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Buying a bunk bed is not an easy task. Bunk beds are expensive compared to standard beds. Not everyone can afford them. If we give children a choice between a regular bed and a bunk bed, they always choose bunk beds. But a low-income family can’t afford bunk beds. Now, they don’t have to worry anymore, as some sources provide bunk beds at affordable prices. You may also get free bunk beds from these places. Here, we discuss sources that can provide free bunk beds for kids.

Remember, getting free bunk beds is not an easy task. You must look for places and organizations that provide bunk beds for free. Such places provide you with free bunk beds according to your need and financial status. As we know, kids love to sleep in bunk beds. In this article, we discuss in brief such free bunk beds programs. We also discuss places that can provide you with bunk beds for free.

Organizations That Help With Free Bunk Beds Programs

Apply Today!! Free bunk beds Program and Get beds from Craigslist. As we discussed above, various organizations are there that provide free bunk beds for kids. And as we know, sleeping in a bunk bed is one of kids’ dreams. But buying a bunk bed is not an easy thing for low-income parents. Non-profit organizations understand this situation for parents.

They help such people to get bunk beds for their kids. Non-profit organizations already fulfilled many kids’ dreams of bunk beds. So, to get bunk beds free, you can contact such organizations and get your free bunk beds today for your kids.

free bunk beds

St. Vincent De Paul.

St. Vincent De Paul is a non-profit organization. It is a well-known popular organization in the United States of America to help needy people. They provide free food, clothes, job opportunities, and many essential resources, including bunk beds. You may get bunk beds at affordable prices or free from here. They work with local agencies to provide you with good sleep for low-income and needy families.

Additionally, delivery services are also provided to low-income families. Remember, to get free bunk beds, applicants should have a financial crisis in the family. You can also visit their official website to get more information about their services and programs. You will get all the required information from official websites and local agencies.

Firstly, you have to fill out the application form to get bunk beds free. After that, there are some screening processes you have to go through. The social service agency conducts this screening process. In that process, you have to use your FFF referral form. After filling out the application, they will provide you with a code. After that, when successfully registering yourself, you must provide that code to the social service worker or other authorities.

Remember, you can only get 3 beds per family after qualifying for the bunk beds free program. Importantly, these programs end very soon, so you must get daily updates. You can connect with their Facebook page to get the latest updates, where they always discuss their programs and services, opening details, and deadlines. Vincent Thrift Store can help you in many ways. You can ask them for free food, clothes and other essential things which are vital for you and your family.


Beds4Kids is another well-known non-profit organization that provides cheap bunk beds for kids. Their basic free bunk beds program includes a 1,200lb bed with a mattress. You may also get blankets, sheets, pillows, and books for your kids. And according to their age, stuffed animals and toothbrushes. All you have to do to get bunk beds free is visit their official website or local offices.

After getting all the information, apply for bunk beds at affordable prices. To get beds you have to qualify for their eligibility, which is set by the authorities of Best4Kids. These eligibility criteria are set due to limited resources. Now, we discuss their eligibility to get assistance with bunk beds.

Eligibility To Get Bunk Beds.

  1. Recipients should be between the age of 2 and 20 years.
  2. Applicants never got bunk beds from this organization in the past.
  3. Bunk beds are provided to only those applicants who live in long-term and permanent housing.
  4. Applicants must be referred to the organization by a referral partner for the program.
  5. The applicant’s current living place must be bed-bug-free for at least 3 months pre and post-delivery of the bed.
  6. Your referral partner must have organized at Least once a visit in the last 3 months.

Applicants who meet all these criteria will get bunk beds free for their kids. These cheap bunk beds can save a sufficient amount of money and space. If you need more information about their services and program, visit them and ask the staff for help with bunk beds.

Great Old Manners.

You may get bunk beds free through old manners, too. As we know, high society people or rich families throw out or donate their old furniture to operate a new one in their house. Usually, they donate such furniture to non-profit organizations to provide it to needy people. Rich people donate their stuff to organizations to get some tax relaxation in return.

You can contact affluent families in your neighborhood so they will call you while replacing their old furniture with a new one. You can also contact such non-profit organizations to get free bunk beds. If not free, then indeed, at affordable rates, you will get the bunk bed for your kids. Just explain to them that you need a bunk bed for your kids. Behave well qualify for their programs and get a bunk bed.

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Sabathani Community Center.

Sabathani Community Center is the best place to get anything you need as they provide everything that we use in our daily lives. Like food, clothes, furniture, etc., if you are searching for a place from where you can get bunk beds or other essential items, this is the best place ever. It is a one-stop-shop place.

You don’t have to go for other options; you look for other items. They provide you with free bunk beds or cheap bunk beds. You need to contact them and ask them for help. Choose the furniture item at the time of application and get your bunk bed. You can contact them by simply visiting their official website or by visiting their local offices. At the time of application, explain your need for Free bunk beds for kids.

