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Top 5 Churches That Help With Christmas 2024

Christmas, a time for joy and celebration during this holiday season, often arrives with financial and emotional stress for many people. Many churches that help with Christmas have proven to be excellent support for low-income families.

Salvation Army, Catholic Churches, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and many other churches that help with the Christmas season to provide necessities and assistance to needy people will be discussed in this article.

List of 5 Churches That Help With Christmas

Be grateful to the suggested churches that help with Christmas this season. Since they deliver their best social contribution, we have shortlisted the church organizations for our readers that can provide Christmas assistance near their location.

Get Churches That Help With Christmas

1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a popular and well-known church organization that can significantly assist low-income families and individuals during the festive seasons, including Christmas. This platform contributes to society in numerous ways through different programs.

  • Christmas Dinners, Clothing, and Toys
    • Children from low-income families can get toys, clothes, and Christmas feasts from the Salvation Army. Each Salvation Army facility is customized to address the specific needs of the community in which it operates.​
  • Angel Tree Program
    • The primary goal of this Angle Tree Program is to provide gifts to senior elders and underprivileged youngsters.
    • Angel Trees are placed in different places, such as shops and shopping centers, where people in the community can choose a tag that indicates the age and gender and presents the preferences and custom choices of a child or senior.
    • After the Angel Trees are placed, local people buy and distribute these presents via Salvation Army outlet locations.​
  • Local Community Engagement
    • The Salvation Army’s aid initiatives are regional; hence, the types of support that they provide may differ from place to place. With this strategy, they can address the unique community requirements they serve.
  • Advance Registration
    • You can contact the nearby Salvation Army center, where you can find different programs for Christmas assistance and enroll yourself through their advanced registration process online or at the location.

Along with the churches that help with Christmas, you can also explore the Top 10 Churches That Give Away Food and receive benefits for low-income families and people below the federal poverty line.

2. The Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities is another popular organization known for its extensive support and financial assistance to low-income families and individuals. You can find the local Catholic charity agency online through your city, state, or zip and learn about the specific program available in your region.

  • Basic Needs Assistance
    • This organization provides financial assistance for basic needs, including household items like pots, dishes, linens, and bedding. Moreover, it also supports low-income families and individuals during the Christmas season.
  • Food Pantries
    • Catholic Charities also provides food pantries across the region besides the physical goods. In festive seasons like Christmas, food pantries can assist low-income and poor people with food.
  • Christmas and Thanksgiving Support
    • Catholic Charities frequently provides Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving dinners, and clothing appropriate for the cold weather during the holiday season. These initiatives by the churches that help with Christmas aim to ensure the holidays’ warmth and joy may also reach less fortunate and low-income families.

3. Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Christmas season activities of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are an outgrowth of their year-round goal to relieve suffering and uphold the integrity and dignity of the underprivileged. This group of churches that help with Christmas offers vital assistance during difficult times via different programs and initiatives.

  • Adopt A Family Program
    • This is one of the best programs offered by this organization. A significant distribution of their Christmas Aid comes under this program. This program encourages wealthy families to “adopt” a less fortunate family for the holidays. This entails giving the adopted family Christmas presents and occasionally other assistance.
  • Engagement with Donors and Recipients
    • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul usually finds kind donors prepared to adopt homeless or low-income families for the holidays. This establishes a direct line of communication between the provider and the recipient, encouraging a sense of belonging and individual participation in the giving process.
  • Personalized Assistance
    • Donors committed to adopting a family from this organization will receive a wish list created by needy families. If you’re the one, you can create your own list there. This increases the personalization and significance of the help by enabling the contributors to buy particular family needs.

To know about Which Churches Do Food Banks Near Me, you can get there to have extended benefits for low-income families and individuals.

4. Christmas SPIRIT Foundation

The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation provides special assistance to low-income families and military people over the Christmas season in the United States. You can connect with the organization to avail the trending programs benefiting low-income families during holidays.

  • Trees for Troops Program
    • The Trees for Troops program is one of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation‘s noteworthy initiatives. To honor and support those serving in the armed services, this program gives free Christmas trees produced on farms to US Armed Forces members and their families during the festive seasons.
    • It’s an attempt to provide a little cheer and celebration for military families, particularly those who might be apart from loved ones or experiencing financial hardships around the holidays.
  • Support to Low-Income Families and Children
    • The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation helps children and families in need during the holiday season, including Christmas, and supports the armed forces. This can involve initiatives that promote generosity and help low-income families so they can participate in holiday celebrations.

The organization is said to work in collaboration with churches that help with Christmas during the festivities to provide for the needy.

5. The Family Giving Tree

While not being one of the churches that help with Christmas, The Family Giving Tree in the USA helps low-income families through their Holiday Wish Drive over Christmas. It has another significant program, Back-to-School Drive, to help poor children who are K-12 students.

  • Holiday Wish Drive
    • The Holiday Wish Drive is an initiative of The Family Giving Tree that aims to grant the unique Christmas wishes of underprivileged children. They work with more than 250 organizations in the Californian Bay Area to compile the names and preferences of the kids they assist.
  • Back-to-School Drive
    • The Back to School Drive would be helpful to the children going through poverty and being unable to afford their education. This is slightly different from other Christmas aids since it applies to all the seasons throughout the year.
  • Wish Cards
    • Every child participating in the program is given a wish card with information about them, such as their age, gender, initial name, and the present they would like to receive. The Bay Area’s businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits all have these cards on display in their lobby areas and public areas.

Churches That Help With Christmas Toys Near Me

Many churches that help with Christmas Toys near your location; check on their social media pages or websites, where they share details about their outreach initiatives, such as toy drives or giveaways for Christmas. You can contact the local churches’ websites and social media profiles.

Churches and other organizations that offer Christmas help, including toys for kids, can also be found through local community centers or social service agencies. Some churches participate in joint events with other groups or in larger, community-wide toy drives. Local newspapers, neighborhood message boards, and local news websites are frequently good sources of information about these activities.

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The following are frequently asked questions about churches that help with Christmas, and you can quickly get your answers.

How do I sponsor my child for Christmas?

Contact your local Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, or Salvation Army or visit to be matched with your recipient(s), ideally similar in age to your own children. 

How can we help the poor at Christmas?

The Salvation Army has a Christmas Present Appeal enables them to provide toys and gifts for children, teenagers, and older people in need. 

How do you ask for church donations?

A donation request letter is sent to church members or other potential donors, asking for their financial support. The letter should explain the need for donations and how the money will be used.

What are the churches that help with Christmas?

Various churches help during Christmas, including the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Christmas Spirit Foundation, and The Family Giving Tree.


We have comprehensively covered the Top 5 Churches That Help With Christmas; you can visit the programs offered by these famous churches that are beneficial during the holiday season, including Christmas. We have also highlighted how to avail of the Christmas toys near you.

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