5 Good Reasons To Donate Hospital Beds

One thing that comforts a patient throughout his time in the hospital is his/her bed. A comfortable bed can make a difference in the recovery rate of a patient. Benevolent citizens in the town understand the importance and thus donate hospital beds to those in need. These hospital bed donations are done either directly or through a non-profit charity organization. Now, one might wonder whether the hospital bed donation programs only donate new beds, or are there any used hospital beds for donation programs as well?

Do not worry about it, fellow reader. There are used hospital beds for donation programs as well. One can also specifically donate hospital beds to veterans or seniors or low-income citizens or to whoever you feel like. There are several non-profit charity organizations as said above that make it possible for hospitals and health centers to provide quality health care. This is achieved with the help of several assistance programs and the ones through which they donate hospital beds have got into the limelight lately. Read along to know more about such sources that help with hospital bed donations as well as used hospital beds for donation.

Why To Donate Hospital Beds?

Fill the form to donate hospital bed & NGO Guy will Pickup from Place, Needy can also get used hospital beds. A hospital bed as such might not hold a position of any significance in the treatment of the patient but it is said that a night of good sleep is a cure for several things. If you have a comfortable bed you will naturally sleep well which will, in turn, help you recover speedily and hospital beds are manufactured in such a way that it caters to the medical and physical needs of a patient. It might happen that due to some illness a patient might be required to stay at a hospital for a long time or for a lifetime. In such situations, it becomes of utmost importance to provide them with all the comfort so that they do not feel homesick.

donate hospital beds

Occupying a bed means someone else might not get that resource to use. Thus, hospital bed donations become all the more necessary in such cases. Let me just give you an example of it so that you better understand the importance of used hospital beds for donation programs and hospital bed donation camps. Recently, the world has suffered a lot due to a deadly pandemic. With the outbreak of Covid, a lack of several resources was experienced, out of which one was lack of hospital beds to treat the affected. That is when the federal government along with several business tycoons and philanthropists came forward to donate hospital beds in hospitals where the inadequacy was to be seen.

It was reported that the federal were to donate hospital bed to veterans and seniors and all the others who were affected. They even urged the demography to donate hospital beds and other resources according to their wish and will. Now, this was just one situation where hospital bed donation had such a big role to play. There are several other reasons as to why you should do this benevolent deed. If you do not know where you can be helpful, you can contact agencies or look it up on google.

What Happens When You Pitch In For Hospital Bed Donation?

Any deed of benevolence should be stressed upon. Just as you donate hospital beds so easily, you can also pass that ease and comfort to those under medical observation by giving them the comfort of a cozy bed and a homely vibe. Hospital bed donation not only helps the person seeking it but also has some benefits for you as a donator. But first, let me tell you what happens when you donate hospital beds to people in need.

  • Calm Treatment Process

Often when we do not get something or when we face inadequacy of something, we feel irritated and frustrated. Now just imagine how would a patient feel when he or she realizes that they have to spend a longer time in the hospital and there are no arrangements for the same. On the contrary, think of a situation where the patient is diagnosed with an illness that will keep them for a long time in the hospital but they are assured of having a personal bed and all the amenities that are available in the sanctity of their own house.

hospital bed donation

I’m sure the second scenario sounds more appealing right. Your one hospital bed donation can give someone the comfort of their own house. The psychological stress from their disease gets piled up on the stress of not having proper resources for its treatment. This not only hampers the recovery process but might also deteriorate the condition of the patient. Having a sense of security in the form of one’s own bed can lead them to believe that they are safe and would also help them get well better. This way not only does a hospital bed donation provide a resource but it also offers mental support to an already grieving patient.

  • Less Stress of Managing Funds

We all know how costly hospital beds are!! It can be a nightmare for low-income citizens when it comes to occupying a bed in a hospital. Along with medications, X-rays, and other scans, the cost of a hospital bed adds up and this might lead to a stressful experience. Now, I know there are programs that help you pay medical bills, there are also plans where you can get a hospital or medical equipment for free or at an affordable price but sadly there are no programs to help with hospital beds quickly. I mean you can not just apply for a free hospital bed and get one immediately without having to wait a long time for it.

But instead of asking for a free hospital bed, what you can do is look for a helping hand who would donate hospital beds. Now if you would seek used hospital beds for donation, you might get the required help and as a result, you could relieve yourself from the stress of gathering enough funds to sustain a bed in the hospital. It would then be the responsibility of the donor to provide you with a useful, healthy hospital bed.

  • Do Away With Waiting Lines

As said earlier, it is a bit tough to get a free hospital bed right away. You would first have to apply for them and submit the required documents. Then the application will go through a process of scrutiny and then there will be a decision made as to if you are even eligible for providing a free hospital bed. Now, this might take a lot more time than you might have on your hand. In that case, you would have to find another option where people put up used hospital beds for donations.

There are several different organizations that donate hospital beds to veterans and all those in need. You can apply to these organizations if you are in a hurry or the case is quickly deteriorating. These agencies and foundations enable you to have a hospital bed donation as quickly as possible. This would have a threefold effect on the patient and their family members. This will lessen the psychological pressure on them and lessen the burden of accumulating funds to pay for the bed and help them by providing the bed wherever they want which would decrease the stress of transporting the resource and paying the transportation charges.

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  • Tax Rebates/ Deductions

Good deeds never go unnoticed!!! And this is the perfect example of it. Tax rebates or tax deductions are the amount of money that you receive back on paying your taxes and mentioning all the good deeds you did throughout the year. That is to say, if you mean that you have donated some stuff to those in need and that too in their times of crisis, you would have the upper hand in the game of taxes. You can donate hospital beds and earn yourself a couple of bucks.

