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I Need Help Paying My Rent Before I Get Evicted

Get Emergency Rent Payment Eviction Prevention Program Catherine and her partner have a low-income job, they are jobless and now facing the challenge to pay the house rent. Now, Catherine is saying “I need help paying my rent before I get evicted”. This case is quite common in the U.S and many people like Catherine need rent assistance. Well, if you fall on the same list and need financial aid to pay the home rent, then several programs will help you to come up with such a situation.

Why People Need Emergency Rent Assistance?

As per the report of Federal Housing, many people searching for I need help paying my rent before I get evicted the families who spend more than 30% of their income on rent are in the category of cost stress means they have an overburdened of the cost to fulfill their basic needs.

Moreover, if an unforeseen situation comes, such as the breakdown of a car or kids get sick then such cases give a huge impact on their monthly budget and they fail to manage their rent cost. Hence, some programs are offered by the Government and Non-Profit Organizations to help families needing rent assistance.

Read the guide and you will get the answer of i need help paying my rent before i get evicted.

Eligibility for Rent Payment Eviction Prevention Program

This program has some terms and condition, and the applicant who fulfill the eligibility criteria get the rent assistance through the program. So, you must be aware of such conditions and for your comfort, the eligibility criteria are provided below.

i need help paying my rent before i get evicted, emergency rent payment eviction prevention program
  • The Program is basically for low-income families, senior citizens, and disabled persons.
  • The unemployed person who is not working for a long time and the person who is not capable to get a job over the long term are not eligible for this program.
  • If a family or a person has a past debt on the financial institution, they are not eligible for a rent payment eviction prevention program.
  • The needy family must have the willing power to improve their financial condition in the future.

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Emergency Rent Payment Eviction Prevention Program

There is various rent payment assistance program running by the Government and Non-Profit Organizations. So, let’s start to know one by one.

Top 5 Non-Profit Organizations who help to pay the Rent

  1. The Salvation Army
    The organization offers one-time assistance to those people who fail to meet the home rent due to financial instability. The condition to get aid from the local Salvation Army is that the family must meet the income guideline prescribed by the Federal Government. However, if you want to apply for the rent assistance program, then you can consult with the local caseworker, and then describe your financial condition and the reason for rent assistance.
  2. Red Cross
    Red Cross is a Non-Profit Organization that has big chains across the world. The organization runs several programs for the welfare of people and one such is emergency eviction assistance. They help people from home eviction and also support the family or individuals who have lost their homes due to natural calamity or some other reason.
  3. Modest Needs
    Modest needs help the people through several programs including rent assistance. The organization runs with the donation and the donors can be anyone. The donated amount is used for the welfare of the people and to prevent the home eviction of a low-income family. If you don’t want to get homeless, then you can seek assistance from this organization as it helps with thousands of dollars at a time.
  4. United Family Network
    This organization indirectly helps people who need rent assistance. The charity looks for the programs and respective organization in the region who runs an emergency eviction program and then coordinate to the same and helps you to get the rent assistance efficiently.
  5. Catholic Charity
    Catholic Charity is a religious organization that helps many people who fail to meet their basic needs. The catholic charity runs several programs including rent assistance programs. The applicant needs to consult with the local caseworker and then need to describe their financial condition and the reason behind the rent assistance. If the application is approved, then the applicant will get the support from the Catholic churches that help.

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Top 3 Eviction Assistance Programs for Special Group

If you are a single parent or veteran and going with financial stress, then definitely one thing is coming on your mind “I need help paying my rent before I get evicted”. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because some eviction assistance programs will help you to meet your rent. The organizations that run the programs are provided below.

emergency eviction assistance
  1. Veterans Assistance
    Veterans Assistance Program helps veterans through rent assistance to live happily. Well, there is a condition for the veterans to get the grant, i.e., the grant is provided to those veterans who belong to U.S. military service and do not live in the veteran house. Apart from that, the next condition is that disabled veterans will be considered for the grant.
  2. Single Parents Alliance of America
    Single Parents Alliance of America, also known as SPAOA is an organization that is dedicated to supporting single parents, and for the same, they run several programs, including eviction assistance programs. They understand that being a single parent and supporting the children with low-income is a tough job as the income is low and expenses on the utilities are high. So, they provide a grant for rent assistance to such a family who is worth it. The condition to get the grant is simple; the applicant must be a single parent and a resident of the U.S.
  3. Youth on their Own
    The organization is dedicated to the youths and to fulfill their basic needs including home rent they run several programs so that the youth can focus on study instead of thinking about the capital. The organization provides monthly expenses and also helps the students who are facing rent overdue issues. To get the grant, the applicant must have the passing grade and proper attendance.

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So, this was all about the Emergency eviction assistance program run by the Government and the Non-Profit Organization. If you need to meet your rental expenses, then choose the program as per your solace and then meet the respective authority to get the grant. Make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria. I need help paying my rent before I get evicted prescribed by the organization. Hence, stay safe and live happily at your home.

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