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Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Per Month

Short Term Disability Insurance costs can be low compared to the Long Term Disability Insurance costs. To know about insurance, cost and all. First, let’s know about the Short Term Disability. What is it? The name, itself indicates that it is for a short span of time. It includes temporary sickness that does not allow you to go to your jobs. This can be anything like an accident, pregnancy, injury, or little sickness.

At that time, if you have Insurance then you can have some amount of your salary. It’s like you can get up to 70% of your salary just by staying at your home. We have Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator here so that you can know your own estimate.

Learn About Short Term Disability Insurance Cost

The Average Short Term Disability Insurance Cost is $86 per month For a person who is annually earning $41,600. In addition to this, it varies from employer to employer and insurance company to insurance company.

Short Term Disability Insurance Cost

It is totally up to you which kind of policy you pick, you will get much higher or lower rates according to your policy. Every policy provider and policy is different in their elimination period, monthly pay, benefits, benefits length, and also the risk factors that include occupations, age, and addiction to tobacco.

So now, you all should know all the factors that influence your benefit and monthly premium. And yes! then you can without a fantastic Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator to know your immediate estimate of yours. so let’s get started.

There are seven unique factors that matter and go into the equation that can be used to calculate your Short Term Disability Insurance Cost. The seven are divided into two first one is the policy factor and another one is the applicant factor.

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1. Policy Factor

The given below four-factor plays a vital role to decide your Short Term Disability Insurance Cost. it can go higher and lower. It is totally up to your choice.

Purchase Point

We know that you won’t believe but it is for real that the place from where you buy Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Coverage has a great influence on your premium rates. Your monthly premium also depends on where you started the policy whether it is from the insurance company or from your current job. It could rise and fall according to it.

  • When you go for the other short term disability insurance provider you might have more Cost Of Short Term Disability Insurance. The reason behind this is the insurance cannot grab gambles and meets loftier claims defeats.
  • The group plans which are provided by your employers offer you lower Short Term Disability Insurance costs because the company which is going to issue your insurance e will first see their safety and also you can pre-tax your monthly pays.

Monthly Amount

When taking short-term disability insurance, this factor primarily comes into the picture. When your choose monthly payment it will directly affect your monthly payments. The more benefit you need the more Short Term Disability Costs you have to pay.

You can go for the below two choices.

  1. Maximum 70% of Portion of monthly revenue
  2. Maximum benefit with the limit of $6,500 per month

our Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator utilizes the above two factors to depict it

Elimination Period

It too highly affects the Average Cost Of Short Term Disability Insurance premium charges. The more extended elimination duration you choose, the more inferior the monthly cost you get. The ending duration illustrates how fast the claim pays starts. The insurance taker can have various options.

Short Term Disability Insurance Cost
  • 7/7
  • 14/14
  • 30/30
  • 60/60

Benefit Length

It plays a key role in influencing Short Term Disability Costs of monthly premium rates. it is straightforward. that the longer benefit length you want you to have to pay a high amount according to your chosen benefit length.

After you pick benefit length, you can define your monthly Short Term Disability Insurance Cost. You can have benefit length choices like

  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 24 Months

2. Applicant Features

There are some personal characteristics that can also affect the equation of Average Cost For Disability Insurance. It depends on the risk factor that is connected to the applicant that cost will go elevated or downward


When we talk about short-term or Long Term Disability Insurance costs, occupation is the most essential thing that will affect your monthly premium cost. If your work contains risk factors then the cost can stand up to about 40%. Some occupational-specific examples are given below.

  1. USPS postal workers get Short Term Disability Insurance Cost more every month as they have to do repetitious chores that may direct to chronic damage to various joints and ligaments
  2. National government employees used to pay less as they just have to do management or office work.
  3. The self-owned and self-employed individual contractor pays according to their roles. As there is a wide range of job roles they might pay less or more


The older you get, the more likely you get Short Term Disability. So that you will require insurance for that and the Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator too. When you buy the policy, after the occupation your age will be the second factor to decide your premium rates. If you are older then you will have to pay more claim

It is possible that you will be banned from buying Short Term Disability insurance because of your older age. So we suggest you buy it when you are young and healthy. It will beneficial to you only.

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If you’re addicted to any of the prohibited things or the things that can harm your life, you have to pay 20% more than a sober person. It includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or putting a pinch of tobacco into your mouth.

Short Term Disability Insurance Cost

Here I have some of the best Short Term Disability Insurance costs and provider companies you can check on the table.

(Overall the best)
1$250,000 to $1.5 million1 day to 6 months$1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000
Pivot Health
(The Best Valued)
Differs$100,000 to $1 million
5 days to 6 months$1,000, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000
IHC Health Group
(The Best For The Customized Plans)
DiffersUp to $2 millionVaries$2,500, $5,000, or $10,000
(The Best For Longest Policy Choices)
Differs$500,000 to $2 million6 to 12 months$2,500, $5,000, $7,500, $10,000, or $15,000

Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator

After all, if you want to know your monthly estimated premium cost then you can use our Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator. it’s completely free for you. You just need to enter the three policy features and two applicant characteristics into this form. then you will get your preliminary result.

Long Term Disability Insurance Cost

Long Term Disability Insurance name itself suggests that it must be for a longer time duration. This insurance is crafted for the purpose of protecting the salary of the people who cannot go to work because of any injury or serious illness.

People usually think that it is for mishappens and accidents but in actuality illnesses like depression, cancer, and numerous sclerosis affect your work capacity and productivity. Only 10% of them are by accident 90% of them are because of serious illness.

Short Term Disability Insurance Cost

Long Term Disability Insurance Cost is planned to give you the benefits for a longer time duration. It usually provides benefits for the 5,10,20 or sometime after your retirement also. it depends upon your chosen plans.

Long Term Disability Insurance costs can differ from person to person and insurance provider to insurance provider. the factors this, can be affected are given below.

1. Personal Data

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Health

2. Policy Options

  • Coverage amount
  • Benefit period
  • Waiting Period

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Short Term Disability Cost?

Short-term disability benefits last for about 13 to 26 weeks. It will cost you anything around $86 per month. But it will greatly depend on the factors like purchase point, monthly amount, elimination duration, benefit length, and other risk factors like your job role, age, and addiction to tobacco, citrate, etc.

How Much Is Short Term Disability Insurance?

If you are the one who is earning $41,600 yearly then you have to pay Short Term Disability Insurance Costs about $86 per month to get your insurance done.

What qualifies for short term disability in PA?

Pennsylvania offers Short Term Disability Insurance Cost benefits to the employer who cannot go to the job due to some temporary sickness that lasts less than a year. If your company does not cover this feature, then you can buy it from another insurance company.

How do I ask my doctor for short term disability?

You can directly ask the doctor about Short Term Disability. Try to convenience the doctor but don’t squeeze the discussion. The most important be humble and honest about your condition.

The Final Verdict

Taking all into the account, I personally think that you all must be so happy about this Short Term Disability Insurance Cost Calculator. so that all of them can know their estimate well in advance. This insurance is essential, as it provides some portion of salary to the injured or sick person. So the article on Short Term Disability Insurance Cost ends here.

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