Wrapping Paper Fundraiser For Schools: Manage Expenses

Wrapping paper fundraisers has been a popular and effective method for many schools to raise money. They collaborate with suppliers and sell decorative wrapping papers to raise funds for various needs or projects.

Choosing the wrapping paper fundraiser for schools would make a positive impact due to its eco-friendly nature. Along with students, their parents can also be involved in the selling process and learn interpersonal skills and responsibilities.

How Does Wrapping Paper Fundraiser For Schools Work?

Raising money for schools or specific school-related projects isn’t that easy. After several attempts at different fundraising ideas, we have realized that decorative wrapping papers can do wonders and be sold out quickly in favor of the selling entity.

How Does Wrapping Paper Fundraiser For Schools Work

To effectively execute the wrapping paper fundraiser for schools, you must find the best suppliers to collaborate with schools for the deals. You can customize the designs of the wrapping papers as per your choices with the selected collaborating company.

Many K-12 schools in the U.S. engage in some form of product fundraising annually. Usually, schools get half the profit margin and retain anywhere from 40-50% of the sales price from wrapping paper fundraisers.

A significant portion of the sales earnings will go directly to the schools to benefit from working on school-related projects; that’s how any school fundraising model works.

Although this wrapping paper fundraiser for schools requires the students and parents to participate, those students whose parents are disabled can get the benefits of a scholarship for such students.

The wrapping paper fundraiser for schools becomes vital since it fills the gap of financial breakdown when the school faces any funding cuts, budgetary constraints, or scarcity of money to work on its critical projects to ensure quality education and accessibility for the students.

Why Do You Need The Wrapping Paper For Fundraising?

Why Do You Need The Wrapping Paper For Fundraising

There are plenty of fundraising ideas floating around us; we know that. What is unique about wrapping papers? Pay heed below.

  • Eco-Friendly Opportunities
  • Simplicity and Low Risk
  • High-Profit Margins
  • Broad Audience
  • Customization
  • Educational Component

High-profit margins and customization for wrapping papers are the top advantages for schools. They can customize their wrapping peppers with their logos or specific messages. Wrapping papers are non-perishable and easy to transport.

Students (often their families) are given a specific period to sell the products (wrapping paper) with custom catalogs provided by the partnered company, and the school will receive a portion of the proceeds. The funds collected through this method are used for the following purposes.

  • School equipment or resources
  • Extracurricular programs or clubs
  • Field trips or educational outings
  • School improvements or beautification projects
  • Educational events or guest speakers
  • Scholarships for students

Suppose your school has a scarcity of furniture in the classroom and requires sufficient study facilities. In that case, you can enroll in the Top 10 Alternatives Ashley Furniture Program and get assistance with benches and blackboards.

With increasing awareness of environmental concerns, some schools have started to resource and promote eco-friendly or recycled wrapping paper, which can be considered an Eco-Conscious Movement for every school across the state.

Wrapping Papers has seasonal benefits as people look for them to cover their gifts to enhance their outlook aesthetically. The Following benefits might impress you about the wrapping paper for a fundraiser.

  • Seasonality and Practical Product
  • Safe and Convenient Fundraiser
  • High-Profit Margins
  • Variety of Designs
  • Incentives for Students
  • Fostering Engagement and Team Building
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Skill Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Environmentally-Conscious Options

The gift wrap industry is a billion-dollar worthy; this appeals to consumers like schools and college infrastructure that are more inclined to focus on environmental concerns.

With advancements in printing technology, wrapping papers are booming with customizable choices that most people cannot miss out on.

Top Wrapping Paper for Fundraising Companies

Schools can get many offers, such as prices and rewards from fundraising companies to the top sellers, which can motivate students and their parents to sell more. This would eventually help the school to have their selling.

1. Charleston Wraps

With over 1500+ fundraising products, this platform provides quality fundraising products with 100% customer satisfaction.

Going beyond the industry standards, the Charleston Wrap Offers a whopping 40 sq. ft. per roll of Ultra-Heavy™ gift wrapping paper. The standard gift-wrapping rolls are reversible so that you can utilize both sides of the design, i.e., two designs.

