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Get Free Standing Ceiling Fan Today

Get a free standing ceiling fan from the charity Organization & Government Programs to Beat the Heat.

free standing ceiling fan! You must be happy after reading this. Currently, you can feel the heat. It’s continuously rising. We all know how hard it is to survive. We have an air conditioner at home. but still, we feel hot. so think about others who are poor and staying in huts. The air-conditioner is a dream for them they can’t even afford a fan. so some organization provides free-standing ceiling fan so that poor people can at least stay under the fan.  and can use an outdoor free standing ceiling fan.

sweat is really disturbing, especially in summer. you can’t even focus on your work when you don’t have electricity at your home. what an amazing experience it is for poor people to stay in a free standing ceiling fan which is provided by the government to oldsters. At least poor oldsters can stay in outdoor free standing ceiling fan.

Free Standing Ceiling Fan Near me

Some people are kind. Today I would like to say thanks to the kindness of local companies, society, organizations, and residents, hundreds of electric. Because they have collected fans to provide heat relief for older adults and people with disabilities. They think a lot about oldster and disabled people.  But as we know not everybody is kind and gives Free Standing Ceiling Fan to anybody. So that is the reason we have some qualification criteria which are given below.

  • An individual must be 60 years of age or older than it.
  • Otherwise, an individual’s documentation should be verified by a doctor of a disability.
  • Must be resident of Jefferson, Oldham, Henry, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble, or Bullitt Counties.
  • You must require valid Proof of address and age.
  • You can get only ​One fan per household.
  • Households must not have functional central air conditioning.
free standing ceiling fan
free standing ceiling fan

Now on the upcoming 16th of June, on Wednesday, individuals who qualify these criteria, can call any number which is given below to get more information or instruction on how to get a fan and all. distribution of fans will start on Monday, 21st of June. appointments are required because of lots of rush. after then you can get a free standing ceiling fan.

  • Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency (Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer Counties): 502-633-7162
  • Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place (40210); 502-634-6050
  • Ujima Neighborhood Place (40211); 502-485-6710
  • South Central Neighborhood Place (40215); 502-485-7130
  • First Neighborhood Place (40219); 502-313-4700
  • KIPDA (40299); 502-266-5571
  • Tri-County Community Action Agency (Henry County, Oldham, Trimble Counties): 502-222-1349
  • South Jefferson Neighborhood Place (40258); 502-363-1424

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Please consider that the Neighborhood Place locations will be shut on Friday, June 18, in compliance with the Juneteenth vacation.

This fan fair occasion is funded by KIPDA Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living and Louisville Metro Office for Aging & Disabled Citizens (OADC). Firstly, both organizations joined forces in order to implement a fan fair. They used to receive lots of phone calls requesting heat relief in community service events. This event of fan giveaway is 6th year old now. now it is called Free Standing Ceiling Fan program. Fan supplies are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

We all know how hard covid was. due to the pandemic, everybody was at home. and in a great hit. We can not control hit then think what about older. but in that heavy time, Free Standing Ceiling Fan program was on. They made alternate plans for the 2021 Free Standing Ceiling Fan program to allocate fans at numerous locations in place of more oversized, community meets.

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Their partner’s associations and citizens have trekked up one time again to feed fans to the people for the Louisville community which was begun by Alli Woosley who is the coordinator for the OADC and his position of the city’s Office of Resilience and Community Services.  This Free Standing Ceiling Fan program is being continued because of all these organizations such as KIPDA, National Active, and Retired Federal Employees, AARP, The city of Plantation, Louisville Metro Resilience, and Community Services, and their unnamed citizen contributors who continue to create this program a hit.

free standing ceiling fans
free standing ceiling fan

In recent years we faced lots of challenges. if we talk about food or roof. every day was a new competition to stay alive. Even though a lot of challenges that we have faced or we are facing, this community come in front and donated lots of free standing ceiling fans without anyone asking, they didn’t wait for anybody’s call, they did it without any advertisement.

Jennifer Craig, who is an Aging and Disability Resource Specialist for the KIPDA association clarified that the purpose of active aid is a resource that even when the real occasion had to be withdrawn, the society assisted to force the planning ahead. And added that he is so proud that it was their belief, that has shifted into something this grand. In addition, he also mentioned that a fan can make a difference!

They still accept any donation for free standing ceiling fans as Monetary donations and respect to buy more fans.  you can give checks that can be made expected to KIPDA. If you are poor and want more things in free of cost.

There is one charity called Catholic Charities that launched project cool. which was very successful. Due to this program, they provide outdoor free standing ceiling fans to more senior grown-ups in an action to deliver heat ease and control heat-connected disease during the sizzling summer months in San Antonio. The purpose of the agenda is to supply outdoor free standing ceiling fans as a low-budget, down-energy which means to support seniors in cool without incurring high utility invoices. even they provide bill amount to the poor.

here is some requirement for receiving outdoor free standing ceiling fans.

  1. 60 years of age or older people must provide a driver’s license to them
  2. Disabled people, must provide a disability letter

If you want to receive outdoor free standing ceiling fans then go to the below place.

  • Catholic Charities – 202 W. French Pl., San Antonio, TX 78212
  • St. Stephen’s CARE Center – 2127 S Zarzamora St., San Antonio, TX 78207
  • Guadalupe Community Center – 1801 W César E Chávez Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78207

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If you want to donate an outdoor free-standing ceiling fan then follow the below instruction.

  1. You can give an online financial donation to help Catholic Charities to buy outdoor Free standing ceiling fans.
  2. Otherwise, free standing outdoor ceiling fans can be dropped off at any of the subsequent areas:  Catholic Charities, 202 W. French Place, 78212, Guadalupe Community Center, 1801 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., 78207, and St. Stephen’s CARE Center, 2127 S. Zarzamora, 78207.
To wrap up the discussion, it can be said that fans are really important in the summer. we can still survive without it. but we need to think about old people, they are living under the tension and all so they must require one in summer. and already disabled people require fans. because they are already disabled and without fans they can’t survive happily.
The organizations here are so kind and generous, so we don’t need to worry about it. they are collecting outdoor free standing ceiling fans and donating free standing ceiling fans to the needy. They are so good they were doing the same during the hard covid time also. so we get to know that they will continue to do this. Thanks for reading.

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