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Does Pizza Hut Take EBT In 2024? A Clear Explanation

Yes, Pizza Hut takes EBT. Only selected outlets allow you to pay with your EBT card. It is important to know which outlets do before ordering. You must also understand that these benefits are only offered to families. Read along to learn more about all the details regarding Pizza Hut EBT!!!

Does Pizza Hut Take EBT?

The famous pizza place offers help and support to those in need by providing them with free food. While it is not entirely free, you pay with your EBT card. You can order a delicious, cheesy pizza for yourself and pay with food stamps, as Pizza Hut accepts EBT.

Does Pizza Hut Take EBT?

But there are a few rules that you must be aware of before you begin filling up your cart. Not everyone who gets EBT can order pizza with those benefits. The rules of getting food from this pizza joint with food stamps are simple. You only have to meet all the criteria of the Restaurant Meals Program.

How does Pizza Hut take EBT?

As mentioned earlier, to be eligible for Pizza Hut EBT near me, you must fulfill all the criteria set for the Restaurant Meals Program. It ignites the question: How does Pizza Hut Take EBT? Well, the simple answer is to get delicious pizza from the pizza place with EBT, you must fulfill these criteria:

  • Only a resident of the state with a Restaurant Meals Program is eligible.
  • Beneficiaries must be unable to cook their own meals at home because of their old age, homelessness, or disability.
  • You must buy pizza and other eligible food items only from approved and participating locations.

When you receive an EBT card, you must already be working with a caseworker. Usually, your caseworker would directly sign you up for this program.

Once you are signed up for it, you must be judicious with the use of the EBT benefits, as you get only a limited amount of them, and restaurant orders can use up a significant amount from it.

What Does Pizza Hut EBT Work For?

Much like SNAP benefits, EBT cards can also only be used to purchase edible items. Anything inedible or harmful to your health, like alcohol, is ineligible for purchase. Although, you would not have a problem with whether it is eligible or non-eligible with Pizza Hut, as everything there is entirely edible.

Here is a list of things that you can buy at the pizza place with Pizza Hut EBT:

  • Pizza
  • Wings
  • Breadsticks
  • Cheese sticks
  • Fries
  • Pasta
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Dips

While using your EBT card to buy food from restaurant joints, you must keep a check on your balance as it depletes quickly when you use it for restaurant purchases. You can easily check your balance online, via phone, or by visiting the store.

Where Does Pizza Hut accept EBT?

Pizza Hut accepts EBT at 218 restaurants across Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, and Rhode Island. You can only use your EBT card at select Pizza Hut outlets in these states.

While it can be difficult and time-consuming to find pizza places that accept EBT, you can browse through the list below to find a Pizza Hut that accept EBT near me and you. Here’s a list of all the addresses that can help you with the cause:

Other Pizza Places That Accept EBT

Pizza places that accept EBT do so either through SNAP’s Restaurant Meals Program approval or by being eligible under the restaurant threshold.

You can check the below mentioned list to see whether your favourite pizza place made the list or not. Once you’ve found your favourite one you must also check whether the outlet in your area of vicinity takes EBT or not.

Papa Murphy’s
Pizza Hut
Little Caesars
Papa John’s
Hungry Howie’s
Ameci Pizza and Pasta
Baby Bros Pizza
Big Al’s Pizza
Captain Tony’s Pizza and Pasta

Chico’s Pizza
Cici’s Pizza
Deli Robert’s Pizza
Dominguez Pizza
Federal Hill Pizza
Figaro’s Pizza
Fuertes NY Pizza
Giant Pizza King
Goody’s Pizza
Guido’s Pizza and Pasta

Irving Pizza
La Pizza Local
Jimmy and Joe’s Pizzeria
Milan Pizza
New Supremo Pizza
New York Pizza Kitchen
Numero Uno Pizza
Piara Pizza
Pizza King

PizzaMan Dan’s
Red Maple Pizza
Roman’s Pizza
Round Table Pizza
Straw Hat Pizza
Templeton Pizza
Tottino’s Pizza
Valentino’s Pizza
24th Street Pizza & Gyros

People Also Ask

Food is an essential commodity required for survival. Less fortunate citizens often find it hard to make ends meet in terms of food, which is why they utilize facilities like EBT cards and SNAP benefits. Here are 5 most asked questions surrounding Pizza Hut EBT answered:

Does Pizza Hut take EBT in the drive-thru?

You should be able to pay with EBT in the drive-thru as long as you visit one of the locations on the list.

How does Pizza Hut EBT work?

You just need to pick the food item of your choice and check them out. It is not applicable for delivery; your presence is required.

Why doesn’t every Pizza Hut take EBT?

Due to the unknown conflicts between the government and the health care advocates in the past, not all branches of Pizza Hut take EBT.

Does Pizza Hut take EBT food or cash?

Select locations accept both. In California, many restaurants that process food benefits through the Restaurant Meals Program can also take EBT cash as well.

How to pay online with EBT?

Look for the option to add your card at checkout because retailers that accept it have it displayed prominently on these pages. When you see the option, you’ll need to input your EBT card details along with your PIN just like you would a regular credit or debit card.

The Bottom Line

Most branches of Pizza Hut take EBT as mentioned above. You can just visit the pizza place, select your item of choice that is also eligible under EBT norms, and check it out. Along with Pizza Hut, there are 39 other pizza places that you can explore to get low-cost and no-cost meals. EBT cards have been a blessing for the less fortunate since a long time.

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