Let me tell you how does this thing work. Well, for starters you would have to look for an organization that would come to your home and collect the hospital bed donation or used hospital beds for donation. Once, that is done, you would have to assure that the bed or beds that are to be donated are in good condition. If the officials find you eligible then they would come down to your house and get going with your used hospital beds for donation. They will provide you with a receipt, showing you have made such a donation. This would help you get a tax rebate or a tax deduction at the time of filing of your taxes.

Where Can I Donate Hospital Bed To Veterans?

War veterans are an important part of our society. They served and protected our nation even in severe weather conditions. It is our duty to treat them special. If we can not do great things for them as they did for us, at least we can thank them by making their time in a hospital comfortable. Now, you must be thinking how is that possible? Well, you can donate hospital beds to veterans through some of the other organizations. There are several organizations that specifically work for the betterment of war vets. You can contact them and make a hospital bed donation.

  • Veterans Outreach Center

Veterans Outreach Center is the Target of donation charities. It is a non-profit charity organization that accepts all kinds of donations. Speaking of medical equipment, they accept donations from people who have to offer canes, walkers, motorized scooters, wheelchairs, shower chairs, and of course hospital beds. This New York-based charity organization has reached out to numerous people in need with the resources donated by benevolent souls like you.

donate hospital bed to veterans

Volunteers at the Veterans Outreach Center understand the importance of providing a comfortable life to those in distress and that is why they urge people to donate hospital beds to veterans through the medium of their organization. You can locate their local office in the vicinity of your area of residence or visit their official website and get all the details on items you wish to donate. In this case, you would have to look for the medical equipment section and in that section, you would have to search for hospital beds free furniture vouchers near me.

This section will provide you with information on application forms for the donation programs, deadlines regarding the same, and the eligibility criteria. Along with medical equipment, the organization also looks forward to helping veterans with other resources of daily need. You can donate stuff like food, clothing, groceries, and other resources. However, the process to it might differ from that of medical equipment but you can always look it up on their website.

  • Medshare

MedShare is a non-profit charity organization that not only offers a chance to donate hospital beds to veterans but is also aspirational of saving both the money as well as the environment. Yes, you heard it right. With the rise in diseases and the number of people getting affected, there has been a massive increase in the production of resources. Often people overbuy in panic due to which they end up with surplus resources once the illness has been cured. If you are someone who has surplus medical equipment, you can contact this organization and give it away to the volunteers rather than letting it all end up in a landfill or an incinerator.

They accept all types of medical equipment that are unused and unexpired. Their areas of service are Metro Atlanta, Northern California, and the Metropolitan area of New York. They have set up recovery programs in these areas where you can donate hospital beds to veterans along with other useful medical supplies. Here I must tell you that there are certain things that are accepted as donations and some things that are strictly avoided by the organization. This list of things includes donated used hospital beds that can be obtained from the official website of this organization.

You can also get a list of other organizations that would accept the resources that are not accepted by MedShare. It offers you the chance to come in contact with other sister organizations that have the same goal of utilizing surplus medical equipment and providing a chance to community members to donate hospital beds to veterans.

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Sources That Accept Used Hospital Beds For Donation

After talking about sources that accept hospital bed donations for veterans, let me tell you about places that accept used hospital beds for donation. These organizations are those that accept used hospital beds for donation for everyone. Unlike the organizations that let you donate hospital beds to veterans, these sources provide you a chance to help anyone and everyone through their used hospital beds for donation programs. Read along to know more about these sources that enable you to give out used hospital beds for donation.

  • Med-Eq

A perfect example of a platform that brings the donor and receiver closer is the Med-Eq. It is offering a stable platform for donors to come in contact with organizations that in turn help the people who genuinely require hospital bed donations. They are one of the largest organizations that offer help with putting up used hospital beds for donations. Not only do they provide their services in every city, county, town, and state of the United States of America but they have extended their helping hand to people overseas.

used hospital bed for donation

The process to work with them is easy and quick. You just have to mail them the list of medical equipment that you wish to donate and decide upon a date and time which is suitable to you for getting the stuff picked up. There are no criteria for the donor either. Anyone from any individual to entire families to organizations and even non-profit organizations are deemed eligible to use their services to put up used hospital beds for donation.

  • Good Health Will

Another non-profit charity organization that works in order to provide a comfortable treatment to those in need is the Good Health Will. Now comfortable treatment does not only mean quality treatment from the doctors and nurses but it also includes the usage of good resources like medicines, injections, scans, and most importantly hospital beds. This is a Colorado-based organization that not only accepts used hospital beds for donations but also offers a chance to people to donate other medical equipment as well. you can also apply for free furniture for those in need Program to get help.

Not only does the organization offer hospital bed donations to those in need but it also helps out other sister organizations that face a lack of resources for their donate hospital beds programs. They also offer funds apart from medical equipment to the needy, poor, low-income, and the down-trodden. Their financial assistance programs offer sufficient funds to their applicants so that they can pay off their medical bills. It even enables the applicants to pay off those medical bills that are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance plans.

To be a part of their benevolence movement you just have to get yourself registered and submit the required documents along with it. With this, you are entitling yourself to avail of the benefits offered by the organization and other programs that might benefit you or those around you.


Helping those in need is a great deed of benevolence. Assisting those who are battling with death is seen as a deed of the greater good. You can be a part of it by taking part in hospital bed donation campaigns where you can either donate hospital beds by buying them from somewhere or you can give away used hospital beds for donations. You can also be more specific by being a part of donate hospital beds to veterans, seniors, or low-income citizen programs if you feel highly for any of these demographic groups.

For more information, you can contact the organizations and agencies mentioned above. They will provide you with a detailed overview of the programs and plans that they have to offer. You might also get something better to apply for after having a session with them.


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