2. Innisbrook Wraps

This widely-known platform offers premium wrapping paper, other gifts, and holiday-themed items. They sell a variety of gift wraps from Christmas to birthdays to weddings; you have many different options to choose from.

Check the Innisbrook Wraps Gift Wrap Kits with a variety of crafted designs starting from $27 and earn a high percentage of profit margin (more than 40%). Your profit would directly go to your school administration fund to utilize in other important projects.

3. Believe Kids

Again, a well-known and famous for the school fundraiser wrapping paper, this platform has an array of customers across the United States.

Look out for their gift catalogs with 500+ exciting products in 12 categories. You can see here the Belive Kids’ 24 Different Fundraising Programs, including gift papers that can help you have the whooping deals on your wrapping papers for schools.

4. Meadow Farms Fundraising

With their top-earning fundraising catalogs, this organization has been the largest unit in England. The Meadow Farms Fundraising company has an array of products to offer, including gift-wrapping papers.

Along with quality gift wraps, they have cookies galore, gourmet sets, kitchen gadgets, home goods, and more. Earn exciting rewards with Meadow Farms Fundraising for school and benefit from high-margin sales with gift wraps.

5. Gifts’ N Things

Enroll in their safe three school fundraisers, students and customers, school and customer; they have hybrid or online delivery options for your products to sell and get the most out of this wrapping paper fundraiser for schools. 

Earn up to $200 Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe Dollars 5%, Additional Profit on your Shop $300 Carnival Kit on the sign up. Get the 3 Roll Set of Gifts’ N Things Wrapping Paper free and accessible to every teacher whose homeroom has 50% participation.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Fundraising Company?

It would be best if you considered the following parameters before choosing the fundraising company for the school that would fetch you the most benefits.

  • Product Quality
  • Profit Margin
  • Support and Resources
  • Online Sales Options
  • Delivery and Logistics
  • Reputation and Reviews

Remember that many companies offer additional items beyond just wrapping paper in their catalogs to maximize the fundraising potential, such as kitchen gadgets, gourmet food items, and decor, that you can receive as additional benefits.

Get the list of places to find the most affordable furniture for schools if your school is required to manage their delayed or breakdown projects related to infrastructure.

The wrapping papers are often not sold in isolation; many companies offer them with related products like bows, ribbons, tags, and even gift bags. You can also buy them at reasonable prices for your fundraising projects.

PTA Fundraisers for Schools

The Parents Teachers Association contributes to the fundraising campaigns and events for schools. You can enroll in the PTA-organized events for the school or specific school-related causes. PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in the United States.

Along with the school fundraiser wrapping paper, there are other PTA products, like Cookie Dough and Candy Bars or Snacks, which you can use to raise funds.

Enroll in the PTA School of Excellence program to enhance the quality of education in your school with the improved infrastructure facilities and engagements. Based on the PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, you can get a year-long commitment to identifying and implementing an action plan for school improvement.


In this article, we have comprehensively covered the wrapping paper fundraiser for schools. You can also understand the top companies providing gift wrappers, why you need them, and specific parameters to consider before choosing the company.


Here, you can get the most frequently asked questions about the wrapping paper fundraiser for schools and associated companies.

How to do a gift wrap fundraiser?

You can identify a cause or organization you want to support, gather volunteers, secure a location, gather necessary supplies, and promote the event. Choosing the proper organization that can coordinate with your earning goals is essential.

What is a good fundraising goal?

The great fundraising goal is to increase recognition for the mission and cause of the project you are raising funds for. Consider the school-related project expenditure and estimate the earning potential for the current fundraising sale.

Why is wrapping paper better than gift bags?

A wrapped gift will travel better, eliminate those nasty spills, and not show signs of being squashed. Moreover, they are handy, lightweight, aesthetically better, and look more appealing than bags.

How can I raise money for school?

Fundraising is the most effective method to raise money for schools. There are multiple fundraising ideas for schools, such as selling baked goods, Craft Fairs, Walk-a-thon or Fun Run.

What is it called when you raise money for a school?

It is called the school fundraising method or funding that can help you fill the insufficiency or gaps in school expenses or related to school projects to improve the quality of education and provide the best infrastructure for the studies.

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