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Top 15 Free Clinics in Las Vegas

Information about Free medical assistance in the free clinics in las vegas. With these free clinics, you can complete your medical treatment without hassle. We all know Vegas to be a hub of casinos and bars and pubs but did you know that you can get free healthcare assistance here too? Yes, you heard it right. Free clinics in Las Vegas are a thing.

You can easily come across a free clinic in las Vegas. For the residents of Las Vegas who can not afford health care assistance, these free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada can turn out to be a great comfort. You can also find free women’s clinics in Las Vegas.

Often there are times when a woman needs a specialist doctor to look into her problems but these appointments cost a lot more than usual and not everyone can afford it. Hence, for such women, there are free women’s clinics in Las Vegas. They charge you the minimal appointment charges and in some cases, they do not even charge the patient the said appointment charges.

There are several other kinds of free health clinics in Las Vegas. All of them will be talked about further down the road. Tag along to know more about these free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada!!!

Important Details About Free Health Clinics In Las Vegas

Before starting with the discussion of various kinds of free clinics in Las Vegas, let me tell you about what are these free health clinics in Las Vegas and what has caused all the buzz around them. Looking at the conditions, especially the economic conditions of the citizens in Las Vegas, several free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada were established. These free clinics in Las Vegas were opened to entitle less fortunate citizens to affordable health care assistance.

For citizens with low-income and for the ones who are not particularly health insured are provided the benefits of these free clinics in Las Vegas. The Affordable Care Act or the ACA holds a significant role in providing health care coverage through Medicaid to several less fortunate citizens. The federal also sees to it that every low-income citizen is provided with saving options so that they can gather enough money to purchase health insurance from any other place in the market.

free health clinics in Las Vegas

In today’s times, approximately there are more than 33 million Americans who do not possess any kind of medical health insurance. Thus, it makes it very important to establish free clinics for people who constitute almost 10% of the entire world’s population. More often than anyone else, uninsured citizens struggle to pay medical bills. This number is higher when such people have to go to the emergency rooms frequently.

Free clinics in Las Vegas and also in other states of America are financially funded by the regional agencies or private practices that are entitled to government grants. Be it the federal government that funds these free health clinics in Las Vegas or the private practices that fund these free clinics.

The aim of both the organizations is the same and that is to offer free or affordable health care to those in urgent need of it. Until now, emergency rooms were the go-to place for the uninsured citizens but not anymore!!! You can approach these free health clinics in Las Vegas to get the required medical assistance.

3 Basic Kinds Of Free Clinics in Las Vegas

There are several kinds of free health clinics in Las Vegas. It is important to note that all these free health clinics are completely different from each other. Every clinic would have something special in the trunk for its applicants. However, it most probably depends on the applicants.

For instance, if there are any special issues related to the female body that the patient needs to seek help for, they would have to reach out to free women’s clinics in Las Vegas. Similarly, there are free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada, that are for students. It may sound weird, but it is true. Read along to find one that suits your needs!!

Free Volunteers Clinics in Las Vegas:

Volunteering is a major and most important aspect of free clinics in Las Vegas. As said earlier, these free clinics in Las Vegas are administered and funded by private practices around the town; these private practices provide financial resources and lend their volunteers to these free clinics in Las Vegas. Now, these volunteers are not particularly doctors or health care workers but are often entitled to doing clerical jobs like making an appointment, managing the desk, and assisting the doctors.

These volunteers are also expected to perform several other duties, such as managing administrative responsibilities, lowering the overall cost of running the institution, and many others. These volunteers might also be doctors who wish to do some goodwill and are ready to give their time for treating patients at a lower cost.

Community-based Free Clinics in Las Vegas:

So basically, the institutions we acknowledge as community health centers act as community-based free health clinics in Las Vegas. The patients who come with their cases to these community health centers are in reality those citizens who have a limited access to healthcare and its benefits. These community health centers or the community-based free clinics in Las Vegas are one of the best options for the needy, poor, less fortunate, and low-income citizens residing in and around Las Vegas.

These community-based free clinics in Las Vegas provide affordable medical assistance and comprehensive, culturally acceptable, high-quality primary health care. As low-income families and individuals face the gravest issues acquiring proper medical care services, these community health care centers enable them to get quality medical assistance.

