them. It will be the most depressing time for them because other kids enjoy holidays with their families, and these kids don’t have enough money to enjoy. This organization provides a free Christmas tree to low-income families in which any parent is in prison. They also offer gifts and decorative items to these families.

  • Toys for Tots

The US Marine Corps run this program. It is mainly for Marine families. So, if you are in Maine or know any Maine, you can take advantage of this program. This organization collects toy donations from different communities to give those toys to children who can’t afford to buy them. This program also offers a few free Christmas trees for low income families.

  • Christmas is everyone’s favorite festive, and people love to give gifts to their children; however, some parents can’t afford gifts for their children. This organization ensures that these low-income families can also celebrate Christmas like other families. You can also call them if you are donating Christmas trees.


  • United Way Christmas Bureau

This organization is the most famous charitable foundation that helps families throughout the year. However, United Way Christmas Bureau also helps low-income families during the Christmas holidays in many ways. This organization collaborates with other charities to provide gifts and support to low-income families in the Christmas holidays.

They provide free Christmas trees for low income families. If you don’t know how to ask for help for Christmas assistance, you should contact this organization. If you don’t have an office in your city, you may also get service because they have a great connection with a local charitable organization.

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    • Operation Christmas Child

The Christian Relief organization runs this program. This organization is also known as Samaritan’s Purse because they have a particular way to send gifts to children in need. They put gifts like toys, school supplies, and other goodies in the shoeboxes and send them to these needy children. These gift items are provided by other people who donated things or money.

This organization also sends shoeboxes with a gift in them across the globe. This community majorly works for children of low-income families and famine, war, disease, and many more, and it also accepts the financial donation. It is a great way to support your community.

    • Christmas Spirit Foundation

If you want to make your Christmas day worth living, you should donate to this Christmas Spirit Foundation. This foundation provides help to families who have lost their father or brother in the war and struggling with financial instability. This foundation offers many free Christmas trees for these families.

    • Be an Elf

If you have a child who is really in need this holiday, you should contact this Be an Elf foundation. This foundation provides food and clothes to children in need. It also offers a free Christmas tree to low-income families. It is a great way to make other holidays prosper like yours. You can also donate to this foundation.

This foundation has a unique way of working. You can’t directly contact them. Your kid has to write a letter to Santa mentioning what he wants to the Santa Branch Post Offices. This letter will then go to the Be an Elf organization, which provides help during the Christmas holidays.

    • The Holiday Project

Suppose you are working in essential services like hospitals, labs, police, or any other related profession and struggling financially. In that case, this program helps you take care of your child throughout the holiday.

They provide exceptional services and gifts for kids whose parents are working in the essential services. You should go to their official website for more information, and you will get the details of this project.

Free Christmas Trees Near Me

  1. Local Church
    Local churches have plenty of donations and reserve to help needy people. If you are from low-income families and don’t have money to celebrate holidays, the local churches may provide you with a free Christmas tree or some financial assistance that can make your holiday great.
    However, to get such a service, you should convince them about your problems. They also offer free toys, food, gifts, and clothes.

    free christmas trees near me
    free christmas trees near me
  2. Catholic Charities Christmas Connection
    If you are wondering about how to get a free Christmas tree from the nearest places, Catholic Charities Christmas Connection is the best place to look. You will get gifts, clothing, and other essential household items like pots, dishes, and linens. These catholic charities work with local charitable organizations to provide help to low-income families.
    Sometimes it also provides free Christmas trees for low income families. If you are from low-income families and need some financial support for Christmas, you should apply to this organization.
  3. Local Clearinghouse
    You can also call the local Clearinghouse to get referrals. It helps you get a free Christmas tree, and even sometimes, it offers some programs like financial aids, Christmas assistance, thrift stores for ornaments, and many more.

Free Christmas Tree: Donating Christmas Trees

Christmas is a festival of spreading happiness and love. So, if you want to make your Christmas fruitful, you can donate Christmas trees to many charitable organizations. With your small donations, other people can enjoy their holidays better. Several organizations like Christmas tree Project, Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots, and many more accept donations.

These donations will be given to the families and kids in need. You can donate things like Christmas trees, decorative items, and electric lights. If you don’t have any, they also accept financial donations. People with prosperity are donating Christmas trees, which helps many charitable organizations give these trees to low-income families free of cost.

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How Donated Christmas Trees Help Low-Income People?

Nowadays, the inflation rate is exaggerating day by day. The average cost of Christmas trees is around $30 to $40. This amount can be hard to spend for some people because after holidays, these trees will be thrown in the trash. If people donate Christmas trees to help low-income families, their money can be saved, and these people have minimal money.

They can enjoy this festival of love and light with happiness. This Christmas tree is not only a piece of decoration, and it is a sense of happiness and joy. So, if low-income families may also get such a thing, they feel happy and get motivated to achieve more in their lives. These low-income people can utilize this saved money in their necessity.


Hopefully, this article helps you to find free Christmas trees for low income families. Several charitable organizations run programs to help low-income families during the Christmas holidays.

If they get a free Christmas tree, they can use the saved money for other things like food. You can contact the organizations mentioned above if you are looking for a free Christmas tree. Comment below if you have any questions.


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