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Free cremation in Georgia has been in great demand these days, and there are assistance and support for the people seeking cremation services in Georgia State. The state’s county might help you with this by providing cremation and burial services or reimbursing the deceased for their existing properties or insurance annuities.

There are possibilities for free cremation in Georgia. In case a deceased’s family members or immediate kin cannot afford to pay for the ample interment. Georgia County must bury or cremate anyone who dies within the state’s territory, free of cost.

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The Memorial Society of Georgia (MSOG) and the Cremation Society of Georgia (CSOG) are authentic resources where you can find the most affordable cremation services of Georgia at low-cost or reduced rates and associated guidelines. There are many other NGOs, as well. You can quickly look here for the best funeral and cremation services for your loved one and plan the obituaries.

  • Leaf Cremation of Georgia
  • H.M. Patterson & Son Funeral Directors
  • Heritage Memorial Funeral Home & Crematory

Exploring Free Cremation in Georgia: Financial Relief

The governing authorities of State County would have the discretion to offer free cremation in Georgia to needy people. They can either provide the amount or reimburse for the decent cremation or burial services. However, simple eco-friendly basic cremation in the state may cost around $920 to $1250, and the direct burial cost is even lesser.

Exploring Free Cremation in Georgia Financial Relief

Various County Social Services, Nonprofit Organizations, Religious Organizations, and Funeral Homes and Crematories exist that can support cremation and burial services; you have to reach out to your nearby local or regional community where these services are being delivered for the welfare of the low-income families.

With a death rate of 15.2 per 1000 people living in Georgia, it is of utmost importance to have the final arrangement, cremation, burial, and funeral ready for your beloved by seeking free cremation in GA.

The Georgia Funeral Directors Association (GFDA) is a crucial professional organization representing the service members for professional funeral activities, primarily supporting the funeral directors and promoting the best practices in funeral services. They can also help you with the resources and available aid to organize the free cremation in Georgia for your beloved one.

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Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services

We are happy to inform you that many options are still open, giving you the most affordable choices as part of Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services. Although, kindly notice that free cremation in GA is mainly for direct cremation soon after death, with no added services and funeral ceremonies.

The following are specific organizations providing Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services at low cost or reduced prices that can be affordable to low-income and needy families and individuals of the state.

1. The Memorial Society of Georgia (MSOG)

The Memorial Society of Georgia (MSOG), a non-profit membership organization, provides the option of pre-planning the cremation and burial upon unexpected death through the membership offers at the nominal lifetime membership fee of merely $35.

They provide simple or direct cremation services or immediate burial through their Cooperating Funeral Directors (CFDs). The following standard services are included in the Memorial Society Plans.

  • Picking up of the deceased or the dead body any time (day or night) within a 30-mile range of the service area.
  • Sheltering, Storing for the remains, or Refrigeration for up to 72 years.
  • Death Certificates Paper and Document Proceedings.
  • Contacting and Informing the Social Security Administration about the Death.

Beyond the 30-miles radius of the funeral home, additional transportation charges will cost $3 per mile. The meals and lodging expenses will also be separated from the basic charges for the funeral home personnel.

  • Direct Cremation
    • Services Offered:
      • Basic Cremation Process
      • Alternative Container
      • Box to carry the Cremated Remains (Plastic or Cardboard)
      • Service Cost: $995 – $1095
  • Immediate Burial
    • Services Offered:
      • Basic cloth-covered wooden casket
      • Delivery of the casket remains
      • Time of Services, Monday to Friday (9 AM. and 5 PM.)
      • Service Cost: $1995 – $2050

The MSOG is affiliated with the National Non-Profit watchdog organization – Funeral Consumers Alliance, and hence, it becomes an authentic source and platform to say a final goodbye to your beloved one; here, they also provide the option of full body & organ donation.

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2. The Cremation Society of Georgia (CSOG)

If you’re seeking urgent cremation assistance, call at Cremation Society of Georgia – (404) 355-7627, demonstrate your situation and need, and they will give you immediate support quickly.

They have three kinds of facilitation under the Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services, which has been designed considering your family’s needs in mind with compassion and affection. The 24*7 staff and customer services are available on the phone.

  • Just Cremation
    • This is not a free cremation in Georgia, although the most affordable option for people seeking low-cost services.
    • Services included are cremation containers, minimum cardboard, basic transportation, urn with a liner.
      • Price Case
        • $1295 for CSOG Members
        • $1595 for Non-CSOG Members
  • Final Goodbye
    • By this cremation services of Georgia, under CSOG, you will get to spend some private time with your loved one; around 5 to 10 family members are allowed.
    • The additional services included here are an upgraded viewing container for sheltering your loved one and a hardwood urn.
      • Price Case
        • $1995 for CSOG Members
        • $2495 for Non-CSOG Members
  • Military Honors
    • Here, the cremation Georgia services under the CSOG provides special assistance to the families of military members, guards, and veterans.
    • Their services involve the coordination of military honors, wooden Urns with services emblems, scheduling with any national cemetery, and the United States flag.
      • Price Case
        • $2245 for CSOG Members
        • $4095 for Non-CSOG Members

Some more organizations provide Georgia funeral care & cremation services and may assist with end-of-life planning and family relationships.

  • H.M. Patterson & Son Funeral Directors in Atlanta
  • Leaf Cremation of Georgia
  • Georgia Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
  • Heritage Memorial Funeral Home & Crematory
  • Funeral Consumer Alliance of Georgia

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The most affordable direct cremation and burial options are available at a reduced cost; you might have witnessed the free services are returns of the body & organ donation that most NGOs offer. Authentic organizations like the Memorial Society of Georgia (MSOG) and the Cremation Society of Georgia (CSOG) offer Georgia funeral care & cremation services.


Will the State of Georgia pay for cremation?

No, the State of Georgia will not pay for the cremation or funeral; that is individual state’s county is obligated for the cremation of the deceased if the family or immediate kin cannot even afford the decent basic cremation service.

How much does a basic cremation cost in Georgia?

On average, the basic cremation cost in Georgia ranges between $950 to $1200, but this does not include the memorial, funeral, ceremony, or viewing services. The cost might go beyond $4800 in the state for any additional preferred services.

How do I get help with funeral expenses in Georgia?

The state county is responsible for providing decent interment or cremation for poor and low-income families upon passing the eligibility check. However, suppose you desire to do a funeral. In that case, you might contact certain NGOs within the state, like H.M. Patterson & Son Funeral Directors in Atlanta and Leaf Cremation of Georgia.

What are the rules for cremation in Georgia?

You must require the following parameters to meet the cremation rules in the state.

1) A licensed funeral director for making cremation arrangements,
2) A cremation permit from a local registrar where the death has occurred,
3) A waiting period of at least 24 hours from death,
4) A signed authorization form from the legal next of kin and
5) Disposition of ashes must obey the local property laws.

What is a pauper’s funeral in Georgia?

A Pauper’s funeral is a county, state, or public health funeral, usually the basic cremation services provided by the state or local government for the deceased person with no sufficient funds, family members, or immediate kin.

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