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Notably, there are a few eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfill to avail of the benefits offered by these community health centers. However, these eligibility criteria vary from state to state and town to town depending on the financial status of the state, town, county, or city these free clinics are based in. Preferably, their benefits are provided to those who are in urgent need of assistance.

To determine that, these clinics and centers conduct rigorous assessments of the applications and only those applicants are deemed eligible who display a dire need of the said assistance.

Private and Non-Profit Free Clinics in Las Vegas:

Just like the community-based free health clinics in Las Vegas, private and non-profit free clinics in Las Vegas are also backed by local agencies, but the difference here is that the private free clinics are funded and administered by personal or private institutions. In contrast, non-profit free clinics in Las Vegas are administered and financed by non-profit charity organizations that are primarily funded by donations and charities from the private sector.

The only aim of these private and non-profit free clinics in Las Vegas is to provide their services at a very affordable cost or, in some cases, free of cost. These institutions know the agony of being right-handed. Hence, they see that those in dire need of medical assistance with no money to pay the medical bills acquire quality medical assistance for themselves and their family members.

Free Health Clinics In Las Vegas For The Less Fortunate

Well, the free health clinics in Las Vegas mentioned above are just the basic ones that provide affordable medical healthcare assistance to those in dire need of medical assistance. But I would like to let you know that these free clinics in Las Vegas are not the only options to seek help from. There are several other ways to avail of the benefits of free clinics in Las Vegas.

There is a list of some of these other Free clinics in Las Vegas for those who work hard to make ends meet and do not have enough to pay for their medical bills. However, as a responsible citizen, I would like to suggest you that you should do some research and clear out all the queries you have regarding the clinic and its programs by calling their helpline.

Notably, the services provided by the free Las Vegas clinics we will talk about may vary from clinic to clinic. Some free clinics might also provide emergency services as well. This could only be found by talking to them over the phone or visiting them personally. You can primarily do the research regarding these centers over the internet, and for further information, you can talk to them personally over a call or via e-mail.

free health clinic in Las Vegas

Free Primary Care Physician In Las Vegas:

It is not hidden now that some medical agencies entitle themselves to government grants to successfully administer their clinics. These medical centers receive money payments from various sources and due to this reason, you can ask your physician before getting treated whether or not can you get a discount for paying with cash. They can also assist you in finding the programs that suit your needs the best!!!

These programs would pay a portion of your health care or medical expenses. Even if you are insured but your coverage is not enough to pay the bills, and you are consulting a physician, then you can make your physician aware of the financial problems that you are facing. They would either make the treatment free of cost or you might get entitled to certain programs that provide finances to pay off a certain amount of your medical bills.

Free Urgent Care Clinics in Las Vegas:

Often uninsured citizens assume that the best way to get through with medical bills without burdening themselves is by visiting the emergency room. But, they do not realize that visiting the emergency rooms quite often is not saving them any money but rather taking from them much more than necessary. They find it smart to run to the E.R. when in pain, but it actually isn’t.

Free Urgent Care Clinics in Las Vegas provide therapy and medications for non-emergency health issues that very same day. Issues like sore throat, cold, flu, and other minute illnesses are usually treated within one single visit. Free Urgent Care Clinics in Las Vegas are a better option than the emergency rooms as they do not waste your time by calling you occasionally and save your money by treating you in as minimal time as possible.

Another great thing about these free clinics in Las Vegas is that you can walk in to get yourself or your family members treated without having to make an appointment. The waiting periods to consult a physician are also lesser than those you have to face while visiting an emergency room. The volunteers and employees working in these free clinics are also warm and interactive to make the patient feel comfortable while talking about their issues.

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If you are worried that you might not get the same quality of treatment at these free urgent care clinics in Las Vegas as the emergency rooms, then there is nothing to worry about. These free clinics in Las Vegas also have similar equipment and technologies as emergency rooms so that they can cure major diseases, not just colds and flu.

I would like to add here that each of these free clinics in Las Vegas has a different approach to treating their patients, and hence it is advisable to call in advance so that they can make sure to provide you with the right kind of treatment the moment you arrive. A single visit to these free urgent care clinics in Las Vegas will cost you between $50 and $150.

