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7 Free Government Phone Stands Near Me

We know that phones are the basic essential thing which is important to survive in life. We can use our phones in numerous ways. Unfortunately, not everyone can buy this due to the financial crisis. You may hear about the free government phones near me programs but to get free phones you should know the core issues on this topic. Here, we discuss such free government phone stands near me now. So, you can get your phone today.

In the United States of America, people get every possible assistance and support from the government assistance program. Free phones are one of the assistance that America’s government provides to needy and low-income people. There are numerous government programs like lifeline programs which are also known as the Obama phone program. And there is some eligibility to get Obama phone stands near me programs. In this article, we discuss in brief programs that provide free government phone stands near me. Also, brief on the eligibility of free government phone locations.

How To Find Free Government Phone Stands Near Me

As we discussed above, there are free government phone stands near me programs that provide free cell phones to needy people. Now, the question has arisen that how to find those free government phone stands near me programs. So, there are some ways to find free government phones. And here, we discuss those easy ways to find free government phones near me.

Free Government Phone Stands Near Me

  • Search Online

Online becomes a crucial part whenever we have to find or search for any information. Importantly, whenever you search online about free government phone location search with carrier name. We know that we can get any information just in seconds from the internet. And to search for a free phone you can go with the Google search engine. When you search for free government phones you will get tons of results according to your location.

If you are looking for free government phone locations then you have to search it with the carrier’s name. So, you will get the google map that indicates where it is located. With the help of online services, things get easy to search and locate.

  • Search Government Programs

The United States of America wants everyone to connect online with the new technologies. But due to low income, not everyone can do so. For them, there are numerous assistance programs such as the lifeline program which is also known as Obama phones. If you already know about such services then you may get brief information about the free government phone stands near me programs. You can also check government hardship grants provide you fast cash Program.

  • Visit Nearest Carrier Store

If you have got the information on the nearest store then it is the right time to visit the selected carrier’s nearest store. Because from here only you will get the crucial plus official information. You got to know clear information about the staff support, application process, eligibility criteria, and your other queries answer if you need any.

  • Check On Cell Phone Carrier Store

Every service provider has a directory of cell phone carrier stores. All you have to do is to provide your ZIP code so they can provide you with the correct information according to your location. It is an easy and quick way to find, browse and visit the website providers that are connected with the Obama phones program(Lifeline program).

  • Ask Your Friend

Maybe your friends have participated in such free government phone stands near me. And now they are using free phones. Just ask them, if in case you find a friend that already participated in the past. he/she will guide you on the best way to approach the free government phones near me program to get free cell phones.

  • Social Platform

As we know, a social platform is another good thing about the internet as it is also like an information hub. Some platforms are well-known as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more. On these social platforms, there are groups on specific topics and issues. So as your issue is free government phones simply search the group and join it. After joining, ask your query regarding free government phone locations. Surely, there are a lot of people that will help and guide you. You can get free internet broadband Service.

Who Qualifies For Free Government Phones Near Me?

Numerous government programs are providing cell phones to needy people. But not everyone can qualify for it. Some eligibility criteria are set by the authorities. So, the people who need it can get free government phones near me. Firstly, you should be clear about free government phone stands near me programs.

government phones near me

Some basic eligibility criteria they ask for are that your need should be urgent and that you are so poor that you can’t afford it. People who need free cell phones should enroll in the Lifeline program. Now, we discuss some eligibility criteria which are listed below:

  • Checking Your Eligibility

See, if your income is low enough then you are eligible for the Obama phone stands near me the program (Lifeline). Your household income should be at 135% or below the federal government poverty guidelines. Additionally, you can also check if your income is low enough or not on the official website which is known as lifelinesupport.org. You can also get free tablet check your eligibility submit your application for free tablet today.

Remember, the federal poverty guidelines are updated annually. Which is normally changed at the time of January. So, just be sure to check every year whether you are still eligible or not. Here, eligibility numbers differ from the rest of the country in Hawaii and Alaska. In case, if you live in those states of the United States of America then make sure that you check those separate columns in the given guidelines chart.

