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9 Free House Cleaning Services For Disabled Individuals

Free house cleaning services for disabled citizens are subject to the respective areas of residence. You can search locally for agencies that offer no-cost cleaning services. Being a recipient of government assistance programs can also help you get your house cleaned for free.

Programs like SSGB and HCBS can help you maintain your house’s cleanliness. These programs and others like them can be a great help to you. To learn about the functioning of these programs and where to find them, read along!!!

Free House Cleaning Services For Disabled Individuals: Government Sources

Government assistance programs often focus on providing comprehensive support to disabled individuals, including cleaning services or financial assistance that can indirectly support such needs. Here are nine government programs and strategies to explore:

free house cleaning services for disabled

1. Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers

Medicaid’s Waivers are a savior for citizens requiring free house cleaning services for disabled people. HCBS waivers cover the costs of home maintenance and cleaning services for eligible individuals.

The availability and eligibility criteria vary by state, so contacting the local Medicaid office is essential to getting precise information.

2. VA Aid and Attendance benefits

The VA does not offer free house cleaning services, but the VA Homemaker and Home Care Services program provides eligible veterans with personal care and household support.

This program is for veterans who need help with activities of daily living, are isolated, or whose caregiver is experiencing a burden. The program can be combined with other home and community-based services.

3. Area Agencies on Aging

These agencies do not directly offer free house cleaning services for disabled citizens. Still, they often have information on various services and financial aid available to older adults, including cleaning services.

You can contact them over the phone or check out their website to learn about all the services you are eligible for. You can also get better guidance regarding where to look for necessary resources.

4. Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)

The government aid specifically working towards offering free house cleaning services for disabled, the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) program provides essential social services to help people who are unable to care for themselves. These services can include:

  • Chore services, which can help with light housekeeping, shopping, food preparation, laundry, and personal care
  • In-home aide services, which provide home-based assistance to adults with disabilities
  • Housekeeping, home health aid, personal care, respite, and nursing services
  • Housecleaning, fumigation, and other needs to help people remain safe and independent

5. Centres for Independent Living

Centers for Independent Living are local agencies offering support and services to help people with disabilities live independently and might have information about available cleaning services or financial assistance.

You can locate one in your area of residence and ask them to help you with the required cleaning services.

6. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services

While primarily focused on transportation, some NEMT providers may offer additional supportive services or have information on organizations that provide free house cleaning services for disabled citizens.

7. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

SSI and SSDI are government programs that help financially disadvantaged citizens make ends meet. It has not been reported yet that these programs offer help with cleaning services free of charge.

These programs do not directly offer these services, but you can get funds from them to hire professionals to clean your house. You can also get instant home reapir grants for disabled people through various organizations.

8. State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (VR) are state-supported services that help people with disabilities pursue meaningful careers.

While the agency mainly organizes employment opportunities for disabled individuals willing to live independently, you can seek help from them to find local resources that can help you with cleaning.

9. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP mainly focuses on saving your bucks on energy bills, but you can get help cleaning your house. A big part of sustainability is keeping your chimneys and exhausts clean. LIHEAP professionals can help you get these cleaned, benefiting you two-fold.

You can also benefit from the program passively. You can get the program to cover your energy and gas bills and use the saved money to hire cleaning professionals from your vicinity.

Does Medicaid pay for house cleaning?

Medicaid can provide support for a range of services that assist disabled individuals, including potentially covering the costs of cleaning services through Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waivers.

Does Medicaid pay for house cleaning

HCBS waivers are designed to allow individuals who qualify for institutional-level care to receive those services in their home or community setting instead.

HCBS waivers include various services such as personal care services, homemaker services (which could include cleaning), case management, home modifications, and more, depending on the individual’s needs and the state’s offerings.

Other Ways To Get Free House Cleaning Services For Disabled

To access free house cleaning services for disabled citizens, several strategies and resources can be explored. While there are no direct national programs that provide free cleaning services, there are local non-profit organizations, charities, and community groups that often assist. Below are ways to consider:

  1. Contact Local Disability Organizations
    • Local disability organizations that offer help with counseling and other resources can help you get in touch with sources that offer free house cleaning services for disabled individuals.
  2. Look Out for Volunteer Services
    • Public platforms like Facebook Groups and Craigslist can get you volunteers to help you with your house cleaning.
  3. Explore Local Charities
    • You can look for local charities and religious organizations that can help you with maintaining the cleanliness at your home.
    • These charities also often introduce free house cleaning services for disabled citizens programs.
  4. Seek Financial Assistance
    • When you are unable to get help with the resource, you can seek help with the funds to purchase the resource.
    • You can seek financial help from national and local organizations to call in cleaning professionals.
  5. Ask for Referrals
    • When a service or organization can’t assist, they offer referrals of other agencies or programs that would help. Often, local networks of service providers are well connected, you must converse with your organization regarding the same.
  6. Raise Funds
    • Similar to seeking financial assistance, you can set up fundraisers on platforms like GoFundMe and others.
  7. Utilize Assistive Technology
    • With mobility issues, disabled citizens can find it troublesome to maintain their households. This is where assistive technlogy comes in play. You can use cleaning products that are manageable and inexpensive.

People Also Ask

Free house cleaning services for disabled citizens are a less discussed topic, so there are confusions surrounding it. Here are 3 most frequently asked questions answered:

Can I get free house cleaning services for disabled citizens online?

Yes. There are numerous websites like the Disability Gateway that can help you with finding resources to get your house cleaned for free.

Can I get free house cleaning services for disabled individuals in New York?

Local agencies and charities like The Salvation Army and Cleaning for a Reason Foundation offer their helping hand to the disabled with their cleaning services.

How does Scope help with free cleaning services for disabled?

Scope extends their helping hand to disabled citizens by offering facilities like gardening services, styling services, and cleaning services.

The Bottom Line

Free cleaning services for disabled citizens are a helping hand for citizens with mobility issues. It is difficult to maintain a household while living with a disability which is why it is essential to seek help from organizations that offer maid services and housekeeping services. You can contact the programs mentioned above to get the required help.

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