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Get Government Grants For A Wedding Today!!

Get yourself the wedding of your dreams by Applying to these government grants for a wedding today!! You can easily get yourself a free wedding if you know about these ways to get a sponsored wedding.

Everyone dreams of their wedding to be grand, but it needs lots of money to fulfill this dream. For couples who want a wedding of their dreams, there are government grants for a wedding. These grants help those couples who can not afford to organize their wedding on their own. While government grants for a wedding a hard thing to get, it is possible that organizations that work in collaboration with the government might provide assistance under government grants for a wedding.

How to Get Government Grants For a Wedding?

A wedding day is the most beautiful day in a person’s life. One needs his/her wedding to be perfect but that can cost a fortune as weddings are expensive. The solution to this problem is applying for government grants for a wedding. According to the sources, there are no government grants for a wedding available for American citizens.

Government Grants for a wedding
Government Grants for a wedding

Though government grants for a wedding are not a thing right now, one can always get help from other resources. There are a couple of organizations that help people with getting their wedding day right. They assist people financially and through other means to make their special day even more beautiful and memorable.

One such organization is Wish Upon A Wedding. Wish Upon a Wedding is a non-profit organization that helps couples with planning their wedding. It has helped over 141 couples until now. It started this charity wok in 2010 and since then it has been making people’s wedding memorable. It is a donation-based organization that helps couples with serious illness. They also assist those couples who have been through or are going through life-altering health conditions. All you need to do is to fill up a form stating your condition, both financial and health conditions so that they can assist you in every single way possible according to your needs and comfort zones.

Apart from government grants for a wedding, one can also get their wedding funded by various organizations and one of these organizations is SwanLuv. SwanLuv is a Seattle-based company that provides funding to couples even after their marriage. It provides financial assistance to those needy couples who due to some reasons could not afford to plan their wedding on their own. The fund amount can reach up to $10,000 according to your financial condition. They would offer assistance to a couple until the time of their divorce.

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If you find it interesting and are willing to get your wedding funded by this company then you can apply through their website. The only condition is that a couple should remain married once funded by this company. If a couple decides to break things off then they will have to pay the funded amount back to the company. This returned amount would be then used to assist another needy couple.

Is There a Provision for Free Wedding Money?

When it comes to planning a wedding, expenses are taken into consideration primarily. Wedding expenses can burn a hole in your pockets. Everyone would somewhere have wished to get free wedding money so that they can celebrate this day with great pomp and show. Well there are a couple of ways through which you can earn free wedding money and make your wedding day even grander

Free wedding money
Free wedding money
  • Wedding Sweepstakes:

Wedding Sweepstakes are contests or competitions where free wedding money is given away. You might also get a chance to win assistance for the entire wedding. Some sweepstakes offer specific services while others can fund for your entire wedding. All you need to do is go online and fish for such sweepstakes. you can participate in these sweepstakes according to your needs. You would have to fill the application form and write an essay or a blog about anything that surrounds a wedding.

If you are found eligible then you can be the lucky winner of free wedding money. You can get your entire wedding funded with the help of these sweepstakes.

  • Get your wedding sponsored:

If you are a person who is followed by thousands and millions of people on social media platforms then it would get easier for you to get your wedding sponsored by various companies. Various companies find different ways to market their products and nothing could be better than a wedding to promote their products. Cosmetics, wedding gown, food, DJ, or a band, all these services can be sponsored by companies that sell them if you are a social media influencer and are in need of free wedding money. You can advertise for their products throughout your Government Grants For a Wedding and in return money, they would sponsor your wedding.

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What are Wedding Scholarships?

As unusual as it sounds, wedding scholarships are a thing and are granted to hundreds of couples every year. These wedding scholarships are generally provided to students who are ineligible to fund their own wedding. Some of the wedding scholarships are discussed here.

Wedding Scholarships
Wedding Scholarships
  • Hitched Wedding Scholarships:

This scholarship is particularly awarded to college students studying in The U.K. or The U.S. They provide a handsome amount of money as wedding scholarships to students who exhibit a real need for it. To be eligible for this scholarship one needs to study at a renowned institution and write a 600-800 words blog post regarding the wedding. You need to submit this writing along with the application form that you are required to fill. If the panel finds your blog interesting and intriguing then you might be awarded these wedding scholarships which amount to $1000.

  • Orla James Wedding Scholarships:

Just like the Hitched Wedding Scholarships, Orla James Wedding Scholarships also provide financial assistance to high school or college students who plan to get married. The U.K. or U.S. Nationale is eligible for these scholarships. They also provide wedding scholarships to Canadian students and Australian students. You need to write a 1000 words essay on any wedding topic of your choice. You would be assessed on the basis of the selection of words and images in your essay. The essay should show your writing skills and depict the context of the piece. These scholarships are open to all the disciplines but special consideration is given to students of English creative writing, Fashion, or design degree students.

If you are deemed eligible and if your essay works like magic on the panel of professionals, then you might end up getting a $1,200 scholarship. These wedding scholarships by Orla James are quite hard to get and students have to really work hard to get past the panel.

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Thus, these were some of the wedding scholarships that are awarded to those students who exhibit a dire need for financial assistance for planning their weddings.


A wedding day is the happiest day of a person’s life. But financial instability can affect the charm of the day. To maintain the energy and aura of the day there are government grants for a wedding which have helped hundreds of couples so far. Not only the government grants fora wedding but wedding scholarships also have benefitted many people especially students to get their dream wedding. Free wedding money provided to the couples who were in dire need of it has saved many marriages from getting called off.

For further details on the scholarships and grants, you can contact us or visit the websites of respective organizations and agencies. They would be happy to help you and you would be able to get help professionally.


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