  • Check If You Are A Part Of Another Social Welfare Program

Even if you and any of your family members have participated in any other social welfare program then you and your family are eligible for the Obama phone stands near me program. Check the following government assistance program that we listed below. If you and your family have participated in any one of the programs in the past then you are eligible.

  1. SNAP ( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or Food Stamps
  2. FDHA (Federal Public Housing Assistance) or Section 8
  3. LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
  4. Medicaid
  5. SSI (Social Security Income)
  6. Free And Reduced Price National School Lunch Program
  7. Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
  8. Veterans Survivor Pensions Fund
  9. Federal Pell Grant Recipients
  10. Tribal Head Start
  11. Food Distribution Program On Indian Reservation
  12. Tribal TANF ( Temporary Assistance for needy families)
  13. Bureau Of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Check If Someone From Your Household Is Already Receiving Lifeline Phone

As per rules, only one person from a household can get benefits of the Lifeline Program discount. Whether it is a telephone line, wireless, or landline. However, Obama’s phones stand near me. The program (Lifeline) provides a simple questionnaire to check who qualifies from your household. In case, if someone from your house is already taking the benefits of the Obama phones then you have to decide which one of you will take and keep the benefit.

Top 7 Free Government Phone Locations

Now, here we are going to discuss those places of free government phone locations that will provide you with free cell phones. Remember, this free government phone stands near me. The program only helps you when you are eligible for it. So, do check the eligibility then go for the application process. Let’s begin.

free government phone

  • TruConnect

TruConnect is one of the government programs. This place will surely help you as a free government phone location program. They are well-known for their offers like unlimited free talk and text units for their qualified customers. TruConnect is available in states like Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Nebraska, New York, Vermont, Texas, and other states. On this platform, one can bring their device and get a free government phone.

  • Assurance Wireless

Assurance wireless is another government program. It is supported by the Universal Service Fund. Additionally, it is a federal lifeline assistance program. People from the state of California can easily reach them to get free government phone stands near me. They have a simple application process to get started with FCC guidelines. People from California easily locate them or they can also call them on 888-898-4888 to get information about wireless assurance. Also, you can search for them online as assurance wireless free government phones near me.

  • SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is another government program that is supported by the lifeline program. Needy and low-income families who are eligible under the lifeline program can enroll in that program. There are numerous free government phone stands near me. Programs are running in different states and places and one can easily find them. Importantly, you should check about the ongoing program as a free government phone, and also you can call them on 800-723-3546 for inquiry.

  • Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is a United States-based telecommunication company. This company ensures free wireless service for qualified American consumers. Mainly, this company is situated in Florida. They have achieved the best consumer reviews. There is a phone stand near me retail stores to get free government phones near me easily and quickly.

  • Tag Mobile

Tag mobile is another well-known program that is supported by Lifeline Cell phone companies in the United States of America. They provide free government phones near me with free texts and free minutes for low-income and needy people. Additionally, it is a government assistance program that provides free government phone stands near me. Their provider is situated in Dallas. One can also search them online as tag mobile near me and get the information about the nearest provider for free phones near me.

  • Life Wireless

Life Wireless is a great program provided by free government phone stands near me. Government phones also provide cellular services for qualified customers. This program is also supported by the federal lifeline assistance program. There is a simple application process to get the required government assistance. People who live in California, Ohio, Michigan, and Texas can find them easily. People from these places can also search for them online and also visit their nearby stores to get the required assistance.

  • Access Wireless

Access wireless is also a government-funded lifeline assistance program. People can access wireless companies to get free mobile phone services for their eligible low-income and needy families. There are free cell phone and smartphone plans which are included in the free government phone locations program. One can easily reach those who stand there near the location. People from California, Texas, Idaho, Lowa, Arizona, New York, Washington, Michigan, and other states as well can find them easily. Even, you can call them on 866-594-3644 to get the required information you need.

