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Get Free Beds For Kids – Apply Today

Get free beds for kids from these sources today!!! They ensure Quality beds under their Charity Programs providing free beds for kids.

Buying a bed for kids is a tough task. Not every family can afford expensive beds. But Don’t worry you can get free beds for kids or at affordable rates from various sources. Various sources provide free beds for kids. One can get cheap bunk beds or free bunk beds from these sources according to their need and financial status. Kids love sleeping in bunk beds. If given a choice they would always choose a bunk bed over a normal bed. It gives them the utmost pleasure. The only problem with the bunk beds is that they are a little costlier than the normal beds. But to fulfill their kids’ wish parents are forced to buy one. To get out of buying this expensive commodity, one can apply to these sources that not only provide free beds for kids but specifically provide cheap bunk beds. Cheap bunk beds are a great deal for low-income families.

Places Providing Free Beds For Kids As a Help

Nothing is more satisfying and relaxing than getting stuff for free. Little things that we get for free give us immense joy. But what if I told you that you can get free beds for kids? Yes, that is indeed true. Various organizations work to make society a better place. To achieve this goal, they provide things of daily use for free to those who are not financially capable of buying them for themselves. Bunk beds for kids are one such thing.

free beds for kids
free beds for kids
  • College/ High School Hostels:

Often after the students graduate, they move out of their dorm rooms leaving all the furniture intact. The furniture usually includes beds and mattresses. You can inquire at the hostel and/or talk to any of the students who might be interested in giving away their furniture. You can get free beds for kids from them once they move out. You can negotiate and either get it for free or pay an affordable price for the commodity.

  • Furniture Stores/ Thrift Stores:

Furniture Stores often take their furniture out once it gets old enough to not be displayed in the store anymore. They replace these pieces of furniture with the new ones. One can contact such furniture stores and ask if they have taken out any beds or if they are going to take out any soon.

If they have anything in the stock you would be provided with free beds for kids. You can go down to the store and see for yourself as to which one do you think will be the best for your child. Being a furniture store, they might also have bunk beds for kids. If you ask and persist you might bag free bunk beds for your kids. This is a great way to get free beds for kids in your house. Not only you can get a piece of furniture for free but you also get to choose from a variety of options.

Thrift Stores often hold up sales to get rid of the old, unsold furniture items. The clearance sales organized by these stores are real money-savers. One can get cheap bunk beds and free beds for kids from these sales. The only condition is that you need to get to the store as soon as the sale is declared or as soon as you hear of it. Often, in such sales items go out of stock very quickly.

  • Yard Sales and Classifieds:

Yard Sales are the perfect way to get free beds for ids in your locality itself. Generally, when people don’t use certain items or are looking forward to buying the same item in a new brand or new model, they tend to organize yard sales to get rid of those old items. You can go around the neighborhood and inform your friends and family to keep you updated with any information related to sales that are giving away free beds for kids or free bunk beds.

Classifieds in the newspapers often hold advertisements regarding the purchase and sale of furniture and other items. You can look up there. If you are lucky, then you may find a deal that suits your needs. You might also get a deal where you can get the commodity for free.

It depends on your negotiation skills whether you can bag cheap bunk beds for kids or not. You can get bunk beds for kids in your family for free or at an affordable price if you strike a good deal with the seller.

  • Hotels:

Hotels often change their furniture to make the setting look bright and fresh all the time. They usually throw away the old furniture or give it away to charity. You can reach out to them and ask if they have any free beds for kids. One can get beds for kids from the hotels in the town. The only thing to keep in mind is to check the quality of the furniture before taking it. Often the bed is broken or has some other problem due to which they threw it out.

You can also get free mattresses along with a free bed. If you persist they might give the entire bed along with the mattress and covers. It entirely depends on your negotiation skills. If you are lucky enough you can get more than one bed at a very affordable price.

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Organizations That Help With Free Bunk Beds

Sleeping in a bunk bed is every kid’s dream. But buying one is a little tough for financially unsound parents. For parents who want to buy their kids the bed of their dreams but are not able to do so due to their financial crunch, there is a way out. You can reach out to the non-profit organizations of the country. You can seek help from these organizations that work for the betterment of the country and society.

free bunk beds
free bunk beds
  • Beds4Kids:

Beds4Kids is a non-profit organization that provides cheap bunk beds for kids. Its basic program includes a 1,200lb bed with a memory foam mattress. It also provides sheets, blankets, pillow, books for children according to their age, stuffed animals, and toothbrush. You can get all this for your kids simply by applying for free bunk beds in this organization. However, there are some eligibility criteria one needs to follow to get free bunk beds for kids.