To get to bed, you have to first qualify for their program. And when they find you eligible for the bunk bed, surely you will get one. Additionally, they also provide a free mattress with the bed. One of the eligibility criteria is that applicants do not have a proper bedding facility in their house. Significantly, it completely depends on you and your kid’s need for bed assistance.

Places That Provide Free Bunk Beds Near Me

Organizations provide free bunk beds near me with some eligibility criteria. Where some may get qualified for it, or some may not. Don’t worry; there is another option to get a bunk bed. Various places are there that provide free bunk beds near me and me. All you have to do is look for them and ask them for a bed. Now, let’s discuss places that provide bunk beds at affordable rates or for free.

free bunk beds near me

Colleges And High School Hostels

You can look for college and high school hostels to get beds. As we know, many students leave their rooms with the furniture in good condition after graduation. Primarily, beds with mattresses are included in the furniture. You can directly reach students who will leave their room too soon. You can ask them for their bed to get for your kids. You may get a bed for free or at cheap rates.

Yard Sales & Classifieds

Yard sales are another great option to get a bunk bed. You can locate yard sales in your local area because the local people in your neighborhood organize these yard sales. Who wants to remove their bunk bed as they no longer need them? Because they think that the bunk beds they have are old and out of fashion. Simply, they give away their bunk beds in yard sales.

Remember to ensure updates to known opening dates of yard sales. To get updates, you can call your friends to give updates on yard sales if someone organizes them. Simply visit the yard sales and get your free bunk bed near me and you. Apart from yard sales, you can also go for classifieds to get bunk beds free. You can search classifieds in the newspapers. In the newspaper, you will find some advertisements for sales and purchases of furniture and other essential items.

Just keep updating yourself with a daily newspaper. If you found any advertisement, check which item you are getting in the sales. If your luck is with you then surely you will find the item in the classifieds which you direly need. However, it entirely depends on your negotiation whether you get the free bunk beds or at affordable rates.

Furniture Stores And Thrift Stores

We all know about thrift stores. Thrift stores help people with every essential thing we use in our daily life—for example, food, clothes, furniture including bunk beds, and many more. Thrift stores hold up the sales to get rid of old and unsold furniture items as soon as possible. When you hear that sales have started, contact your nearby thrift store to get free bunk beds near you and me.

Thrift stores can provide you with a free bunk bed at affordable rates. Just get the updates on the sale and visit them to get a bed. Furniture stores are another best option to get a bunk bed because furniture stores are the places where people replace their old furniture with new ones. After that, furniture stores want to get rid of such old furniture. So they give them away or sell them at cheap rates.


Hotels are one of the best options to get bunk beds. Usually, hotels always use new and trendy furniture to make their hotels look new and classy. Usually, they often change their old furniture into new and trendy furniture. Usually, they throw away their old furniture or donate them to non-profit organizations and charities. So, they can help needy people with their useful furniture.

You can reach up to hotels in your area and ask them for a free Hospital bed near you. Remember, do check the beds once if you are getting them at an affordable price. Again, it entirely depends on your negotiation skills to get free bunk beds near me. So, these are where anyone can get free bunk beds near me and me.

Free Bunk Beds Craigslist

Craigslist is a place where anyone can get anything for free. All you need to do is visit the official website of Craigslist. Go for the “free section” and search for your desired item. Many people want to get rid of many things. It may be possible that one of them is a free bunk bed on Craigslist. Rich people mainly want to update their houses with new furniture and new items which we use in our daily lives.

free bunk beds craigslist

People post their items, like free bunk beds, on Craigslist to get rid of them. As we already discussed, go for the free section and search for item-free bunk beds on Craigslist. If any bunk beds are posted on the website, you will get a list of available bunk beds. Check them out, and select the bunk bed suitable for you. After selection, contact the owner of the bunk bed, also available there, and ask them for a bunk bed.

You may get free bunk beds on Craigslist from there or you may get them at cheap rates. Remember, always meet the people from Craigslist in public places. And at the meeting place, go with your friends and family as we don’t know whether the person is right. Usually, it always goes well with Craigslist, but your safety should be your priority. Visit the official website to get to know more about the freebies. You can get anything from there. Just visit, go for the free section, and search for the item.


Buying a bunk bed is not an easy task for anyone. But what if I told you you could get a free bunk bed near me? Yes, you can get a free bunk bed from organizations. Various organizations and places are there that help people with free bunk beds for kids. They work to fulfill the dreams of kids. They may provide bunk beds at affordable rates according to your negotiation. Also, we discussed free bunk beds on Craigslist. Craigslist is also another best option to get bunk beds. Thanks for reading.

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