5 Easy Ways To Get CDL Grants For Felons

Apply For CDL grants for felons. These cdl training for felons grants provided by various governmental and Charity help felons to get back on their feet.

CDL grants for felons are for people who have committed a felony in the past but now are clean after serving their sentences. Getting back on feet after committing a felony can have negative effects on a person’s professional life. Ex-felons can support their families again through these CDL grants for felons and CDL training for felons programs.

They can also apply to truck driving schools for felons to get their licenses as truckers which would, in turn, help them to earn money for their families. Truck driving school grants for felons are also available for people who can not afford to pay fees of the truck driving school for felons. Read along to know how to get CDL grants for felons.

What Are CDL Grants For Felons?

CDL grants for felons or commercial driving license grants for felons are grants provided by the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The Department of Labor Grants annually provides these grants to those in need. These grants are mainly for felons that are pre-release or are ex-felons.

Almost all these CDL grants for felons are open to anyone and everyone who is in need of support. CDL grants for felons provide financial support to ex-felons who might or might not have good credit as well. Various organizations have taken the initiative of providing their help to ex-felons and convicts who promise to work with all honesty and perseverance.

1. Inmates to Entrepreneurs

Inmates to entrepreneurs is a non-profit outreach group that helps former inmates and felons to start their business by providing them financial support. This group is backed by Sageworks and aims to make ex-felons respectable citizens of society. Along with their support, they also provide knowledge about starting and running a business.

CDL grants for felons

They provide this information through videos and other modes of education. If you live in their area of service then you can also visit a local chapter and get all the information from there.

2. is an online portal run by the government. Here you would be able to get all the details about the grants and scholarships that you are looking for. You can also get a hang of other grants that can help you in different areas. You can apply for CDL grants for felons through this portal and also get information about other grants.

All the information about the deadlines and eligibility criteria of the grants can be obtained through this portal. You can also apply for student loans, education loans, and various other kinds of loans and grants through this portal. All these grants would be funded by the government and organizations affiliated with it.

3. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a financing site where you can advertise yourself and ask people to fund your cause. Felons can obtain CDL grants for felons on their own by reaching out to people through this site. This is a site that has helped individuals raise over $3 billion for themselves.

It is used by people mostly for raising funds for problems faced with education, medical expenses, charitable donations, training sessions, and many more. You can reach out to people to support felons and ex-felons by asking them to raise money for CDL grants for felons and CDL training for felons.

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4. IndieGoGo

Another crowdfunding website that helps ex-felons and convicts is IndieGoGo. It can help you to raise money for CDL training for felons and CDL grants for felons. The site provides professional help to all those who are found eligible for the support. Your idea and motive should be powerful enough to impress the panelists. They would then decide if you are eligible for the fundraising or not.

5. State Government and Local Agencies

One can also get help from the state government and local agencies to acquire CDL grants for felons. Every year, the federal government provides a fixed amount to the state government as a fund to help those in need. You can apply to your respective government to get this grant money under the title of CDL grants for felons. However, some eligibility criteria would be fulfilled before getting the said grant money.

Local agencies collaborating with non-profit organizations and charities can also provide CDL grants for felons. They would have a set of rules that an applicant must follow to get the grant money. This grant money can then be used for CDL training for felons. This CDL training for felons would allow the felons to get a job in a trucking company.

How To Get CDL Training For Felons?

CDL training for felons provides ex-felons and ex-convicts a chance to improve themselves and get back on their feet. This is a 3 step process that provides a chance to ex-felons to be better people by providing them support to provide for their families by themselves. The first step of CDL Training for Felons is that they should have a valid driver’s license. To get into any truck driving schools for felons one must have a valid driver’s license.

CDL Training for felons

Possessing a driver’s license can easily get you into a truck driving schools for felons. If you do not possess a valid driver’s license, you should get one as soon as possible. The procedure for applying for a driver’s license is very easy. One just needs to fill an application form, give a written test and a driving test. If you pass all these tests then you will be an owner of a valid driver’s license in the state of the United States of America.

The second step is to choose the right truck driving schools for felons. Choosing the right truck driving school can determine the quality of the CDL training for felons provided by the school and the success rate of the trainee to get a job with the training acquired.

You can also apply to truck driving companies that admit felons as drivers. This is where the third step comes into play. You can ask them if they can pay off your training fees. Generally, truck driving companies do pay off the fees if you agree to work for the company for at least 3 to 5 years.

This way, even if you have committed a felony but you want to come clean and start a new life you can do so with these CDL grants for felons and CDL training for felons. They not only help the felons financially but also help them gain their lost confidence.

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List Of Truck Driving Schools For Felons

Getting back on track after being convicted for a felony is difficult. People often hesitate in trusting people who might have committed a felony in the past. For people like this, various organizations have come forward and taken the initiative of providing jobs and education to get jobs. Various truck driving schools for felons admit ex-cons and ex-felons to educate and train them about the business and work to provide them employment.

1. Truck schools usa is a portal that offers CDL training for felons. They also provide ruck driving school grants for felons. For felons who wish to get in this field but are unable to do so due to their financial condition can apply for these truck driving school grants for felons. It provides all the information regarding truck driving schools, driving license tests, CDL grants, and all the other field-related information.

truck driving schools for felons

2. Lincoln Land Community College

This is one of the best truck driving schools for felons. It provides theoretical as well as on-road training to its applicants. Irrespective of the past all the applicants are admitted to the course. If you try and convince them you might also be able to bag truck driving school grants for felons. Your reason to apply for the grant should be solid and valid. If the jury is convinced by your plea then you can get to learn all about the field free of cost.

3. Dootson School of Trucking

Specializing in the field of trucking and business related to it, Dootson School of trucking has been admitting and educating felons for years now. Dootson School Of Trucking is in this field of Truck Driving School for Felons for over more than 60 years now.

They have provided many truckers who were felons with education and an opportunity to gain employment. They might also provide truck driving school grants for felons if necessary in certain cases. You can visit their website or talk to the professionals to get a clearer view of the driving school and programs offered by them.

After completing education, felons also have a hard time finding a job. One has nothing to worry about that now. Various companies hire felons as drivers for their trucking company. Melton Truck Lines, Stevens Transport, PGT Trucking, Falcon Transport, Knight Transportation, Tango Transport, and many others are companies that hire felons.

Roehl Transport is a trucking company that not only provides employment but also provides CDL training for felons. It might also provide truck driving schools for felons. You can contact these companies to get a detailed overview of the company and the post.


Felony is a great crime but it takes courage to get over it. Felons who wish to give a new meaning to their life can apply for the CDL grants for felons. These grants would help them get CDL training for felons. Various truck driving schools for felons have been helping the needy and poor by providing free truck driving school grants for felons. This is a great way to accept those who have committed a crime in the past but are trying to become a better person now.

For further information, you can contact the aforementioned organizations. The officials and volunteers would be able to take through the tour of their programs and grants in a better and more detailed way.

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