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Free Cremation In Oregon: Making Final Wishes Affordable

A basic cremation service in Oregon costs between $2,500 and $9,000. For low-income families, this amount can put a lot of strain on their pockets. There are agencies that can help you with free cremation in Oregon, similar to those in California that provide funeral assistance for low-income families California.

You can contact these agencies in Oregon to help you with basic funeral and burial costs, including embalming, casketting, and other cremation costs. They also offer counseling services for the grieving, but it is essential to learn about all the services that you can get for free without any hidden costs, much like the comprehensive assistance offered in California.

Where To Find Free Cremation In Oregon?

Free cremation in Oregon is not that difficult to find, but it is crucial to find an agency that can cover all the costs of the funeral. The resources from charities and agencies are offered to low-income families that lack insurance or are working poor, as well as senior citizens who live on a limited income.

Getting help paying for a funeral or even a free memorial service or burial at a cemetery is possible. Here is a list of all the agencies that can help you get free cremation in Oregon:

Hillside Chapel, Oregon

1306 7th St, Oregon City, OR 97045, United States
Primary Contact: +15036564285
Official Website:

The organization has excellent attention to detail, and the volunteers express compassion during this difficult time for our family.

Oregon Cremation Company

11667 SE Stevens Rd., Happy Valley, OR 97086, United States
Primary Contact: +15032984599
Official Website:

The organization offers services like cremation services, funeral arrangements, funeral planning, and memorial services. The volunteers are helpful, patient, and warm in their approach.

Smart Cremation

8245 SW Cirrus Dr, Beaverton, OR 97008, United States
Primary Contact: +18443054531
Official Website:

The organization offers cremation services, low-cost cremation, cremation providers, cremation insurance, prepaid cremation, funeral services, burial services, information on affordable funeral homes, and funeral financing. The volunteers will take care of every little detail of the ceremony, as mentioned by you.

Neptune Cremation Service

11211 SE 82nd Ave Suite N, Happy Valley, OR 97086, United States
Primary Contact: +15034058354
Official Website:

The organization can get you crematoriums and affordable cremation services. You can also pay for the service in advance.

Tulip Cremation

1927 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR 97209, United States
Primary Contact: +15035494900
Official Website:

The volunteers offer warmth and care, along with timely customer service. Their services are highly recommended, and the organization is one of the most recommended agencies offering free cremation in Oregon.

Crown Cremation Services

275 Lancaster Dr SE, Salem, OR 97317, United States
Primary Contact: +15033457559
Official Website:

The reviews say the volunteers are excellent at what they do and very friendly and helpful. The organization does an excellent job at handling cremations. They also offer cremations at a very affordable price.

Andreason’s Cremation & Burial Service

320 6th St, Springfield, OR 97477, United States
Primary Contact: +15414856659
Official Website:

Andreason’s Cremation & Burial Service offers an on-site crematory and specializes in direct cremations, with staff on standby to guide you through these critical decisions. The booking process is as simple as the cremation package.

Omega Funeral & Cremation Services

223 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233, United States
Primary Contact: +15032316030
Official Website:

One of the best places to get free cremation in Oregon, Omega Funeral & Cremation Services offers basic cremation & memorial services, burial services, funeral arrangements, and a nice funeral in their chapel.

Rogue Valley Funeral Alternatives

550 Business Park Dr, Medford, OR 97504, United States
Primary Contact: +1 541-770-6505
Official Website:

This funeral home offers free cremation in Oregon. They also provide affordable funeral and cremation services to those in need. The volunteers extend their helping hand with warmth and care, providing the utmost comfort to the grieving members of the family.

River View Cemetery Funeral Home

8421 S Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97219, United States
Primary Contact: +1 503-246-6488
Official Website:

The organization offers alkaline hydrolysis, aqua cremation, aquamation, cremation services, cremation with memorial service, direct cremations, on-site crematory, urns, and other funeral and burial services.

Zeller Chapel Of The Roses Funeral Home

2107 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232, United States
Primary Contact: +1 503-287-1155
Official Website:

The funeral home offers at par services to the grieving families at an affordable price. The volunteers at the home have been reported to be very kind, efficient, and comforting.

Saying the final goodbye is never easy. Funds can make this tough tie even tougher, but with careful consideration and this list of agencies offering free cremation in Oregon, you can organize a respectable send-off that is affordable as well.

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