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Top 5 Free Roof Replacement Grants

Free Roof Repair Program: Used not only to safeguard us from the weather but also to convey a message through phrases, a roof has been of use in several ways. Naturally, if we are using something so often it is going to get worn, and obviously if it gets weary we are going to replace it or get it fixed. But, what if due to extra expenses or overcharged utility bills you are left with little to no money to devote to this fix? Well, even with little to no money, you can get a brand-new roof.

You must be thinking how is that possible? With government grants for roof replacements, you can get your house a new roof. These roofing grants offered through roof repair assistance programs provide you with the required help either in terms of resources or in terms of funds so that you can get a new roof. These Programs are also offered by various other organizations under their grants for the new roof segment. All you need to do is get along with me and I’ll tell you where can you get grants for a new roof easily.

Why Free Roof Replacement Grants Are Necessary?

Free Roof replacement grants help low-income family to get their weathered roofs repaired without paying a penny, Apply for Roof Repair Assistance. Before telling you why free roof replacement grants are so important to people, especially ones belonging to low-income strata, let me tell you why it is important to get your roofs replaced at regular intervals. Well for starters, your roof bears a lot of things beginning from scorching heat to terrible hailstorms to freezing snow and at times tornados as well. This brings a lot of wear and tear to it. If one does not realize this and replace the roof soon, it might cause serious damage to the other parts of the house.

For less fortunate citizens, free roof replacement grants is an essential part of their sustenance and there are two major reasons for it. One is the obvious one, that you will get a new roof, and another is that you would get it for free of cost, which will, in turn, save you money. Let me give you a brief detail as to why these roofing grants are so important.

free roof replacement grants


When you apply for these roof repair assistance programs, usually you get through with gaining roofing grants as not many people know about it so not many applications for the same. Hence, you would get the required amount of grants for a new roof from the organization that you are applying to.

But if circumstances occur where your roof is in an irreparable state then you would be provided enough funds through the free roof replacement grants so that you can get yourself a new roof or they would offer to fix up a new one for you. All of this would be free of cost.

Save a penny

Free roof replacement grants offer you a chance to save up on your monthly bills. Just this statement may sound weird but actually, it holds a lot of merits. When you apply for these roofing grants, you get a resource that would have cost you a fortune, free of cost. This helps a majority of people save up on this potential expense and can use this saved amount for any other expense.

Grants for a new roof also have other benefits as well. When one’s roof experiences wear and tear, it also affects other house parts like appliances and furniture. For instance, if you have placed your TV under a broken roof, then the constant heat might damage its hardware, or a leaking roof in a monsoon might lead to a short circuit. Then, not only would you have to get your roof patched, but you would also have to get yourself a new TV or get the old one repaired.

Hence, to relieve you from extra expenses, it is important to keep a check on your roof with these grants for roof repairs often offered by the federal government under government grants for roof replacement programs.

Roofing Grants: Types Of Roofs And Its Cost

Till now, you must have got the gist that roof replacement costs are soaring high but did you know that there are different aspects that are active when it comes to roof replacement? One of the most important aspects to keep a check on is the type of material you wish to you use in building or rebuilding your roof. Another factor that must be kept in mind is the square footage.

Often people get fooled by constructors in this area. Hence, one must see to it that you choose the right kind of material in accordance with the square footage of your roof. Below is a list of certain kinds of materials and their costs which would help you decide better and apply right to the correct roofing grants or free roof replacement grants.

roofing grants

Type of Material 

Average Cost

Three Tab Asphalt Shingles $7000 to $12000
30 Year Shingles $9000 to $15000
 50 Year Shingles$11000 to $20000
EPDM Rubber$8000 to $14000
TPO or PVC membrane$10000 to $15000
Wood Shingles$14000 to $25000
Steel Shingles$14000 to $25000
Aluminum Shingles$15000 to $28000
Standing-Seam Steel Roofing$23000 to $30000
Natural Slate$25000 to $50000
Concrete Tile$20000 to $40000
Clay Tiles$25000 to $50000

According to your ability to spend, you can get any kind of material that you can afford. This piece of information is not only important for people who wish to get their roofs repaired on their own but it is also useful for people who can not afford to get their roofs fixed due to their current financial conditions. After knowing full well the kind of material and how much it would cost to get an average-sized roof covered in any of these materials, you can also apply for the right kind of roof repair assistance.

