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Free Cremation In San Diego 2024: Eternal Sunset

Free cremation in San Diego is not an actual option, but ‘cremation services for low income families’ can still provide funeral services at an affordable price. The usual price range to organize a burial or cremation service in San Diego is $700 to $1200. This amount can exceed the limit based on your chosen organization and the kind of service you wish to organize.

You can reach out to organizations like Tulip and Neptune Society to inquire about their pre-set plans, which may include cremation services for low income families. This way, you can compare and contrast your options to choose the most suitable one for the final ceremony, ensuring it is both respectful and within your budget.

Where To Get Free Cremation In San Diego?

Free cremation in San Diego is typically not offered by private funeral homes or cremation service providers, but there are circumstances where an individual or a family can qualify for reduced-cost or free funeral services. Here are some ways to find out:

Neptune Society of San Diego

Address: 9242 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: (858) 694-1800

The Neptune Society of San Diego is a trusted provider of cremation services. As part of a renowned national network, they offer both immediate assistance and pre-planning options.

California Cremation & Burial

Address: 5880 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: (619) 234-3272

With a commitment to providing compassionate care tailored to individual needs, California Cremation & Burial has garnered a reputation for professionalism and sensitivity in the San Diego community.

Though they do not offer free cremation in San Diego, you can surely organize a lovely service for your loved one as per your wishes with their customizable plans.

Cremation Service of San Diego

Address: 4881 Ronson Ct., Suite I, San Diego, CA 92111
Phone: (619) 299-0321

Cremation Service of San Diego offers specialized cremation services tailored to families’ needs. With a focus on providing respectful and timely services, they are known for their comforting attitude and dedication.

San Diego Cremation Service

Address: 4470 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 299-3441

For families seeking a reliable and thoughtful approach to end-of-life services, San Diego Cremation Service is the best place to reach out. You will not get free cremation in San Diego through their agency, but you can still have the satisfaction of organizing a nice send-off for your loved one.

Simple Cremation San Diego

Address: 7946 Ivanhoe Ave., La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: (858) 230-7827

San Diego Simple Cremation offers straightforward and affordable cremation services for families seeking a no-fuss approach. The agency focuses on simplicity and transparency, providing a hassle-free experience while maintaining compassion and respect.

Cortez Cremations and Funeral Services

Address: 7387 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945 (Note: Just outside San Diego, but often serving the San Diego community.)
Phone: (619) 399-7700

Serving both San Diego and the broader community, they offer personalized cremation and funeral options tailored to each family’s needs. The agency is known to provide compassionate end-of-life services at an affordable price.

Clairemont Mortuary

Address: 4266 Mt. Abernathy Ave., San Diego, CA 92117
Phone: (858) 279-2211

Clairemont Mortuary is a revered establishment offering comprehensive funeral and cremation services. Whether families opt for traditional burial or cremation, the volunteers are dedicated to providing their precious support to the grieving families.

You won’t be able to perform the cremation for free, but the agency assures you that their prices will be well within your budget.

Balboa Cremation Services

Address: 4658 30th St, San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (619) 563-8810

Balboa Cremation Services offers dedicated cremation services to the San Diego community. They ensure a seamless process for families during their time of grief. While not promising anything upfront, the agency can offer you free cremation under special circumstances.

Bayview Crematory & Burial Services

Address: 7851 Mission Center Ct., San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619) 308-6075

With an emphasis on personalized care, Bayview Crematory & Burial Services assists families during their challenging moments. The organization is said to be a perfect blend of kind and corporate. You can seek help from them regarding free cremation, but the acceptance of such a request can not be promised.

Am Israel Mortuary

Address: 6316 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: (619) 583-8850

Am Israel Mortuary has been serving the Jewish community in the region by upholding the traditions and customs of Jewish funeral practices. They offer a full range of services, from traditional burial to cremation, at an affordable price, and under special circumstances, you can also inquire about cremation for free.

El Camino Memorial, Sorrento Valley

Address: 5600 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 453-2121

Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to providing compassionate services, including burials, cremations, and memorial ceremonies. The facility stands out for its commitment to preserving memories in a dignified manner and offers various personalized options to commemorate the lives of loved ones.

As said earlier, finding free cremation in San Diego is like finding a needle in a haystack. The chances are low, but you can still ask the above-mentioned agencies to do the needful. When no agency offers the required help, you can always turn to body donations.

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