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Get Government Grants For Wedding Today!!

Get yourself the wedding of your dreams by Applying to these government grants for a wedding today!! You can easily get yourself a free wedding if you know about these ways to get a sponsored wedding.

Everyone dreams of their wedding being grand, but it needs lots of money to fulfill this dream. There are no government grants for weddings Available. The Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit organization that helps couples experiencing life-altering or life-threatening health problems afford to get married.

Apart from getting government grants for wedding, there are many other ways to get wedding grants so that you can plan the wedding of your dreams. Wedding grants provided by various agencies provide free money for a wedding to those who wish to seek help from them to have a great wedding ceremony. Read along to learn more about government grants for wedding and other ways to get free money.

How to Get Government Grants For Wedding?

A wedding day is the most beautiful day in a person’s life. One needs his/her wedding to be perfect but that can cost a fortune as weddings are expensive. The solution to this problem is applying for government grants for wedding. These wedding grants might not directly come under the same name, but they can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

1. Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

Yes, the TANF program offers wedding grants in the U.S. for eligible individuals. To qualify, one typically needs to be responsible for a child, a legal U.S. citizen, and demonstrate financial need or underemployment.

The specific eligibility can vary by state, so it’s essential to check local criteria for your state regarding the grants for weddings provided by the government through this program..

2. Office of Family Administration

The Office of Family Administration, OFA, is a branch of government that ensures financial security to needy families. They support families to obtain long-term achievements and help them provide for their children’s well-being. OFA provides government grants for wedding to couples who aspire to have a family and provide for their well-being.

The wedding grants provided by the organization promote responsible fatherhood, marriage, and wholesome relations. Along with helping families provide for their children’s well-being, it encourages couples to be self-sufficient.

According to the sources, no government grants for a wedding are available for American citizens.

Government Grants for a wedding

Though government grants for a wedding are not a thing right now, one can always get help from other resources. There are a couple of organizations that help people with getting their wedding day right. They assist people financially and through other means to make their special day even more beautiful and memorable. They. through their grants and schemes, provide free money for a wedding to those couples who demonstrate a dire need for funds.

One such organization is Wish Upon A Wedding. Wish Upon a Wedding is a non-profit organization that helps couples with planning their wedding. It has helped over 141 couples until now. It started this charity work in 2010, and since then, it has made people’s weddings memorable. It is a donation-based organization that helps couples with serious illnesses.

They also assist those couples who have been through or are going through life-altering health conditions. All you need to do is fill up a form stating your financial and health conditions so that they can assist you in every single way possible according to your needs and comfort zones.

This non-profit organization provides wedding grants and other resources to assist with organizing a successful wedding, including DJ, videography, photography, venue, cake, flowers, and music. To qualify for free wedding funds, applicants must demonstrate financial need and the severity of their condition.

A couple can receive financial assistance for their wedding from organizations such as SwanLuv, a Seattle-based company providing up to $10,000 for needy couples. The assistance continues until the couple divorces.

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If you find it interesting and are willing to get your wedding funded by this company then you can apply through their website. The only condition is that a couple should remain married once funded by this company. If a couple decides to break things off, they must pay the company the funded amount back. This returned amount would be then used to assist another needy couple.

The company takes care of everything related to the wedding and after. They provide wedding grants usually ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. The grant amount depends on the need for funds described by the couple.

The average amount spent on an annual American wedding is roughly $26,000. For couples who might not have this huge amount of money to get their lavish, dream-like wedding, they can apply for government grants or reach out to organizations like these to get free money for a wedding through their wedding grants.

3. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is one of the largest non-profit organizations that help the needy in their time of crisis. Though not directly linked to the government, the organization may have some government grants for a wedding to offer. These wedding grants are not specifically provided under the name of wedding grants but you can surely get financial assistance from the organization. The wedding grants provided by the organization are decided on the severity of the need for funds demonstrated by the applicant.

You would also be required to submit a few necessary documents along with the application form which you can fill online through their official website or offline by visiting their office in your locality. The required documents that would be necessary to be submitted with the form would be proof of citizenship, proof of income, and other documents mentioned in the form. Be specific with the reason for your application for the wedding grants.

4. Churches

Churches are known to help the poor and needy with their problems. Churches often have generous donors who donate funds to be a benevolent soul. These funds can be gained by you to make your wedding day more special. You can ask the church in your vicinity or the one you usually go to, to help you with finances to make your day special. You can get free wedding money from the church you are associated with.