  1. The recipient must be falling in the age group of 2-20 years.
  2. No beds must have been awarded to the recipient from the organization in the past.
  3. Free beds for kids are only provided to those recipients who live in permanent housing or long-term housing.
  4. The current place of residence of the recipient should be bed-bug free (at least for 3 months pre and post-delivery of the bed)
  5. The recipient must be referred to the organization for the program by a Referral Partner.
  6. At least one visit must have been organized by the Referral Partner in the last 3 months.

If all these criteria are met by the applicant then the organization will provide you with a free bunk bed that suits your kid’s need. Beds4Kids also has the option of providing cheap bunk beds for parents whose children wish to sleep in one. Cheap bunk beds are a great way to save both money and space.

  • St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store:

Thrift Store administered by the U.S’s one of the top non-profit organizations provides bunk beds for kids at quite an affordable price. They work in collaboration with local congregations to provide a good night’s sleep for low-income and needy families. They deliver free beds for kids of low-income and needy families. To get free bunk beds for kids, an applicant needs to be a mature person and should have a financial crisis in the family.

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One needs to fill an application form to be eligible for their free beds for kids’ programs. After filling the form one needs to go through a screening process conducted by Social Service Agency. They would have to take part in the process by utilizing the FFF Referral Form and the code provided after the filing of that form. Once you have got yourself registered you can give the FFF code provided to you to the social service worker or a caseworker.

One can get only 3 beds per family once he or she is found eligible for the program. This program goes out of stock very soon. Hence, one needs to stay updated about the details of the program’s opening details and deadlines. For that, you can connect to their Facebook page and get the latest updates about the program and the organization.

  • Great old manners:

Often high society families throw away their old furniture to redecorate their houses with new and in-trend furniture. They usually put it on the curb for the city services to take it away or donate this high-class furniture to a non-profit organization. By donating the furniture they can get tax yield. One can drive through these high-end neighborhoods to look for free bunk beds for kids. Generally, all the moving process takes place during the weekends. Thus, you can have a look during that time. if you get lucky, then you might get more than one free bed for kids. You might also get cheap bunk beds if you negotiate with them.

  • Sabithani Community Centre:

Sabithani Community Centre is the only thing you need when you are in search of cheap bunk beds for kids. Sabithani Community Centre is a one-stop-shop for everything one would need. They provide basically everything that is essential for daily use. From furniture to clothing to food to school supplies and holiday support, everything can be obtained from this agency.

One can get cheap bunk beds for kids from their yard. One just needs to apply for it. You can contact them or visit them personally and narrate your problem to them. If they find you eligible they might provide you with free bunk beds along with free mattresses. The biggest criterion to be fulfilled is that one should not have proper bedding facilities. If you fulfill this criterion, then the agency would definitely provide you with a bed suitable for your needs.

free bunk beds
free bunk beds

Final Thoughts…

Free beds for kids have been a blessing to many low-income families. They have been providing peaceful sleepy nights to hundreds of kids in needy families with their programs providing cheap bunk beds for kids. The process of getting free beds for kids is quite easy and hassle-free. Programs providing free bunk beds for kids ensure that the beds that they are giving away are safe and bed bug-free. For further information, you can contact the respective organization. They would lead you through a detailed tour of the programs and its eligibility and deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can kids get free beds?

A: There are various ways to get free beds for kids in your family. One of the most popular ways to get free beds for kids is the Ashley Home Store’s Dream to Hope. If there is a deserving child in the family or if you know a child who deserves to have proper bedding then you can apply on their behalf in this program.

The eligibility criteria to be followed is that the child should be aged between 3-16 years. If the child belongs to this age group then you must fill the application form and the agency would notify you if you are getting the bed or not. The chances of getting rejected are very very low. They strive to provide every needy child with a bed of his or her dreams. They especially provide free bunk beds for kids as it is a dream for most of the children to sleep in one. Cheap bunk beds are also available in case if any parent wishes to buy it on their own.

Q: How can I get a free bed?

A: Various organizations have taken up the task of providing a sound sleep to each and everyone in the society. For the fulfillment of this dream of theirs, they are providing free beds and free mattresses to people who actually need it but due to their financial conditions are not able to afford it. You can apply to any of these organizations and get yourself a free bed.

Some of the renowned organizations that provide free beds for kids and adults are The Salvation Army. Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul, Modest Needs, and many more. Some of these organizations are national while others are location-specific. You can check the availability at these organizations and then can fill a form to get free beds.

Community centers and shelter homes also provide free beds to those in need. You just need to reach out to them personally and in some cases be really persistent to get a free bed.

Q: Are these beds obtained from programs providing free beds for kids safe to use?

A: Yes. The beds provided by organizations and agencies under their programs for free beds for kids are totally safe to use. They take good care of the sanitization of the furniture and the mattress(if provided) before handing them away. They see to it that no free bunk beds are handed out before going through a check. A check where they ensure that the free bunk beds are safe to sleep in. They also see to it that there are no bed bugs in the bed before they give it away to the needy and low-income families.

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