Are There Any Government Grants For Roof Replacement?

The federal government offers roof overheads to those in need. We all have heard this and know how these shelter programs work as well. But did you know that the same government grants are also roof repair assistance programs? Many known housing programs are said to offer house repair grants as well out of which government grants for roof replacement are at the top.

These government grants for roofing offer resources to the applicant to get their roofs fixed. The kind of resource that is offered to the applicant depends on various factors which we will discuss later on. But for now, let me tell you about different kinds of free roof replacement grants offered by the federal government.

1. Single Family Home Repair Loans and Grants

Offered by the federal government of the United States of America, Single Family Home Repair Loans and Grants are a great way to get government grants for roofs. Once gained, the grant amount must only be used to get your roof fixed and not for any other purposes. To get the benefits of these government grants for roof replacement all you need to do is get yourself registered by filling out an application form and submitting the necessary documents along with fulfilling the set criteria of the programs.

government grants for roof replacement

These free roof replacement grants often have the same basic criteria as any other federal assistance program. For instance, you would have to be below a certain income limit to qualify for the roofing grants. You would also have to pass the age bar to qualify along with providing proof of nationality. If you fulfill all the eligibility criteria and are deemed eligible based on your application then you would be provided the grant amount of $7,500.

However, there is a condition behind offering these government grants for roofs. If you sell your house within 3 years of getting your roof repaired, then you would have to return the grant amount. You might also get additional assistance in the form of loans and grants and subsidies. To know about these additional roof repair grants you can visit the official website of the program.

2. The Tribal Energy Program

Now this one is purely for people living in tribal areas and belonging to tribal communities. The Tribal Energy Program aims at developing renewable resources for this stratum of our society so that less energy is consumed. You might ask what is the connection between energy consumption and roofing problems? Well as mentioned earlier a broken roof straight away affects appliances and resources in the house.

For instance, if your roof is broken and you turn on your AC then naturally, you would not get proper cooling as all of it would seep out from the cracks, causing your appliance to consume more power to generate better cooling. This would be directly reflected in your utility bill. Hence, the Tribal Energy Program saves you from paying high-cost energy bills by offering government grants for roof replacement programs. These roof repairs are an assurance of better, healthier, ad energy-efficient houses for low-income and less fortunate citizens of the United States of America.

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3. The Housing Preservation Grant

The Housing Preservation Grant is one of the most used government grants for roofing and getting other resources of the house enhanced. Backed, funded, and administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, the grant offers its services to citizens living in rural areas. So if you are a U.S. citizen who resides in a rural area and due for some reason your roof has weathered then you can reach out to these free roof replacement grants to get the required help.

Usually, when we seek assistance we look for the right assistance programs that suit our needs and whose eligibility criteria we fit in. But here, the case is slightly different. In order to avail of the benefits of this program, you would have to reach out to them through a non-profit charity organization. Not only this but they also have a unique code of criteria one would have followed to get the said roof repair grants. You can get all the information regarding eligibility criteria and deadlines through the official website of the program.

 Grants For Roof Repairs: Qualifying Factors

A weathered roof can cause a great deal of financial distress if not repaired on time. But the repairing costs are also so high that it becomes nearly impossible for a middle-class person to get it repaired while sustaining his or her family. This is where grants for roof repairs come into play. You can easily apply for these roof repair grants and avail of the benefits of these programs but you would have to first fulfill all the eligibility criteria to be deemed eligible for being offered the grant amount.

Here is a list of a few eligibility criteria that are common in all the agencies and organizations that offer grants for roof repairs. It will help you decide better what kind of grants you want to apply for.

1. Income

The biggest qualifier for a majority of applicants is their income. Speaking of government grants for roof replacements, as these grants for roof repairs are national resources, they might deplete soon due to a large number of applicants. It becomes a humungous task for the scrutiny panel to decide whom to provide the grant amount. If there were no parameters set, it would create havoc. That is why to give it a structure the panel decided to have some deciding parameters based on which free roof replacement grants are offered to those who actually need them.

grants for roof repairs

Here, the first basic criterion is income. If you belong to a class that falls below the poverty line or under the set standards of the organization or agency only then you will be deemed eligible for the roof repair assistance programs. Hence, if your income is less than 50% of the median income of your area then you would be deemed eligible for the free roof offered under various titles such as government grants.

