Kate Moore

As the founder of the Help & Cure non-profit organization, Kate Moore brings invaluable real-world experience to her role as an author at Grant Supporter. Her dedicated work in providing cash assistance and various forms of help to low-income individuals shines through in her insightful articles. With a deep-seated commitment to aiding the needy, Kate transforms her thorough research into accessible, beneficial content for those seeking financial aid. Her work not only demonstrates her expertise in the field but also her profound dedication to making a difference. Her articles, grounded in practical experience and compassion, guide readers through the intricacies of grants and assistance programs.
  • Scholarshipsgovernment benefits for felons

    Top 7 Government Benefits For Felons

    Felony committed in past won’t affect you anymore. With these government benefits for felons, you can live a sound life. Committing a felony has severe repercussions even after one has served their time. It affects felons in job search, house hunting, and most importantly in making ends meet. To help them start a new life, the federal government offers government…

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  • Churches GrantsGrants for disabled toilets in churches

    9 Grants For Disabled Toilets In Churches: Trusted Sources

    As a church leader, I know the importance of providing accessible facilities for our congregation and visitors. That’s why I was thrilled to learn about the free grants for disabled toilets in churches available from trusted sources like the CDBG. In this blog post, I will share the resources I found helpful during my journey to make my congregation feel…

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  • Churches GrantsGrants For Disabled Access To Churches

    6 Grants For Disabled Access To Churches: Easy Access

    I have always loved visiting churches, not only for their spiritual significance but also for their architectural beauty and historical value. As a wheelchair user, I often face barriers and challenges in accessing these sacred spaces. That’s why I decided to come up with this post to share my experiences and insights on grants for disabled access to churches. You’ll…

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  • Churches GrantsGrants For Church Heating Systems

    6 Grants For Church Heating Systems: Helping Faith

    I remember the first time I visited a church in the winter. It was chilly and made me shiver. The church had no heating system, and the only source of warmth was a few candles. I wondered how they could worship in such cold conditions and afford to maintain their building and ministry. That’s why I decided to write this…

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  • Churches GrantsGrants To Pay Off Church Mortgage

    5 Grants To Pay Off Church Mortgage

    I remember the day when our church was facing foreclosure. It was a dark and stressful time for our congregation, and we felt hopeless and helpless. We prayed for a miracle, and God answered our prayers. He led us to a grant program that helped us pay off our mortgage and save our church. In this article, you will find…

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