Free Clinics In Las Vegas For Students

Free Clinics in Las Vegas for students are usually located on the campuses of their colleges and high schools. A benefit of being a child is that not only can you avail the benefits of programs curated for you, but you can also get the benefits of the plans that your parents are enrolled for. According to the ACA, young adults and teenagers can avail the benefits of their parent’s plans until they reach the age of 26 years.

However, some students’ parents did not take up any insurance plan their entire life. For such students, there are free clinics in Las Vegas, and they can apply for grants for college students. Medical services provided by these free health clinics in Las Vegas might depend on and vary from educational institution to institution.

Students are entitled to services like physical examinations, contraceptives, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, chronic disease assistance, and immunizations. The greatest thing is that all these services are provided at very affordable prices. This way, students would get the required treatment for their illness as well as would not have to burn a hole in their allowances or salaries earned from working part-time jobs.

Free Community Medical Centers in Las Vegas

Now, to void any confusion, I would like to clarify this in the beginning only that the community-based free health clinics in Las Vegas mentioned above are completely different from the free community medical centers in Las Vegas. Community-based free health clinics in Las Vegas are more like the emergency rooms. At the same time, the free community medical centers in Las Vegas also have access to pharmacies, mental health centers, substance abuse disorder treatments, and dental services.

They provide these services in areas where economic, geographic, or cultural barriers hamper access to affordable medical care services. These free clinics in Las Vegas are one of the best ways to get quality health care for low-income individuals and families. They are also federally funded and you can find them locally in your vicinity as well.

You can also use their services for therapy and mental health as they are very affordable. Their charges are decided on a sliding fee scale. Hence, you can check the prices and go visit them for required medical help.

Where Can I Find Free Women’s Clinics In Las Vegas?

Apart from generally visited fre clinics in Las Vegas, there are free clinics in Las Vegas that cater to specific needs of people as well. Free women’s clinics in Las Vegas cater to the needs of women who are trying to get pregnant or have already conceived. These clinics enable women to get the required help at an affordable price so that it does not add a weight on their already burdened shoulders.

Free Clinics In Las Vegas For Pregnancy or Family Planning

Couples who wish to create a family and are looking forward to planning for a baby but are unable to afford the medical checkups and follow-ups that come along can reach out for help from these free clinics in Las Vegas for pregnancy or Family Planning. They guide you on how to proceed in your family planning and help you by lowering the stress of paying medical bills both pre and post-pregnancy.

They also are known for helping with medical bills occurring during pregnancy.  They can also help you to choose from low-cost medical plans and programs. Not only does it concern with pregnancy issues both pre and post-pregnancy but it also deals with other issues as well like STD testing, yearly examinations, basic primary care, and educating adults about sexual health and several ways to enhance it.

free women's clinics in Las Vegas
free women’s clinics in Las Vegas

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit charity organization that provides the required medical help to those in need. It is a location-specific charity organization that offers its services to the Las Vegas East Flamingo Area residents. They extend their helping hands to everyone irrespective of whether they are insured or not. They also help citizens with insufficient coverage and the holders of Medicare and Medicaid.

Their charges are not decided from the very beginning. However, it depends on the person coming down to check themselves. Their charges are proportional, and they depend on the income level. So, basically, what they would do is they would look at your earnings in the past few weeks to make a pay scale so that it does not seem to be unfair to your current circumstances.

This scale of payment may vary from location to location, but you can use the price calculator to get a hint of the price that you would have to pay before actually getting the required treatments. Some of the services Planned Parenthood offers to its patients are awareness and treatments for Women’s Health, Men’s Health, General Medicine, Familly Planning, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Testing, HIV/ AIDS Testing, Pregnancy Tests, Sexually Transmitted disease treatments, and Immunizations.

If you are someone who is planning to start a family or is suffering from some kind of disease but are unable to find a cure due to your financial condition, you can for sure apply to Planned Parenthood to get the required help. Whether you need to fill a form to register yourself or if there are any eligibility criteria around the availing of the benefits provided by the organization? All these and other queries of yours are answered on their official website. You can go and have a quick look at all the plans and programs that they have to offer.

Local Free Clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada

Till now I have given you a vague description of free clinics in las Vegas, Nevada, and free women’s clinics in Las Vegas, but from here on you will have a detailed list of local free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada that help the less fortunate get the required medical assistance in their times of crisis. Several dental and health centers on the list might or might not serve in your area of residence.