Get Obama Phone Stands Near Me

As we discussed a lot of time about the Lifeline Program. That Lifeline program is known as “Obama Phones”. The federal government offers a monthly discount on cellphone and landline services for selected Americans who are low-income and needy. Obama phone stands near me programs can lower or just eliminate your monthly phone bills. So, If you are facing any problem with your phone services and if it seems that now it’s become difficult to afford these services. Then, this is high time to look into the federal welfare program.

obama phone stands

There are so many different ways to get eligible for Obama phones and we already discussed it above. So, when you get to know that you are eligible. Then you can apply for the discount with participating telephone companies. Now, how will you get the phone? So, here are a few steps that you have to follow to get your phone. Let’s begin.

  • Choose The Company

In the Lifeline program, a lot of companies participate in it which is organized by the state. Simply, select the state to get the participating list of companies and their plan information. Select the best-suited company and plan that fits your needs. Your phone should come with caller ID, Call waiting, voice mail, and usually at least 250 minutes per month. Additionally, all the companies will provide you the ability to send and receive messages, it completely depends on the company and how many you get.

  • Fill Out The Application

When you decide on the company and plan then contact that company directly to ask for an application. You have to include your date of birth, address, name, and last 4 digits of either your social security number or tribal identification number. Additionally, you have to prove that you are eligible for the benefits by providing them proof. In case, if you are eligible based on an assistance program then you have to provide them a copy of your statement and benefits card.

In case, if you are eligible based on income status then you have to provide some documentation. Which includes :

  1. Current income statement
  2. A social security statement of benefits
  3. A pension or retirement statement of benefits
  4. A divorce decree
  5. A child support award
  6. A veterans administration statement of benefits
  7. Federal, prior year’s state or tribal tax return
  8. Workers’ compensation or an unemployment
  9. A federal or tribal notice letter of participation in general assistance
  10. Any other official document that proves your income information

Remember, the Obama phone stands near me and programs work directly with the phone companies, not the federal government. Sp. There is no role of government contact to get a free government phone that stands near me.

  • Verify Your Identity

Usually, providing you with eligibility information is enough for phone companies to verify your identity. But in some cases, they ask for additional documents to verify. In case, if you don’t provide them then they may deny your application. So, the documents that may be asked for by the phone company are:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. W-2
  3. Driver’s license (Unexpired)
  4. Certificate of naturalization
  5. Proof of US citizenship
  6. Social security card
  7. Federal, prior year’s state or tribal tax return
  8. Permanent resident card (Unexpired)
  9. Permanent resident alien card (Unexpired)
  10. Passport (Unexpired)
  11. Statement of benefits from qualifying programs (that includes proof of identity)
  12. US government, state, military or tribal issued Id (Unexpired)
  13. Military discharge documentation
  14. Weapons permit (Unexpired)
  15. Any Government assistance program document (that includes proof of identity)
  16. Workers’ compensation statement of benefits or an unemployment proof
  • Receive Your Discount

Once your application gets approved, the company will sign you up for the free government phone stands near me program. In case they send you a cell phone, your benefits begin once you get it. And if you are applying for the benefits of an existing phone then you have to ask your company about when exactly you will get the discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.2 My Obama phone works when it wants to work, but I usually have to send a pic to get a text to send. What can I do?
Ans: don’t worry, simply take out the battery and wait for 5 minutes. Try again and if it still does not work then it will be a phone issue. Many companies provide a free smartphone when you sign up with them.

Can I get a phone if I am homeless and have Medicaid?

Yes, you will get the free government phones near me program help. As they don’t require the address or home.

How do I get another Obama phone if I lost it?

See, the rules differ from one state to another. In CA, you can get a new phone and a new service provider every 3 months.


People who don’t afford a phone can go through free government phone stands near me programs to get a phone and plans. In the United States of America, it is expected that everyone is connected and getting better and faster tomorrow. In this article, we discussed in brief topics the Obama phone stands near me federal program. Then, the eligibility criteria to get free government phones near me and many more. Thanks for reading. Looking for free eye exams and glasses programs near me? Then read along with this article.

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