Yes, many churches assist members with wedding expenses. In return, they may expect participation in church activities or attendance at a few masses. The best way is to discuss directly with your church’s leadership.

The thing you would have to give in return for free money for a wedding can be anything. It can be your volunteer service for anytime the church would need it or any other thing that you wish to donate. This can be discussed with the official of the church when you reach out to them for help with wedding grants.

5. Modest Needs

Another huge charity organization that can be categorized as nation-wide non-profit organizations is Modest Needs. Modest Needs too, like the Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army provides relief in pain to the needy and low-income. They might not provide wedding grants directly but you can apply for grants related to the wedding so that you can get free wedding money without having the stress to return it.

You can locate a nearby office of this organization and visit them to check if they have something in the sack for you. You can also apply online through their official website.

This way, you can also know what grants you can apply for apart from the ones you have in mind to get free money for a wedding. You can browse through different grants the organization provides and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

You would then be required to fill an application form for the chosen wedding grants and submit the required documents along with the form. You would be judged based on the application form you have filled and your desperation for the grant amount.

After all the crucial scrutinization, if you are deemed fit to get the said wedding grants, then you would be contacted by the officials to collect the amount from the given address of their office at a given time. Getting help from charities that provide wedding grants and free money for a wedding through these grants is a great option to have enough funds to make your special day grand.

Is There a Provision for Free Wedding Money?

When it comes to planning a wedding, expenses are taken into consideration primarily. Wedding expenses can burn a hole in your pockets. Everyone would have wished to get free wedding money to celebrate this day with great pomp and show. Well, there are a couple of ways to earn free wedding money and make your wedding day even grander. These ways to get free wedding money may sound a little weird or out of the box, but it has always helped the needy in times of crisis.

Free wedding money

Wedding Sweepstakes

Wedding Sweepstakes are contests or competitions where free wedding money is given away. You might also get a chance to win assistance for the entire wedding. Some sweepstakes offer specific services, while others can fund your entire wedding. All you need to do is go online and fish for such sweepstakes. You can participate in these sweepstakes according to your needs. You would have to fill out the application form and write an essay or a blog about anything surrounding a wedding.

If you are eligible, you can be the lucky winner of free wedding money. You can get your entire wedding funded with the help of these sweepstakes. You might want to check the details about the sweepstakes you enter for free wedding money. Sometimes, it might happen that the sweepstakes that are advertised to get free money for a wedding very often are not very helpful. Some of them might even be a fraud. You should run a background check on all the sweepstakes you enter to get free wedding money.

If you are eligible, you can be the lucky winner of free wedding money. You can get your entire wedding funded with the help of these sweepstakes.

Get your wedding Sponsored.

If you are a person who is followed by thousands and millions of people on social media platforms, then it would get easier for you to get your wedding sponsored by various companies. Various companies find different ways to market their products; nothing could be better than a wedding promoting them. Cosmetics, wedding gowns, food, DJs, or a band, all these services can be sponsored by companies that sell them if you are a social media influencer and need free wedding money. You can advertise for their products throughout your Government Grants For a Wedding and in return money, they would sponsor your wedding.

The free wedding money provided by the companies that wish to sponsor their products is not directly given to you but it is through the services that they provide. You can charge them for your advertised products and earn free money for a wedding.

Smaller brands use this tool to expand their market and reach out to more and more people through celebrity weddings. This is a great way to earn free wedding money, apart from getting government wedding grants.

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Take Help of Wedding Scholarships

As unusual as it sounds, wedding scholarships are a thing and are granted to hundreds of couples every year. These wedding scholarships are generally provided to ineligible students to fund their own wedding. Students yet to graduate but eager to tie the knot are deemed eligible for these wedding scholarships. These scholarships provide free wedding money to students who show they need it to get married. Some of the wedding scholarships are discussed here.

Wedding Scholarships

Hitched Wedding Scholarships

This scholarship is mainly awarded to college students studying in The U.K. or The U.S. They provide a handsome amount of money as wedding scholarships to students who need it. To be eligible for this scholarship, one must study at a renowned institution and write a 600-800-word blog post regarding the wedding. You need to submit this writing along with the application form that you are required to fill. If the panel finds your blog exciting and intriguing, you might be awarded these wedding scholarships, which amount to $1000.

Orla James Wedding Scholarships

Like the Hitched Wedding Scholarships, Orla James Wedding Scholarships also provide financial assistance to high school or college students who plan to marry. The U.K. or U.S. Nationale is eligible for these scholarships. They also provide wedding scholarships to Canadian students and Australian students. You need to write a 1000-word essay on any wedding topic.