2. Ownership of the house

Usually, people do not own a house but rather live on rent. This can pose a great difficulty when you wish to seek roof repair grants or grants for a new roof. If you are living in a rented house, then you would not be allowed to make any sort of changes to the property. You must ask your landlord to apply on your behalf. If you are the owner of the place you reside in, you can directly apply for the said grants for roof repairs.

However, you would have to provide them with the right documents. All the documents are required to be up to date. Only then there will be any chance of your application getting accepted. Timely submission of the application form along with all the required documents would help you get the required help from these free roof replacements.

These two are the basic criteria that one would have to fulfill in order to get the best of these roofing grants. Apart from these, there are other qualifying agents as well. These agents are proofs that you would be required to submit at the time of submission of your application. You might be asked to provide proof of nationality, proof of disability, and probably some proof of the roof in a weathered condition. Different agencies may have different eligibility criteria, you must check them before applying for them.

Where To Apply For Grants For New Roof?

Organizations and agencies that offer grants for the new roof have always been a shelter of relief for low-income families and individuals. These agencies offer roof repairs and other house repair services to those in need, absolutely free of cost. Read along to know more about these national organizations that help with grants for new roofs.

1. Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is a national non-profit charity organization that offers required help with home repairs and roof repairs. With the purpose of bringing the community closer, the organization has introduced several grants for new roofs. They also work in collaboration with corporate giants and head community agencies to strengthen their network. This helps them reach out to more people and helps them refurbish their abodes of heaven.

grants for new roof

Till now, only this year, the organization, along with its collaborated agencies, has extended its helping hand to more than 10,000 citizens. Not only do they work with corporate giants but they also work with non-profit charitable agencies whose aim is to look out for grieving and needy people across the United States of America. As this is a national agency, you can easily locate its regional office in your area of residence. You can also visit their official website for details regarding the free roof replacement grants they offer.

2. Home Depot

We all must have heard of this organization. Home Depot Foundation aims to offer quality homes and lives to citizens of the United States of America. They focus on filling the gap in labor by helping communities reach out to citizens affected by natural disasters. The organization offers grants for new roofs up to $500,000 to other charitable organizations that are working in the same direction of enhancing people’s lives.

The organization’s Veteran Housing Grants Program has offered enhanced and improved houses to more than 50,000 veterans. They have also pledged to invest half a million dollars to the same cause. They have also done benevolent deeds for other citizens of different strata of society as well. To know more about these roof repair assistance programs, visit the official website of the organization.

Religiously Inclined Organization Offering Roof Repair Assistance Programs

Along with government grants for roofs, there are grants for roof repairs offered by different non-profit organizations and agencies. There is another kind of agency that also happens to be helpful in providing free roof replacement grants. Religiously inclined organizations are those charity organizations that are either churches or work in collaboration with churches to help those in need.

Catholic Charities

A national non-profit charitable organization that offers a helping hand in times of crisis to those in need, Catholic Charities is one of the largest organizations that offer roof repair assistance programs. It is through the collective effort of all the church ministries engaged that the organization has assisted so many citizens with their issues. Not only are their grants for roof repairs, but their housing grants are also quite well-known among the population.

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The organization works in collaboration with numerous other sister organizations and it administers its programs through a huge web of offices strategically spread across the entire United States of America.

You can access their different programs and grants for roof repairs from any city, county, state, and town in the nation. You just need to locate their local office in your area of residence and reach out to them with your issue. You can also seek help online mode by visiting their official website.


Free roof replacement grants have been in vogue for quite a while now. Along with these roofing grants, the government also offers roof replacement, enabling less fortunate citizens to get their roofs repaired or changed. Various grants for roof repairs offered by numerous organizations have also been helpful to many. Various religious organizations and non-profit charity organizations offer people seeking help to rectify their weathered grants.

For further information, you can contact the organizations and agencies discussed above. They would offer you a detailed overview of all the grants and programs that they have to offer. This will help you decide better as to which grants suit your needs the best.

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