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Music is an integral part of everyone’s lives. Some of us give more importance to it than the rest. They are generally known as artists. If given proper guidance since childhood they can become great artists in their teenage or adulthood. But music lessons can be quite expensive. The solution to this problem is applying for grants for musical instruments. Various grants like grants for musical instruments and grants for music education can support the artist and enhance his skills.

Schools that promote music are also provided grants under the title of music grants for schools so that they can help interested students by appointing trained professionals and purchasing brand new musical instruments. Also, grants for band instruments are provided to those groups that are deemed fit for the cause.

Organizations That Provide Grants for Musical Instruments

Apply for the grants for musical instruments for schools which are running by music companies. They offer grants for band instruments and music education grants So, student can increase music skills. Helping the needy ones have been a key emotion of us humans. Various organizations provide grants for musical instruments to those who are extremely passionate about music.

Music for All is one such organization. It aspires to get more and more people attracted towards music industry. It provides musical instruments grants along with helping the applicant in finding good stores to buy the instruments. It also helps people to get themselves a music teacher. And If someone wants to join coaching then music education grants will help.

grants for musical instruments

The OHMI trust helps people by lending them the instruments needed for the practice or the performance. It aims to remove the barrier of proper instruments that hampers the creativity of the artist. The Holland Opus Foundation is well known for providing musical instrument grants to all ages of people. They provide people with musical instruments that new or gently used. The old and ragged instruments are replaced by the new ones under the Holland Opus grant. They are one of the most providing grants for musical instruments, Thanks to OHMI.

The Live Music Foundation not only provides grants for musical instruments for individuals but also helps the institutions to get a music grant for schools or music education grants. It helps the people b replacing their instruments that can no more be used by brand new, professional instruments of greater quality.

You can apply these grants for musical instruments easily by just filling out their online form. But the catch is that you are supposed to send them a detailed report of the usage of the instrument provided by them at the interval of every 3 months.

How to Get Grants For Band instruments?

When buying one instrument can turn into a tough task then imagine how tough it would be financially to buy instruments for a whole band. The artists that aspire to continue working as a band can apply for grants for band instruments. Such bands are helped financially by various organizations. Foundations like EMI Music Sound Foundation and Future Talent provide grants for band instruments. Their ultimate goal is to support the youths to make their careers in music.

grants for band instruments

There are various stores that provide hire-purchase schemes or payment plans. These payment plans enable you to pay for the instruments in parts over a period of time. If you are lucky you may end up in a store that has these plans and they are interest-free. The Department of Communities provides grants for band instruments.

The grant amount ranges from 500 pounds to 10,000 pounds.  Under this program, they replace the band’s used instruments and get new ones. Instruments that are covered under this program are accordion, brass, concert flute, and wind bands. This grants for musical instruments program is available only to bands in North Ireland.

What is the Music Education Grants?

Some children are god gifted and possess a great sense of music from a very small age. If these children are trained under great teachers, they can revolutionize the world of music. But sometimes it happens that parents are unable to pay for the music lessons of their kids.

In a situation like this, if a person applies for music education grants in various organizations, then their kid could easily pursue his passion. The Kinder Morgan Foundation helps students that have potential and are really good at playing certain instrument. It is a location-specific Foundation i.e. it is eligible to provide grants for band instruments only to those students that come under a specific geographical location.

The Broadcasting Music Inc. Foundation supports students by providing them music education grants. It helps them by giving them scholarships, fellowships, and grants supporting their study of music. Some of the grants here can be invitation-only, so you must check before you apply grants for musical instruments in this organization.

The New York Foundation of Arts is a 32-year-old organization that helps artists at all the nooks and crooks of their careers. This organization helps the artist with its voice and thoughts, It not only provides musical grants for individuals but also helps the artist to grow in his/her career.

They provide grants for musical instruments up to $7000 fellowships to artists who are seen to be passionate about the style of the music. The COLA Individual Artist Fellowship helps those accomplished artists who have performed in the city of L.A. for at least 3 years. The Department of Cultural Affairs grants approximately$10000 to every artist that presents new and innovative work.

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Apply For the Music Grants for Schools

Schools often support extra-curricular activities. They also tend to encourage activities like music and dance. For children who are talented and can make a career out of these skills, music grants for schools are introduced. here, the schools are granted a certain amount of money in order to buy new instruments and/or hire professionals under whom the children can get trained better. These music grants for schools are provided by foundations like The Fender’s Music Foundation, The Mockingbird Foundation, and many others.

Music grants for schools

The main aim of these foundations is to encourage children to pursue music. They provide the schools with grants for musical instruments based on the excellence of the children and need of the school at that moment of time. The D’Addario Foundation also provides music grants for schools. Rather than just providing help for purchasing the instruments the organization looks after the overall development of children looking forward to pursue music.

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Get Musical Instrument Grants for Individuals

Most of the times artists go solo at the beginning of their careers. When they are at the very beginning of their careers, they often have less or no money to buy quality instruments for themselves. These struggling artists are saved from abandoning their careers by foundations that help them by providing musical instrument grants for individuals. The New Music education USA is a foundation that supports individual artists and gives them a chance to prove their worth. They provide them grants for musical instruments and shows and performances with which they can get independent.

The Foundation for Contemporary Arts also helps struggling artists by giving them the needed help. Under their musical grants for individual programs, they give people financial assistance ranging from $500 to $2500.Their main idea is to support their peers and has been doing so since 1963.


The music industry is becoming a majorly popular industry nowadays. It needs something new every day and if you think you have the talent but not the resources you can apply for the grants for band instruments or grants for musical instruments or any of the above-mentioned institutions and get your career kickstarted.

All of these institutions are warm and welcoming and have at some point or the other given best artists to the world. Grants for musical instruments, grants for band instruments, music education grants, and all other music promoting grants are provided by these firms that can help the strugglers get back on their feet.

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