You would be assessed based on the selection of words and images in your essay. The essay should show your writing skills and depict the piece’s context. These scholarships are open to all disciplines but special consideration is given to students of English creative writing, Fashion, or design degree students.

If you are deemed eligible and your essay works like magic on the panel of professionals, you might get a $1,200 scholarship. These wedding scholarships by Orla James are pretty hard to get, and students have to really work hard to get past the panel.

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Thus, these were some of the wedding scholarships awarded to students who need financial assistance to plan their weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Among all the wedding stress, to get government grants for wedding can arise numerous questions. All these questions regarding wedding grants that provide free money for a wedding are answered here.

How to arrange a Dream Wedding without any money?

Weddings are an integral part of everyone’s life. Irrespective of gender, everyone dreams of their wedding being grand and lavish. But to organize a wedding like that, you need a grand sum of the amount. Not everyone can afford to spend such a great amount on one day, For people like these who do not have money but still wish to have a great wedding apply for government grants for a wedding.

These government grants for wedding can support certain events of your wedding or the entire wedding. This depends on your need and desire to have a wedding. All you need to do is look for wedding grants provided by the government and other agencies.

How to apply for Government Grants for a wedding?

Government grants for a wedding help couples in various ways to make their special day even more special. To apply for government wedding grants, you only need to look for suitable wedding grants in your city, county, or town. When you make a list of all the government grants for wedding, you can then start to apply for these wedding grants.

Different government grants for a wedding can have different eligibility criteria. You are suggested to have a clear view of all the criteria before applying for these wedding grants. After submitting all the required documents and fulfilling all the eligibility criteria, you have to wait for the response from respective programs or agencies. If you are lucky, you might get the free wedding money from these wedding grants as soon as possible.

Any Alternatives to get free money for a wedding, Apart from applying for government grants for a wedding?

Government grants for a wedding are a sure-shot option to get free money for a wedding, but there are other ways to get free wedding money. You can apply to various organizations apart from government agencies. These agencies can be charities, non-profit organizations, or other bodies providing free wedding money.

You can ask your friends and family members to lend you money for your wedding. They can give you free money for a wedding that you require. Churches are another way to get free wedding money. Through donations provided to the church, the authorities can provide you the required amount.

How to gather money for a wedding?

Before the commencement of this modern era, it was the duty of the parents to organize and fund their children’s weddings. But now times have changed. Now, couples wish not to be a burden on their families and aspire to fund their wedding with their own hard-earned money. But they often fall short of the funds during the preparations. This is the time when they seem to panic. But there is nothing to worry about.

As mentioned earlier, you can apply for government grants for a wedding. These wedding grants are a wholesome package to save you from getting embarrassed at your wedding. However, you can also raise money for planning your wedding. Yes, that is correct. As bizarre as it may sound, this is possible. You can organize a fundraiser for your wedding. All you need to do is set up an event stating your motto online. Once this is done, you can reach out to people to let them know about the fundraiser.

However, there are some things that you should think about beforehand. You should be prepared for circumstances where insufficient money is raised or you might have to cut down on expenses that can cost you a lot in the long run.

What are some easy ways to get free money for a wedding?

Ways to Obtain Funds for a Wedding:

Crowdfunding: Platforms like GoFundMe or Honeyfund.
Host a Fundraiser: Garage sales, bake sales, ticketed events.
Enter Wedding Contests: Online giveaways or bridal magazine competitions.
Cash Option Registries: Sites like Zola for cash contributions.
Seek Sponsorships: Local businesses may sponsor in exchange for advertising.
Credit Card Rewards: Use points or cash back for wedding expenses.
Sell Handmade Crafts: DIY projects to raise funds.
Ask for Early Gifts: Request contributions towards the wedding.
Apply for Wedding Grants: Some organizations offer wedding grants.
Negotiate Discounts: Off-season or promotional deals with vendors.

Can I get a loan for my wedding?

Yes, you can obtain a wedding loan, especially if you’re short on time. Banks and other financial institutions offer such loans, provided you have good credit.


A wedding day is the happiest day of a person’s life. But financial instability can affect the charm of the day. To maintain the energy and aura of the day, there are government grants for wedding that have helped hundreds of couples. The government wedding grants and scholarships have benefitted many people, especially students, to get their dream wedding. Free wedding money provided to couples in dire need of it has saved many marriages from getting called off.

For further details on the scholarships and grants, you can contact us or visit the websites of respective organizations and agencies. They would be happy to help you, and you would be able to get help professionally.

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