Red Rock Medical Health Centre

Red Rock Medical Health Centre is an organization that extends its help to both kinds of citizens: insured as well as uninsured. They also offer their services to citizens who do not possess sufficient coverage. Their main aim is to facilitate low-income citizens, poor individuals, seniors, veterans, and disabled who can not afford quality medical assistance or health care with timely assistance and required help.

free clinics in Las Vegas
free clinics in Las Vegas

They have proportional payment plans for the less fortunate citizens so that they can pay the charges levied on them based on their past income amounts. They are also known for providing various medical services and grants for single mothers and grants for low-income seniors. They also provide women’s health, pediatric, and other medical services. You can make an appointment to see their professionals by calling on the number provided by them on their official website.

Las Vegas Outreach Clinic (LVOC) – NVHC

The Las Vegas Outreach Clinic provides free sexual health services to all Las Vegas citizens regardless of income level and offers affordable pricing based on patients’ incomes, similar to the Red Rock Medical Health Center.

The most usual services offered by these organizations are women’s health services, men’s health services, social services, primary care, pharmacy, pediatrics, general medicine, health, and nutrition awareness, and education, awareness and education of sexually transmitted diseases, testing of the sexually transmitted diseases, testing of HIV/AIDS, Pregnancy tests, treatments of HIV and Hepatitis C, treatment of AIDS, treatment of other sexually transmitted diseases, immunizations, transportation, counseling citizens and young adults on HIV/AIDS/STD, and testing of hepatitis C.

WIC Bonanza

WIC Bonanza provides services to all, regardless of insurance status. They welcome beneficiaries of Medicaid and Medicare, with a focus on low-income citizens.

They offer free health and nutrition education, awareness, and Women and Children beneficiary programs to needy, poor, seniors, disabled, single mothers, single parents, veterans, and other unique citizens of Las Vegas.

Helping Kids in Las Vegas

Helping kids Clinic is an institution that offers help to both insured and uninsured citizens of Las Vegas and it also reaches out to those with minimal coverage and beneficiaries of Medicaid and Medicare. They display no bias towards low-income citizens or well-off citizens. This organization is unique in itself as it does not require the patients or their families to pay the medical bills either partly or entirely.

However, they do expect the patients to donate something so that the organization can further help others. The services that this free clinic in Las Vegas offers are helping kids with vision and hearing impairment, pediatrics, and getting the children vaccinated. You can get an appointment for your child and/or children for a proper checkup.

free clinics in Las Vegas

Paradise Park Clinic – Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada

Paradise Park, now, unlike the other free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada, mentioned above, does not provide its services to everyone in the line. They only extend their help to those who do not have a health insurance plan. However, they do consider citizens with low income and citizens with a satisfactory salary equal. They do not bias in the treatment of any of their patients.

Paradise Park Clinic provides medical services to people below the poverty line, including specialists, general medicine, health and nutrition education, free prescriptions for necessary drugs, and laboratory services. Contact them for help.

Guadalupe Medical Center – Charleston

Guadalupe Medical Center is a free health clinic in Las Vegas that provides services to uninsured and insured citizens, as well as those with insufficient coverage, beneficiaries of Medicaid and Medicare, and citizens from all financial backgrounds. They offer proportional charges options to both less fortunate and well-off citizens.

This clinic is one of those free women’s clinics in Las Vegas that offers services like women’s health services, men’s health services, general health services, primary care, and laboratory services as in if you have been prescribed any tests that you need to get done like a blood test or stool test then you can reach out to Guadalupe Medical Center to get the required help.


Providing less fortunate citizens with financial help to pay their medical bills is great but helping them out to find free clinics in Las Vegas is a bigger help in my opinion. These free clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada promise to offer a wide range of services and that too for absolutely no fees. Benevolent volunteers assist these free clinics in Las Vegas and free women’s clinics in Las Vegas and enable low-income individuals and families to have a comfortable space to talk about their health issues and get a solution for them.

For more information, you can contact the respective organization, agencies, and clinics mentioned above. They would be providing you with a detailed overview of plans and programs and also the services that they have to offer.

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